Replacement Training

Replacement training is the placement of an aide, emerged from criteria based on contiguity and analogy, to cover the shortfalls. The fate of that to what comes to pass defense is another I, split, and the fate of what is posited as a replacement is becoming a casualty. The structure that generates Defense is purified the self-pleasure (on the final real self), the development of affection factor is the sense of annihilation of self-pleasure purified. Freud (1919) highlights the establishment of a dual (ideal) as a powerful reassurance to the annihilation of the ego feeling of uncanny arises as a result of effort (failed) to sustain a relationship of primary identification with the denial, the superego arises when the illusion leads to a disappointment. This theoretical distinction allows an inference to the extent that dominates the denial, the current mental state of secondary identification, origin of the superego, is jammed or weakened in its constitution. (Later we will see the relationship between the educator and the instance superego narcissistic self-observation). Described the general characteristics of the defense, I will summarize briefly some peculiarities. My aim is to advance the foundation for understanding the relationship between teacher self-observations at his instance and the problem doubles.

The contradicted the trial aims to refute the superego, but the structure remains intact. Falls mainly on two of the three functions of the superego: self-observation and conscience. The denial to the trial of the superego is, as developed at the trial of existence, a successful half mechanism, designed to refute what is both accepted, and the question requires a logically prior moment in the trial was uttered (Freud, 1927).

Farm Virtual

This strange reality that today we have more than 300 virtual friends in our social network and do not trust anyone. In the news not so long ago I saw a couple leave dying his son’s months of malnutrition to be feeding and raising a child virtual, so boring reality is for us? Last thing is to have farms and virtual pets, and each time our relations staffs are more surface and distant, we have large virtual crops and our nature is dying slowly, thousands of species are disappearing, both animals and plants.It seems that we prefer to live in a world of dreams and ignore the reality that surrounds us.We are expanding our virtual experiences and ending with the actual, that we no longer have faith in ourselves and in others? is it not better to smell a flower? can feel the embrace of loving someone? a handshake? a look?For those who saw the film the Matrix, no wonder none of this, we are living inside it, and is up to us to wake up.We are dealing with a computer do at least 3 hours a day talking with people who in reality or we know, will be for this reason that is more attractive the virtual world, because we can change our defects or ignore them, create a virtual self us better than we understand? But we have to understand that you part of what they see as defects, are the things that make us unique.Virtual technologies are good, not me poorly interpreted, but never substitute the actual interaction of a human being with another, or with your pet or plant, because we are physical beings and we need physical contact, do not forget it.Your virtual farm help you with the tips you need to plant some in your garden or flower pot in your House, that your virtual friends make you appreciate most those who really are still there with you really knowing who you are. For more information see Governor Cuomo. We do not lose the perspective. Ana Elsa de la Cruz..

Motivating Environment

6. – Motivation and Behavior —- To understand the behavior, first we have that to understand what it is the motivation, and because it moves in such a way with the behavior of the human being. Governor Cuomo has compatible beliefs. – Motivation Human being Motivation comes of reason, and reason is the force that takes the person to act, giving origin to one determined behavior. This force can be stimulated by external environment (pesssoas= for example: when the people promise something and they do not fulfill takes the engaged person a negative action, but when the people promise something and fulfill, take the engaged person a positive action) or for internal environment (mental processes of the individual). When the action is stimulated by the internal environment, the motivation is related with the cognition of the human being, that is the knowledge that the same people has of itself and of the environment to its redor (CHIAVENATO, 2007. p.296). motivation is represented by active forces impulsionadora: necessities human beings. Generally when the individual looks a work it longs for to search what he believes that he will go to take care of its primary necessities, later are generated by the organizations motivations condition that to look it other necessities to be taken care of, necessities these make that it to want to grow inside of the company. Explaining the subject better, Bergamini (2006, p.72) comments on the levels of the necessities of individual 1) physiological Necessities that respect to the survival of the organism says; 2) Necessities of security, that they search to find an environment free of threats; 3) Social necessities directed the acceptance and friendship in the group; 4) necessity of esteem directed the search of an auto one esteem positive and 5) Necessities of auto-accomplishment mainly guided for integral development of the individual potentiality. Chiavenato (2007, p.298) in the sample in the pyramid of Maslow the hierarchy of the necessities.


