Treasure Hunting – Business ?

Our country is rich in a variety of resources – oil, coal, gas, gold, diamonds. But apart from that good, we have large reserves that we rarely taken seriously. This is a hidden underground or underwater treasures in including the treasures. But if someone is lost or hidden by centuries of any kind, someone can get them. Industry concentration should not think that the idea of searching only kladovoderzhimy heroes adventure novels and movies.

On Indeed, by some estimates now lies under water for more than three million vehicles, many of which are literally packed with gold, such as those that sank on its way from America to Europe at the time of the Conquest. A lot of poses and the earth. Treasure hunting in the West has long become a profitable business. Enough to read the international news in recent years to provide not only the scope of search activities, but also the economic benefit from them: 'On Robinson Crusoe Island, in the group of islands belonging to Chile, Juan Fernandez at a depth of 15 m was found buried treasure worth $ 10 billion – says Guardian .- said Fernando Uribe-Etkseverria, lawyer of private Chilean company Wagner, which leads search, it is the biggest treasure in history. Searchers report that found about 600 barrels of gold coins and jewels of the Incas … " 'The Atlantic found the largest in the history of mankind underwater treasure. American company specializing in search of sunken ships, ancient galleon found on board which holds up to 500 thousand ancient coins of gold and silver.

Brazilian Communists

Another party of national character, the AIB if constituted as a counterpoint of the Brazilian Communists. Established in 1932, with the Manifesto of October, he was composed basically of elements of the urban average layers. The estimates of the number of adepts vary of the 100 a thousand 800 a thousand people, what it discloses the inexistence of unamimity in relation to this movement. Many times we are led to believe, in simplista way, in the transposition of main the European fascism as characteristic or until only of Brazilian the Integralista Action. However, it seems us that such generalization can lead to an error of interpretation. Authors exist who see with care this question.

Jose Chasin and Antonio Rago Son consider the AIB as: ' ' (…) right extreme movement, romantic and reactionary, but not fascist, because they understand that the fascism would be a particular expression of the period of training of full development in the way of capitalist production, that Brazil still it had not reached in the decade of 1930, given its structural dependence to the center of capitalismo' '. The influences fascists are not ignored. Salty, founding Pliny and main theoretician of the AIB, possua a great admiration for Mussolini. As proper it confesses: ' ' in one late of June, after having seen all New Italy, after abiding considered with all severity, I saw myself, in the Palace Venice, front the front with the creative genius of the politics of the Future (…) Age Mussolini. This man creates New Italy (…) ' '. What we try to affirm here is that, same considering this strong influence of the ideology and prxis fascist, we do not have to disrespect the Brazilian internal aspects that had provided the appearance of this movement. Moreover, we must remember that no ideology, whichever, are understood in the same way in different historical realities.

Habib Interior

Along with the ex-president their children Alaa and Gamal will sit down in the bench, the industralist Husein Salem and exministro of Interior. Its state of health is unstable. The Egyptian ex-president Hosni Mubarak will be judged in Cairo next the 3 of August. Mubarak, that governed Egypt from 1981 until it resigned the past to presidency 11 of February, is hospitalized in the tourist locality of Sharm the Sheji. The undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Mohamed Mania, has assured that he has been solved of definitive way that the judgment against the ex-president, his two children Alaa and Gamal and the industralist Husein Salem will be celebrated in the Egyptian capital. Its state of health is unstable. The doctors the past assured 26 July that takes care of to him that it is in " acute state of debilidad" and that has stopped eating and it only ingests liquids.

As much Mubarak as their children is accused of abuse authority, illicit enrichment and to be behind the attacks against the demonstrators during the revolution of the 25 of January. That same day will judge exministro of the Habib Interior to Adil and other six exresponsables of the ministry by its implication in the murder of demonstrators. The view will be celebrated in center of Exhibitions of Cairo, that is being prepared. It will be relayed by the Egyptian state television. This judgment is one of the main vindications of cientas of people who continue encamped in the Tahrir place. Source of the news: Egyptian ex-president Mubarak will be judged in Cairo

Constitution Law

In this exactly year, law 4,357 was edited, of 16.07.1964, whose art. 39 established: ' ' It will not be granted restraining order in mandamus, petitioned against the National Farm, in result of the application of the Lei&#039 gift; '. However, in the following year art. 51 of Law 4,862, of 29.11.1965, came to revoke this device legal. After an interval of considerable time without interference of the legislator and already in the constancy of the Constitution of 1988, was published the Provisional remedy n 118, of 05.12.1989, transformed into Law 7,969, of 1989, that it extended to the writs of prevention made use in the article 5 of Law 4.348/64. (16) In this bias, 5 of the article 1 of Law 8,437/92 hinders the concession of threshold to grant compensation of credits tributaries and previdencirios.

Already the article 2 of Law 8,437/92 only allows to the concession of threshold in the collective mandamus and the public civil action after the hearing of the judicial representative of the legal entity of right public, that will have to be pronounced in the stated period of 72 hours. would not be different in the cases of concession of the anticipated guardianship against the Public Farm. In accordance with the article 1 of the Law 9,494/97, ' ' it is applied the foreseen anticipated guardianship in arts. 273 and 461 of the Code of Civil action the made use one in arts. 5 and its paragraph only 7 of Law 4,348/64, in art. 1 and its 4 of Law 5,021/66, and in arts. 1, 3 and 4 of the Law 8.437/92' '. In them it does not remain doubt of that in the elaboration of this law, that disciplines the application of that guardianship against the Public Farm the intention of the legislator is to prevent that, ahead of the prohibition of threshold in mandamus, the interested party if uses of the preventive injection or the anticipated guardianship to get the similar result.