Editson Journalist

For Editson Journalist and Educator angle Romero would say that is the interpretive marrow, with which we observe the world, its phenomena, we analyze the origins and causes of these phenomena and therefore this worldview helps human beings to be reinterpreted. The worldview is the instrument with which to decompose the elements of the universe, I find their causes, find out what are priorities and which the secondary aspects in a process. The company emerges from the interaction of humans, conflicts between members of communities develop from the use of worldviews. This allows the emergence of the conflict that is manifested in the practical reality and the practice of human beings on the basis limited to four orders that ultimately drive worldviews. 1. Reality of the matter: The Biochemistry and Physics We experimentally demonstrate the reality of the matter, as they have been discovering all laws verifiable physical realm.

Examples are Newton's laws (law of inertia, principle fundamental dynamics, principle of action and reaction) This ends up producing a materialist worldview: Usually scientists envision the elements of the natural or social world as an agglomeration closely adjusted tangible. In this case the objective reality that determines the subjective power then concrete in practice ie in social conflict and its expressions of resolution. 2. This real life event in the second human construct actually produces the effect of a worldview, the greatness of life is the rudiment for the preparation of its submission, the vital impulses produce human relations, conflict and resolution in which pragmatic human doing. 3. The circle of spiritual reality in the reality of cognitive human construct. Join are judged in relation to the inmost substance of reality. It envisions a spiritual basis, constantly judging all cognitions and all reality.

Allowing this social construction according to a predetermined plan spiritual reality that dominates the human endeavor. 4. individual the manifestation of man, as a unique and unrepeatable, is manifested in the human construction, as someone who has a world individual interpretation. Always different, never consistent with others in their entirety and then the conflict is natural in construction and so what emerges is the imposition of collective individuals on subject. In this context, every human being even without awareness of their worldview acts in consequence thereof, philosophers seek to discover which is the dominant worldview in a society. And that is producing. Possible to observe the reactions of other worldviews that produce irrespective of their social mobility awareness.

Conflict Resolution Practice

Dervy Jimenez Silva reminds us, we consider that in practice, an assertive person: a) You feel free to express themselves in the most appropriate and depending on the situation. This brings us to the situational leadership styles we learned: neither good nor bad, they are functional or dysfunctional in relation to the situation, context and person. When you freely express, you can make him understand what the other wants to convey in the most effective. b) The communication is effective, clear and with good feedback. c) assertive person has clear goals. Know where they go and what they want to achieve. This is called consistency.

It is aligned with what you want, and implemented the necessary resources to establish a clear policy line toward those goals. d) You know you can not always win, but the importance lies in the effort to reach their goals. If not, take the time to rethink the way and run again for new strategies to follow. Not discouraged by failure, reformulated, new meaning and move on. e) Establish a communication with a delicate style of discourse, careful, without offending the interlocutor. These features can be developed in modules for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, we practice with specific cases and present. It is important that management is more involved with the handling of the principles assertive, put them into practice and lead through your leadership actions to make way for an atmosphere where all members of the organization making use of it, put it in practice, where clearly manifested growth, personal and professional development Your role at work Jose Alberto Cardona, in this regard indicates that being assertive at work is something which gives advantage to certain individuals over others who are not, the mere fact of knowing how and when ask for things (like a raise, or promotion), gives an advantage in working life, but not just a matter of asking for themselves too, knowing that whether or not both our colleagues, bosses or customers is ability is not obtained from the overnight.