International Foundation

Dr. Ramon Gallegos also has a trip at the moment says Vicky Damian in his dialogue where tries to find the identity of the holistic education in Mexico through the International Foundation of the holistic education. In addition, that your desire is eradicating the suffering in the world and bring well-being to mankind through the holistic education movement and a vision of spiritual life in Mexico. As we can see from the previous dialogues the importance that gives the holistic education in different countries. Especially those that the dialogues that lead us to understand the need for expansion of the holistic education in the world with sustenance. So I end this essay with dialogue as Marck Gerzon, begins with the proposal that we can begin by establishing the relationship between three aspects which are essential to make two, as they are; the holistic education, the new emerging society and the work of Ken Wilber and Gerzon also adds the holistic vision of the policy.

Gallegos accepts it and adds the political dimension is in the field of education need to be repensada by the tradition that we have comes largely from pedagogy criticism and critical sociology. And this tends to be violent because it is due to the major current problems in Mexico with politicians is that they confront people. This is a general fact. Therefore the holistic vision needs to find political ways, forms of Government that are based on new principles. Gerzon pointed out two books one of William Ury El Tercer Lado to create this type of environment for the dialogue we need a third side because unless a community or institution is the third side the conflict continues forever, is a very important concept. Another mention is Daniel Jankelouich the magic of dialogue, says something very powerful, says that the ordinary conversation is possible if your and I share the same framework of meanings, purposes, and symbols, however, if we have different frames, then we need to dialogue, not conversation, that dialogue can penetrate deeper and explore both systems, would be the heart of the holistic education for my that my dream would be to see a generation that would grow with holistic education already and when they toparan with a difference they saw it as an opportunity, not as a problem, but you’re absolutely right Gallegos, begins with: how to educate childrenhow they grow and if not we educate them so that they grow up perceiving the differences as plug-ins, if that happens, the policy will never change.

Joan Miro Foundation

Sophie Whettnall Yang excess will be exposed until June 26 and of insurance that will be liked by the art lovers for the way in which has created its self-portrait. The already open exhibition will be available at the Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona until June 26 and offers visitors a passionate metaphor for experience as a woman of the artist Sophie Whettnall through sound and video. Consists in his self-portrait which ventures very deeply into the psyche of the author and explores the latent violence and powerful silences through his work, what makes it’s most intriguing for clients of all hotels in Barcelona. And it is through this tension that penetrates all his self-portraits as the artist communicates better silence so present in his work; an often hard and thick silence that is radically opposed to noise and to lie, reports the official website of the Foundation. Born in Brussels, the artist had already created before other self-portraits as Shadow boxing (2004) or Conversation piece (2005), but excess of Yang is one approach that incorporates Eastern philosophy of yin and yang.

The organizers revealed that aside yang of this belief system was associated with the masculine qualities, action, light and movement, as well as lead, the stress, the fast and reckless driving and lack of sleep. Joan Miro Foundation opens its doors from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 19 h, from 10 to 21: 30 on Thursdays and until 14: 30 on Sundays. The price of entry for the temporary exhibition is 4, while the entry for all Foundation costs 8.50. If you visit the exhibition before June 7, leverages to see another exhibition entitled Murals that includes works from all around the globe. For more information about the event, visit the official website or call the (34) 934 439 470. Excess of Yang will probably be very popular commented Joan Roca, director general of LateRooms Spain. is recommended to all those who are thinking of attending that they reserved their hotel in Barcelona as soon possible.