Thomas Mann

But since when are there cards at all? They were never really out and just relive a revival: business cards convey a touch of individual value, no matter how functional real-time mode can beat in the age of the Smartphone and Facebook. Has brought his business card, not just at the main station from the machine, but is carefully thought made about paper quality, type and significance, it is always something permanent to. When you give away something of themselves, that the contact even long preserve can. How fast is deleted an email, a text message or a contact profile a business card is durable and resistant. Visit racks make easy also it companies, in shops and offices, to make advertising at stands or at the PoS for and offer a personal touch to take.

But since when present we us business cards actually? From the pyramids to China, historians believe, that high officials in the ancient Egypt at inaugural visit and important meetings presented described pieces of Papyrus, which emphasized the status of the owner. There are no artifacts but. Just as little as from century of 15th China, where you should have maintained the same custom. Sure is if you stay in this culture that, at least in Japan the meishi, called business card has always been is extremely important. Provides information about it, such as the name of their holder correctly written is a sheer necessity due to the variety of similarly outspoken characters.

And how she so above is achieved, that outer shape and face are preserved, is accurately determined: the younger or lower rank interlocutor passes it a bow with both hands. This is by no means, like us, immediately stowed in any bag, but respectfully taken note and a while remains visible to the new owner. As if it were a part of the soul of the cardholder obliges them to wisely use and must therefore put away, for example, never in the back pocket be. Only in the larger style when it comes to service contact or trade fair appearance, Japanese use business card holders as we. At the Court of the Sun King, the first actually detectable cards came up during the reign of Louis XIV in Europe. Own master of ceremonies, who took the artfully printed and decorated tiles in reception served as business card holder at the time a well-trained servants, with major festivities. Made a visit or you received at certain times, as it is in the society until the 20th century custom was. As a visitor of a superscript, renowned House you had to login to the servant and gave to his business card. And it was worn on a silver platter in the Grand Salon. Many great novels very vividly depict such scenes. Based on the business card brought the decision was made then again with the servant as mid whether the visit was ever desired. Thomas Mann and the brown bear to carefully establish contacts, it was quite customary to leave his business card and to go home. The presented map was no compulsion, but a potential contact, that you could use, but didn’t have to. This business card is gradually for anyone easily, status-oriented and still as individual as ever and ever. One of the imaginative business card holder of the past is a stuffed brown bear with a tray in the paws and formerly part of the noble household of the Prince of poets Thomas Mann to visit Munich literature Cafe.

Business Communication

Documents from SAP ERP by mail send to the Institute for Business Informatics of the Leibniz University of Hanover around six billion invoices in the classic post shipped in Germany. Mailing costs money the documents by mail instead of sending e-mail is time-consuming and expensive: the documents must printed, are folded, envelopes, the envelopes sealed and stamped. The postage for a standard letter is currently 58 cents. The cost of consumable items such as stationery, envelopes and toner to be added. Also going to the post office is to take into account.

Faster, more economical and easier business communication via E-mail – runs no matter what industry. The E-Mail in terms of cost and speed is superior to the fax. m/s/s mail Center for SAP – that time – and cost-saving solution to many companies that use SAP ERP, customers, prospects, suppliers and partners to business communication to necessary SAP documents still in paper form. But why not SAP ERP to use to deliver business mail email? Easier said than done, because ERP standard offers a convenient tool of SAP for email traffic. So, the standard has deficits on important issues such as receiver determination, mail processing, management of file attachments and email design.

Companies that want to use SAP ERP and send SAP documents quickly and efficiently via email, need an IT solution, which seamlessly into the SAP system is involved, can be flexibly adapted to the respective business process and with the emails directly into the ERP back-end creates, edits and sent be can. GmbH meets these and still more the m/s/s mail center of munich enterprise software. The Add-On was developed on the basis of ABAP using ABAP Objects as an object-oriented extension and can ERP be embedded without making any changes and release safely in SAP. Outlook is bound using the OLE technology (object linking and embedding) via an own button in the user interface. The solution provides a integrated IT support for emailing of various business documents directly from SAP ERP and shortens the communication channels to customers, prospects and partners. The Add-On is easy to use and adapt flexibly to the different needs in terms of mail design of sales, purchasing or shipping. Faster ROI by using the E-Mail dispatch of documents from SAP ERP to SAP customers save time and money. The munich enterprise software GmbH offers the SAP Add-On “m/e/s mail center” for this purpose, the appropriate tool. Also the ROI can be seen: as far more than just shipping costs be saved through the use of the solution, whose introduction in many cases pays for itself in less than a year.

