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And that these impressions, declare, are located in the brain reptile. Rapaille it commented in in one it interviews for Frontline (PBS), 15 of December of 2003. " When you learn a word, whatever, " coffee, " " love, " " mother, " there is always one first time. There is one first time to learn a thing. The first time that includes/understands the meaning, its brain creates a stamp, a mental image of the meaning of that word, creates a mental connection that will continue using all their life Then each word has a mental way. I call a code, an unconscious code in his mente". " He is absolutely crucial for any person who works in communication or journalist, TV, means or marketing if it wants to attract the attention of people, must understand what I denominate the key button of the reptile (the button reptilian hot). If he does not have that button, then he will have to see them with cortex and to work with attributes like the price and things of the sort ".

A stands out, that level of the lmbico brain we acted and we reacted according to our earlier experiences. These learned landlords are based on our experiences, positive as as much negative. The emotions are key to learn. The more hard it is the emotion, the more clearly is learned. The cultural codes pay attention during the first childhood and are very difficult to change. Reference in the writing becomes, that for example, Procter & Gamble asked to him that it discovered the North American cultural archetype for the coffee. Rapaille discovered that the North Americans did not identify themselves with the taste of the coffee, in fact cover with sugar and cream. The early experiences of the North Americans with the coffee are related to the aroma of the coffee that their parents drank in the kitchen while they followed windbreaks in the bed.


The pregnancy is the best moment, as much in the physical plane as in the emotional one, for a woman who wishes to be mother. It is a period that extends by forty weeks, within which we will attend the growth of the baby, miraculous and exciting, and also we will notice in the mother the changes that will be experimenting. We speak in you drink and more of the pregnancy calendar, that will be dictating to us what it happens in the belly of the future mother, and who dictates the passages of growth of the baby until the moment of the childbirth. During the first weeks of this calendar of pregnancy, the changes will be very evident in the mother from the moment at which the fertilization takes place, in week 2 after the last menstruation. Spent the fourth week of pregnancy it is the moment for confirming the state, because when it must have arrived the menstruation we were with a lack. The moment of the confirmation has arrived: you are pregnant. From the physical and psychological emotions and changes they will be made more evident here and arriving or at the seventh u eighth week you will have the first ecography, the one that will confirm the good state of the pregnancy and the fetus, as well as how many embryos we are developing.

He is a little while delicate and here he is indispensable to be in the hands of your gynecologist to confirm that everything is perfectly. The third month of pregnancy is the moment at which the embryo takes human form and in addition, begins to move vigorously. The ears, the fingers, the internal organs, the bones begin to form and little by little its development will become more evident, being able already to be listened to the beats of its small heart. And the mother will feel plus the own annoyances of the pregnancy like nauseas, the fatigue and the mareos. The progress of the pregnancy either the more evident is passed weeks 13 and 14, the baby or can distinguish flavors, she moves the more and the sex of the baby by means of ecography can be explained. The body of the mother is accustomed already and is leaving back the moments of hormonal effervescence that so many annoyances can cause.

The pregnancy calendar is taking month to us to month towards new sensations and meanwhile the baby grows quickly: in the fifth month the baby grows much, to duer to me, adopts positions, moves and much, she can listen and to react to some stimuli the moment approaches little by little and the activity of the baby is well-known. As of the sixth month the baby enough is already trained, and a premature birth in sixth, seventh month, can finish happily in a 99% of the occasions. From the increase of weight of the mother he is much more well-known here and as it is approached the outcome is going away to notice more Is the moment for preparing stock-market the hospital and to prepare itself to receive to the small one that it comes. The moment from the childbirth, the waited for moment arrives more, and according to the calendar of the pregnancy it is the moment for preparing itself so that takes place at any time.

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It is noticed that the difficulty to express itself in public can have come from the school, therefore is in the school that the pupil starts to perceive that differences exist: where the great majority of that it possesss greater access the culture, by means of the reading of books, Internet, and/or parents with better social standards, is considered falantes, most intelligent, the ones that take off greaters notes; excessively is less intelligent, the notes lowest. These factors give to the individual edge for the success or the failure in agreement its psychological development. Destarte, SANTOMAURO clarifies: Who does not present its ideas with clarity or badly defends its arguments ahead of a group faces problems in such a way in the classroom as in the professional life. (NEW SCHOOL, March 2010, P. 43). The constant transformation in the life of the pupil if of the one from that it if does not feel fearful in displaying its ideas without thinking that he is if expressing missed or that to its debates and its arguments they are entering in controversies with the subject debated at that moment is necessary that the family next to the school has repassed a reliable feeling, that is basic for the development of this pupil. To communicate itself in different contexts is question of social inclusion, and is paper of the school to teach this, or still, it is this that allows the pupils if to appropriate of the slight knowledge and techniques and the instruments to the development of its capacity of expression in communication situation.

(op. Cit. 2010, P. 43) the education, however, does not have to be the service of the values of the market, and yes of the society, the family which worried about the psychic and intellectual development of its pupils they look to live deeply each educational moment next to the school, giving emphasis to the knowledge acquired for them inside of the pertaining to school institution, stoning them to be professional of critical qualities and not to think mere viewers of high remuneration. .