Juan Camilo Cano

The traffic of vehicles entering and leaving the compound as emergency transport, trucks of supplies, among other services should also be considered. A basic solution to minimize these noise sources is contemplating a route of entry for emergency vehicles, which considers that in certain sectors of the hospital there will be noise, but that you will be away from those more sensitive areas, ensures Ruedlinger from design. Another not minor point: the heliport. A helicopter passed above the 100 dedbeles, therefore the noise levels in the facade of the building can exceed 90 decibels. 2.

Internal noises: the main sources of internal noises are generators support teams. If these computers are not covered within a cab nsonorlzada and with silencers can transmit more than 90 decibels to contiguous areas.! For this reason it is vital that the design of the hospital consider soundproofing or an acoustic treatment to the area in which will be placed, explains Luis Carrasco, head of the acoustic area of volcano. Another sound source are the systems of information and news through speakers are requested where the doctors and others who work in the hospital, air conditioning equipment, such as the air handler, transmitting noise through ducts. These computers must also have vibration absorbers on its support structure. Elevators also contribute. By their nature they produce noise in short but intense periods. But there is more. Since the pipes conveying fluid, teams in operation, not only generate noise, but also vibration.

Noise travels through the airway, while vibrations move through the structures traveling long distances, creating problems both in people and in the same structure. In summary: in a hospital building coexist different activities, such as surgeries, recovery, attention to public, among other rooms. Therefore, you must control the sources of noise performing a proper map of noises, to avoid affecting the sounds that occur in these sectors, to sensitive sites. Juan Camilo Cano noise source Control: press release sent by sucrepr.

Personal Reasons

EP occupied a position on the coaching staff of the club coached by Luis Enrique. As reported the giallorosso in its web page club, worthwhile of its functions cease is temporary and due to personal reasons. AS Roma has announced that midfielder Ivan de la Pena abandons his position on the coaching staff of the Italian team for personal reasons, so it will not start the season next to the Roman coach, Luis Enrique. As reported the giallorosso in its web page club, worthwhile of its functions cease is temporary and due to personal reasons. So therefore is not ruled out that the player again to join the Italian squad in the future.

Ivan de la Pena retired from football this summer, putting point and end to nine seasons to RCD Espanyol. After starting his career at FC Barcelona and try your luck at Lazio, the midfielder spent most of their years in active in the white entity. The month of may hang up the boots and announced his signing as an Assistant to Luis Enrique in the direction technique of the Rome. Source of the news: De la Pena abandons the Rome for personal reasons

Premarital Agreements

Largely by the present media news and resource to them by famous people, we all have a certain notion about what are premarital agreements. In technical terms, an agreement of this kind could be defined as a contract signed by two people prior to a marriage and that regulate a variety of future aspects relating to the economy and the management of assets and obligations during their conjugal cohabitation, as well as other possible forecasts, for example relating to a possible separation or divorce or the death of any of them. Legally, such agreements are based on the so-called principle of autonomy of the will, which points out that, since respect for the law, morality and public order; persons may establish how many pacts created should be fixed to regulate private relationships, whatever type they are. What is the utility of the agreements? Beyond of the attractant and wonderful that the idea might be of share everything with the beloved person, must have in mind that a marriage is a coexistence not exempt of difficulties and setbacks, often caused by economic issues. Therefore, despite the unromantic that might seem to raise the idea of an agreement of this type, in practice could be an intelligent decision and which would avoid possible friction and future shock, because both you and your partner sabriais what corresponds to each one and where the limits lie in your actions. Positive aspects about them in practice you should consider various elements that could convince you about the desirability of adopting one of these agreements in the face of your marriage. -Firstly, and despite what little romantic that may arise, this type of Pact prevent you you and your partner future disputes, because all the cards will be on the table from the outset. -On the other hand, with him it will be possible to both reveleis your financial and economic expectations before marriage.

-If the Agreement is well built and is balanced, you could strengthen your family, at the same time ties which include certain provisions of hereditary nature. -If the marriage eventually failed and would lead to a separation or divorce, with an agreement of such litigation and disputes will be undoubtedly minor, because already solutions and forecasts have been set for many of them. The negative side of the premarital agreements usually cited as main reasons for criticism possible to mistrust or suspicion that an agreement of this kind could promote in the couple, in a moment that should be as sweet as they are preparing for marriage. On the other hand, if either party not behave so honest and trying to reach decisions objectively, could set a terrible precedent, seriously harming their future spouse. Prenuptial agreements are an option at your disposal as future married couple. Honesty and constructive desire will be the key to get them to work with impact minimum on your relationship, allowing you thereafter I concentrate on what matters most: making you happy each other.


You find yourself alone wondering: is that my ex-boyfriend wants to return with me? This question is very common after a separation. Although you’ve been that finished with your boyfriend, you might be doubting the situation, and looking forward to your return man. Let’s analyze a way to determine if your partner wants to return with you and how you can recover it. Maybe your ex-boyfriend has been showing you interest lately and this makes you think that he wants to return with you. He is calling you just to say hello anytime, and asks if you want to go out with him. This is good news, this means that there may be a chance that you can recover a couple. On the other hand, you must be very careful, your ex-boyfriend may be playing some kind of mental game with you. If you ever had a fight, it can then be simply have a macabre trick under your sleeve.

But, if they ended up on good terms, there is no reason to worry. The best way to determine if the intentions of your ex couple are genuine, we analyze is what as consistent with their interests and feelings for you. If it starts to invite you to events with their friends and family again, you can conclude that your intentions are true and you’ll be in the way that you want. There are other things you can do to recover a couple time, the key is to stay alert and make sure that their actions are consistent with their words. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you.

The Mission

If Christ was tempted Contumaz liar in the desert to the unashamed, the, God’s Word has rejected it. Christ serves his father that which thinks, his Crown of thorns has triumphed and is Prince of peace, immense glory! Unimpaired the purity of Christ, is adorable. The same spirit that pushed Christ to enter drives him out of the desert to begin his redemptive mission. Three eloquent years make the most wonderful event, history of time making eternity of his public life. The Mission of Christ has all the charm of the human and the divine. The drama and the tragedy of the man the divine-oriented epic. The forceful fight evil and the ultimate good, imperative and the triumph of love more beyond life and death and eternal glory experience.

Output of the desert sonnet goodness of God overflows its ineffable banquet on whose feast, Christ hands sky depletes their arcana squandering the treasure that more costs. All ready with the, rise costs it her beautiful feet, they deviate from los llanos, works tirelessly and in the siesta goes to pray and meditate their planes. Satanic darkness of power the demon is gone for now, his return will be the last time. Mikhail Mirilashvili takes a slightly different approach. The good news must pass the redemptive death should be, in divine fulness glory emerges! Goodness of God, the Summit of the Calvary climbs to glory. The sense of God is Christ and Christ is the mystical body of God throughout the history of humanity, much more of what we call Christianity of twenty-one centuries in its history. Starting at the fullness of the times with the presence of the Messiah of God monotheistic personal conscience is amplified with unimaginable projections. The relationship between the old Covenant between God and his people universalizes for all mankind and becomes essentially rather a relationship of human intimacy with the intimacy of God’s life.