Business Climate

Energy consensus climate: Academy offers fourth and fifth module in February 2014 on organic products and the themes of the fourth and fifth module of the energy consensus climate is a climate-friendly procurement: Academy. The seminar of product integration of the market of the future is green”on February 6 leads the expert for the assessment of products under environmental and sustainability aspects, Dr. Ulrike Ebele. On 27 February, the event sustainable supply chain follows climate-friendly procurement”, which Martin Staheli, Division Director for supply chain management at BSD consulting Switzerland, performs. Both modules take place in Bremen, Germany. Interested parties can register now at. The energy consensus climate: Academy is part of the pilot project funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment green transformation.

Initiator is the nonprofit and independent climate protection agency energy consensus. Sustainable innovation as a growth strategy is the model company BASF it: In the fourth module the participants, such as the chemical company information internal climate protection goals specifically refers to its products. “There is climate: corsus corporate sustainability Academy lecturer Dr. Ulrike Eberle, founder of the consulting and Research Centre for sustainability”, at. It introduces the participants in the life cycle assessment of products and ways of ecological design.

Martin Staheli explains how companies can support their existing suppliers in terms of climate protection and what criteria they consider when choosing new suppliers. The speaker of the fifth module advises companies as Director for sustainable supply chain management at BSD consulting worldwide. The participants of the climate benefit from his knowledge of meaningful standards and audits now: Academy. The exchange of experiences and the discussion of individual approaches with other company representatives are in the foreground. Both modules are limited to 20 participants and can be booked online. The cost including catering for 250 euros each. The Bremen energy consensus GmbH is a non-profit society, which is therefore Amount according to 4 No. 22a UStG exempt from sales tax. The event will take place in the rooms of the art and culture of Justice crane Holm in Bremen. For more information see. About green transformation and energy consensus green transformation is a unique Germany-wide training and consulting services for efficient use of resources in terms of entrepreneurial climate on process and product level. Pilot project funded by the national climate protection initiative of the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety is performed by the Bremen air protection agency, nonprofit and independent energy consensus and intended for forward-thinking companies that wish to develop a strategic approach for climate protection. Part of the green transformation is the energy consensus climate: Academy. It encourages a new generation of executives and companies that benefit from in-depth, interdisciplinary process knowledge, enables the climate right to successful action. The pilot project is funded until March 2015. For further information see. The climate protection agency energy consensus works primarily in the State of Bremen, as well as in the regions of Elbe-Weser and Weser-EMS. It initiates and promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy projects, organises information campaigns, builds networks and knowledge to professionals and consumers. You also provides advice on funding and organizes seminars and conferences. Energy consensus was established in 1997 as a public-private partnership. Shareholders are the swb AG, the EWE VERTRIEB GmbH, as well as the free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Boston Consulting Group China

Asia-Pacific Management GmbH presents itself and the company – and Asia-Pacific management consulting GmbH (APMC) in the exhibition area provides its services at the Hannover Fair from April 8-12 global business & markets”at the Hannover trade fair in Hall 13, booth E20 their services before and offers free initial consultation by appointment through their Asia experts. The APMC’s Managing Director, Dr. Kuang-hua Lin, one of the leading Asia experts in Germany, will be European intercultural communication (CEIC) also on the EU-China economic cooperation (EUCEC) Forum of 2013, as well as the Chinese seminar 2013, both of which take place within the framework of the Hanover Trade fair, various lectures and practical hints, tips and tricks and do BBs and Don type ts to business success in Asia. The EUCEC Forum 2013 takes place on Thursday, the 11th of April in Hall 13, business forum 2. 17:30, Dr.