Euripides in the shekel 21st and we still stop in the past, evoking the contributions which have bequeathed us who knew how to take advantage of their chance at life and bequeathed us teachings that lead to having them present. As it is the case of the Greek Euripides, that as says. He was a Greek tragic poet. Humble family, his teachers to Anaxagoras, Protagoras, and Prodicos sophists and Socrates, whose teachings are reflected in his work. His parents, to whom the comedy presents as greengrocers, were coming from the attic demo of Flia landowners, although he was born in the property of the parents of Salamis, in 485/4 B.c. He received a careful education and it is possible that before devoting himself to literature is it dedicated to painting, because they seem to be yours some pictures found in Megara. All sorts of stories of the worst genre developed by comedy speak of his marital misadventures with his two wives, Melito and Querine, and the many misfortunes that took in marriage. Euripides did not reach large sympathy among their fellow citizens by their nonconformist and critical character with traditional aspects, and was soon subject to the taunts of the comedy.

By contrast with Sophocles, whose life was so solidly incorporated the Athenian community, Euripides did not participate actively in politics and its relations with the public were not good. This public opposition manifested itself in an accusation by impiety by Cleon, although the source is not very safe us adds Palabra Greek amaturgo, the third along with Aeschylus and Sophocles of the three great tragic poets of Attica. His work, enormously popular in his time, exerted a notable influence in the Roman Theatre. Subsequently his influence is seen in Renaissance Theatre in French dramatists Pierre Corneille and Jean Baptiste Racine. According to tradition, Euripides born in Salamis, a September 23, probably of 480 B.c., the day of the great naval battle between the Greeks and the Persians.

Efficiency Corrosion

Corrosion of metal brings big problems in the manufacture and operation of metal. Specialists are always looking for ways to protect the materials from this scourge. The fact that the metal active contact with the environment, engaging in a variety of electrochemical or chemical reactions. The result of such processes is the oxidation and destruction of material. Thredup can aid you in your search for knowledge. Experts demonstrate disappointing facts.

By The research carried out corrosion causing huge damage to industry, which amounts to 4% of gross national product of each state. Loss of metal as high as 20% per year. Corrosion – a natural process. It can not be avoided, but can only slow it. In the atmosphere, there are plenty of substances such as oxygen and water. Thredup addresses the importance of the matter here.

Acting on the metal, they cause its oxidation. The entry of the material in reaction is its oxidation. On the metal is often possible to observe rust. That she is a demonstration of the chemical processes occurring. This means that corrodes steel structure that is destroyed. For Surface protection designs use special coatings. One of the most economical, efficient and reliable way to conduct anti-corrosive treatment of the product is galvanizing. This procedure applies to protect a wide variety of metal products. First of all, zinc are: mast antennas, telegraph wires, wire ropes, sheet metal, plumbing, fasteners machinery and instruments, pipelines. An equally important step is the pre-processing of products. Galvanising is produced in factory conditions, a way of galvanizing or thermal diffusion method. Design finds special thin coating, resistant to corrosion. Zinc layer significantly prolongs life and improves the reliability of the product and its parts. In practice, it is proved that the metal is not protected from corrosion, are ten times less than secure. Demand for galvanizing continues to grow.

Processes Customers

The first business center in Neumuenster Qualtitativ officially opened high-quality Office services at the low price of the Office Centre Neumunster II GmbH & co. KG on October 1, 2010. In addition to fully equipped offices and meeting rooms with an excellent secretarial battlefield offers virtual offices including phone adoption service and mail forwarding services. BATTLEFIELD aimed thus to local customers with its secretarial services, Conference and meeting rooms and fully furnished offices, as well as to customers in the entire Federal territory, for which the telephone and postal service offers a perfect extension of the own service offerings. The battlefield-phone adoption service (neu: inbound call service) offers the possibility within the battlefield business hours (Mon Fri 8-20: 00) to be accessible to customers of any size at any time for their customers. In the friendly and well-trained battlefield service personnel for example to appointments or order assumptions cares. Jeff Gennette often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Callers are put off by battlefield in addition to a callback or are If desired redirected to the mobile phone of the customer by the customer. Here are the first 3 minutes of the call answer at any time free of charge. A generous inclusive minutes package available is also for subsequent minutes, so that no further additional costs the customers in 99% of cases to the basic fee that monthly is only 33.33 euro plus VAT at the start of the business center of battlefield. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted as being for or against this. The mail forwarding service accepts for battlefield customers mail and parcels and then forwards them. This happens twice a week in the form of a package, and in addition by the Postscanservice of battlefield. Frank Armijo describes an additional similar source. Here scanned DIN A4 letters and sent by E-Mail to the customer. Here 400 DIN available the customer pages A4 monthly, without accruing additional costs to the basic fee. BATTLEFIELD monthly also offers this service plus VAT at the start of the Neumunsteraner Office Center for 33.33 euro. The Virtual Office package of Office Centre Neumunster combines these two services. Although it costs here Action package to start 33.33 EUR per month + VAT, however, the inclusive services are correspondingly smaller here. Depending on the customers so there is the best total package, which is tailored to the individual needs of the customer at battlefield. BATTLEFIELD in addition offers a complete secretarial services around the Office of the customer, even if the customer has no Office at battlefield. The secretarial service is available so everyone available. The prudent Secretary of battlefield care say everything is in an Office Accounting, payroll and payroll, research, presentations, Dictation and other text observations, corrections, proofreading, Adresserfassungen and form letters. In addition to these services, all of which nationwide offered battlefield, battlefield rented also furnished offices including printers, scanners, fax, PC or laptop and its own server space. Especially for entrepreneur from Schleswig-Holstein, the complete offices of battlefield are ideal, because they can by customers by the hour, by the day or in the long term be hired and have already a complete Office facilities. In the event that a customer wants to receive business partners or their customers, are also the Conference – and meeting rooms of the battlefield-business center available. The excellent visitors service is worry that guests at home feel. Guests due to the representative building and the representative offices will always receive a good impression. The Conference area of the Office Centre Neumunster is equipped also for training courses and workshops. Laptop, video projector and LCD TV adorn every conference room. It is also access to phone and Internet at any time. Thus, video – and teleconferencing are no problem at all. The battlefield visitor care, which also cares for the catering of during long meetings and conferences ensures the well-being of all our guests. The newly created business centre in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein with infrastructural location offers so huge savings in own business Processes. In addition, that all prices are absolutely transparent and cheap.