Lin is aimed with his presentation of M & A in Germany what Chinese investor must know”to Chinese investors, the with help of M & A in Germany secure market entry or would acquire technology know-how. At the CEIC seminar, Dr. Lin is on Friday, April 12, from 10: 00 (“Hall 13, Business Forum 1 in the presentation, do BBs and Don ts in HR management for European companies in China” including the methods of more effective recruitment of employees of different levels of management, employee retention programs, as well as intercultural aspects of HR management respond.) Companies that plan to expand in China through M & A activities get in the paper cultural challenges in M & A projects in China”sound as they overcome cultural obstacles, find an appropriate acquisition and JV partners and what you should pay attention particularly in an M & A project involving Chinese information from practice. In his last speech of the cultural challenge factory in the establishment in China of what foreign investors must know to ensure the success of the projects”, is Dr. Lin all companies who plan its own production in China or already set up. When its own production in China makes sense, with many practical examples demonstrates what hurdles is to be expected and which errors are preventable, is to quickly and cost effectively to be able to set up a production. We ask interested companies with meeting request at the fair to an appointment under the telephone number + 49-211-828942-20. About APMC Asia-Pacific management consulting GmbH (APMC), a company specializing in Asia and human resources consulting is headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Since 1997, supported APMC with numerous branches, as well as qualified German and Asian employees about 400 German and European companies in their expansion in Asia and has successfully implemented numerous projects throughout Asia. The performance spectrum of APMC in addition to the classical fields of management consulting (strategy consulting, market research) also recruitment, M & A, creation (plants and offices), crisis management, including in diverse industries. APMC has also intercultural training sessions and seminars to Asia, in particular China and India, at. About Dr. Kuang-hua Lin Dr. rer. pol. Kuang-hua Lin is Director and sole shareholder of APMC. Before founding APMC in 1997, he worked as a consultant at the international consulting firm the Boston Consulting Group in Dusseldorf and advised numerous companies in Germany and Asia. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and graduated as Diplom-Volkswirt at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg i. br., Germany, where he also gained his doctorate.

Internet Auctions

Today almost every user with the experience of surfing the Internet more than a week already aware of the existence of online auctions. Brands such as and not remain in the shadow of obscurity, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors the opportunity to save on purchases, and earn on sales. But if the first auction – more familiar with it Russian-speaking audience, the latter has long been won worldwide recognition as the largest auction Internet. Conceptual ideas that were used specifically for creating and promoting eBay auction later formed the basis for the development of the Internet auction business worldwide. That auction laid the first brick in the foundation for a multi-billion auction industry. But what determined its success and continuing growth of its popularity? What is the basis constant growth stock auction eBay? Let's try to find the answer in the dungeons of history an eBay auction was Founded in September 1995, American Pierre Omidyar.

At that time it was the first such site of its kind in the world. Code to it when Pierre Omidyar wrote for one weekend, but now over the maintenance of the site runs the army programmers. The first thing sold on has become a broken laser pointer for $ 14, which belonged to the founder of the auction. As can be seen, a great success began with small acts. Literally in a few weeks, the site became to gain popularity, it began to flock to visitors from different countries.

Chief Executive Microsoft UK

US investigating authorities can access data stored in the cloud. This Specter is taking shape through European studies. But where and under what conditions the data stored are really concerned? A European Government has in principle, however, expressed, to use American cloud services: the Netherlands are the ones which have opted for this absolute path. The local Minister for security and justice, Ivo Opstelten, would like to prevent that US authorities have access to sensitive data on Dutch citizens. Cause for this decisive step is the United States PATRIOT Act (, which obligates all companies that have their headquarters in the United States, to cooperate with the investigating authorities, all preceded the FBI. That means basically that companies from the United States of such offers and contracts are closed out,”replied Minister Ivo Opstelten on a parliamentary inquiry on the subject (… ). Also if the United States PATRIOT in force is Act since October 2001, on the occasion of the Office 365-presentation in London was attention in June 2011 more on: on the question of whether Microsoft can guarantee that data from EU customers, who are located in EU based data centers, leave the European economic area under any circumstances even if a prompt under the PATRIOT Act”, said Gordon Frazer, Chief Executive Microsoft UK: Microsoft can not provide such guarantees, other companies can’t do this.” “The independent Centre for data protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) explained the results of his demand for company ( ..patriot act.html): this issue applies not only for companies, whose group mothers have their headquarters in the United States, but also for German companies with other group ties in the United States.” For that the existence of an independent U.S.