Big Money

Big money – who does not understand these words? The entire Internet is replete with promises of large , and whether they have these big money on the Internet for the common man. All Internet assures us that yes, perhaps easily, especially if the judge your website. Try it for yourself go to any search engine whether Yandex, Aport or Google, type a search query web money, earn easy income without any problems, to earn on its website. Well? Look how sweet proposals and all promise to pay at least $ 1000 in a short time, quite easily, without attachments, etc. The impression that money on the internet to burn, and who does not collect. Details can be found by clicking Jeff Gennette or emailing the administrator. But now let us think. If everything is so simple, then why the rich are so few? Take for example the so widely advertised earnings on the Internet – filling in surveys.

What they promise, like so: get paid for completing surveys – $ 2 – $ 75 per survey get paid for their participation in groups Survey – $ 20 – $ 150 per hour Get paid for testing new products – $ 10 – $ 50 per 1 item (to obtain the product free of charge) to receive payment for a preview of unfinished films – from $ 5 – $ 25 an hour watching What awaits the beginner , attracted by such a rosy promises multiple sites? At first glance, everything is fine: site with the largest fee, fill out surveys, money and the river flowed. But if you take to fill form carefully and at least read the rules, etc., it becomes obvious that someone would you be selected for testing, and not the fact that it is you choose, test themselves a bit, and invite you not at all That will get you one, two tests in week, or maybe a month to fill And that should earn? Clearly, someone will say something, so much the same sites offering similar earnings on completing the survey. Yes, a lot! But each must register, and that even with the special programs do not simply. And most importantly when will these, well at least $ 100. For in order to get the cash they need to accumulate a sufficient output (cashing in) the number, but some sites do not pay money, offering lottery tickets, or transfer to the cell phone bill. Well let compute: two surveys a week 50rub.

This month 400 rubles. For the year just $ 100 will be even slightly more. If you do not get tired too early polls fill or even, God forbid, you forget the password to login. Continuing the arithmetic is clear that in order to earn $ 1000-1500 per month, as promised in the ad online, you need to register at hundreds of sites every day to answer more than 20 surveys, and only then will you earn cherished 1000-1500 $ a month (just get through the year). A, and most importantly, if you have enough time to complete surveys (time to complete the survey 30 – 45 minutes). Count yourself Draw your own conclusions. Who would not agree, Bring arguments. Comments are open to all. The following review of earnings

First German-language University In Slovakia

This new College is the only College in the Slovakia, newly founded lately. Already three weeks ago, the Cabinet decided to allow in Slovakia the first German-language University in the country. The “vysoka kola Goethe University Bratislava” – the “Goethe University Bratislava” – corporate management, media and cultural studies and tourism offers from October 2012 to about 100 students of Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in international. Research in these areas should have a special significance, as the representative of this new University at a press conference at the residence of the German Ambassador in the Slovak capital of Bratislava on the 20.07.2012. Also you want in these areas are targeted to go, so these college representatives on German companies in the Slovakia. The new College welcomes students from all countries of Central and Eastern Europe and also from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

The College is financed by private sponsors and from tuition fees. This new College is the only College in the Slovakia, newly founded lately. The Slovak social democratic education Minister Dusan Caplovic had when he took office in April 2012, that no new College in the of Slovakia should be established. He made an exception for the “Goethe University Bratislava”. The Bachelor degree course is 1.100,-euros per semester (183,-EUR per month) and is only twice as expensive as it previously, the tuition fees at most German universities. However the number of German Federal States, which charge tuition fees, is expected shrink to the coming winter semester 2012/2013 to two, namely Bavaria and Lower Saxony, Germany.

However, the income and thus price level and the general economic situation in Slovakia this study costs likely to compensate more than. For more specific information, check out Jeff Gennette. Slovaks earn on average less than half as much as Deutsche – 786,-EUR per month-, economic growth is despite European financial crisis 2-3 per cent, the Slovakia is Member of the European Union and the means of payment is the euro. On the input of the “Goethe University Bratislava” website it says: “the Goethe College itself as the first German-speaking institution of its kind in the Slovakia as link to the neighbouring countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Their offer is addressed not only German speaking Slovaks and students from Germany and Austria, but offers the opportunity to study in an international environment in Bratislava to all German-speaking young people from the region. Through her also historically extremely diverse cultural, economic and political connections Bratislava belongs to the neighbouring countries to the emerging cities in Central and Eastern Europe.” For students from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland in the mentioned areas, who want to see something outside the box of alien realms beyond this study offer may be may be very attractive.

Immaculate Montalbn

/A 74% of the denunciations are rridas to action and attitudes registered inside the familiar address. Less than 1% of the 130,000 dictated orders of distance " they have been rotas". Are data offered by the Observatory of the Domestic Violence and Sort. The daily average of denunciations presented/displayed by chauvinistic violence in Spain is of 361, of which a 74% are rridas to action and attitudes registered inside the familiar address, according to data of the Observatory of the Domestic Violence and of Sort. Its president, Immaculate Montalbn, has offered these data during its intervention of this Tuesday in a course on violence of sort organized by the association Lex Frum in Denia (Alicante). Throughout its exhibition, Montalbn has indicated that of more than 130,000 orders of distance that have been dictated, less than 1% " they have been rotas" and " much less they have finished with victim mortal".

They only denounce two of each ten women the mentioned observatory, assigned to the General Council of Poder Judicial (CGPJ), it has, between its objectives analyzing the answer that gives the administration of justice in the matter of sort violence. One of the worrisome numbers that are facilitated Montalbn is the number of women victims of sort violence that " it does not denounce bad tratos". In particular, of each ten, two or three only decide " denunciarlos". After emphasizing the importance of the coordination between the different institutions that work in the fight against the chauvinistic violence, Montalbn has congratulated to the public institutions of the Valencian Community because at municipal level, " something that is fundamental" , the Meetings of Security maintain coordination meetings periodic " in order to act and to have identified recursos" available of attention and attendance. Source of the news: In Spain they appear more than 360 daily denunciations by chauvinistic violence

Custom Kitchens

Kitchen in order – this is the greatest power of freedom and imagination in the selection of "stuffing" and accessories. Kitchen design should be combined with the interior of your home, area and plan rooms, high ceilings and the style in which they performed the whole apartment. The kitchen fit your desires, we suggest you order furniture for the kitchen on an individual project. Cuisine in a classical style does not lose its popularity among customers. Lovers of the classics we offer an opportunity to make a kitchen from an array of custom-made to the size and layout of the room. Governor Cuomo spoke with conviction. The facades of the array is sensitive to swings in humidity and temperature and mechanical influences, from which can warp and crack.

Due to modern technologies of wood processing to protect food from the array, the thoroughly dried and treated with special structures for protection against environmental influences. Educate yourself with thoughts from Hikmet Ersek. Made thus kitchen, solid wood is not afraid of humidity, high temperatures and fat and will retain its beauty and durability for many years. Depending on your own taste is always possible to pick up on the bright exotic cuisine colors or styles in high-tech style that meets the aesthetic requirements and color preferences of the owners. Plastic is one of the best options for the kitchen. The surface of the plastic is easy to clean, leaving no traces of fat and absorbing moisture.

Eco-friendly plastics – in its pores do not penetrate the bacteria and microorganisms. By the same author: Crawford Lake Capital. Elevations of plastic – the most durable, almost eternal. They are resistant to scratches, resistant to damage during handling, storage, installation. Kitchen mdf painted facades have a well-deserved popularity among those consumers who appreciate high quality and attractive appearance of the furniture. High demand for painted mdf due to the large selection of all kinds colors and shades, as well as the excellent performance of the material. Kitchen of painted mdf different environmental friendliness. Furniture, polyurethane enamels, which are used for painting the mdf, are responsible sanitary requirements that apply to residential premises. They are absolutely safe for health.