Office not once is necessary. It could not Guarantee provided, not issued in case of a US-arrangement-European data.” Comes the Faculty of law of the University of Amsterdam, in a recent study (Cloud_Computing_Patriot_Act_2012.pdf) to the same conclusion and added that it is sufficient for a direct access in the US investigating authorities, if a provider has its headquarters across the Atlantic as it is Apple, Google or Microsoft of the case from Amazon, or systematically conducts business in the United States. It is a misconception that data directly on servers located in the United States would have to be stored. It continues in the study, that European privacy laws offer no protection against the application of U.S. law and their application cannot be used from also through contractual agreements with the cloud provider. Because the data from non-U.S. citizens are not protected by the US Constitution. In this light, the first harsh published Dutch decision is comprehensible and understandable.

That is why it offers Transmitted AG out of conviction and to protect of your data according to the Federal Data Protection Act (…) only to services that are not the United States PATROIT Act. The transmitted servers are spread across two data centers in Frankfurt am Main, which are connected by an own fiber ring. In addition to resilience through different power grids and two locations we provide this security by redundant construction, active access controls and personalized security key.

Car Wash Without Water

Chemists from several countries have developed a unique composition of chemical products for the care of car paint coating (LPC), which allow the body to clean without water. Dirt is removed from the body of the car after drawing on its surface through a special autochemistry spray (trigger). After a brief exposure of the drug dirt is removed by erasing cloth (cloth), and the remaining funds clean cloth to shine. At the same time on the lpc microfilm created, the body takes a spectacular view mirror. This is very unusual for many of how to handle the body recommended for use as a clean, and in not heavily contaminated vehicles. The technology ensures that the body does not receive mikrotsarapin.

Application of microfilm at the lcp protects the body from hostile influences, he creates and gives effect view mirror. To drugs for cleaning without water is of a group of cosmetic shampoos, polishes. Shampoo-for dry polishing car washing can remove dirt ordinary cloth and not to scratch paint on the back of the car. Sounds as fiction, but it's a fact! Many countries are having problems with the water is already widely used this method of car care products. In Russia, until now, is still a lot of doubters motorists as like dry machining of a car.

It is doubtful whether the lack of impact of abrasive particles of dirt on the lpc machine. However, evidence shows a very surprising results. Surface-active agent (surfactant-s) included in the means soften the dirt, reduce its adhesion (adhesion) and envelop the abrasive elements of the silicone oil, available in shampoo to wash without water. The thickness of the rag softens the pressure of small abrasive dirt particles treated with silicone oil. Ongoing trials confirm the safety of lcp from damage. Leave no visible traces of eye and experiments on dry cleaning for heavily-contaminated vehicles. However, the developers of the drug is not recommended to clean a large layer of mud in this way. Increased labor and material consumption. According to the developers, shampoos, polishes, dry cleaning – a great way to constant maintenance of the car in perfect form between "water" sinks. The use of shampoos, polishes dry cleaning cars, along with periodic washing of non-contact active foams, will contain car in the constant state of cleanliness. Consumption of shampoo, polishes for cleaning without water is very economical! Depending on the degree of contamination of the machine may be 200-250 on average passenger car. In the case of pure body, ie as a means of polishing rate is reduced to 70-100, and not a single gram of water! Given the very high prices are not on the Russian shampoos, polishes, dry cleaning is quite cost-effective and very convenient for personal the use of each motorist. More details about the car wash without water and simultaneously polish you can find on our sites. Brand Sitranol St. Petersburg chemical company ltd. Sitra-T offers a line of shampoos for cleaning and polishing without water. The company offers both winter and summer shampoo for dry cleaning. Pricing Policy autoshampoo Russian enterprise "Sitra-T is completely accessible to motorists. We invite you to visit our sites.

General Motors

It is understood by public or state enterprise to any one that is state property, be it national, municipal or other administrative layer, either a full or partial citation needed .
In the case of partial ownership, the test for determining whether a company should or should not be considered public is not so much the percentage of shares held by the private sector as effective control which the state has on the decision making process in the company . The crucial element in the company publishes the state’s ability to exert direct political pressure on the company. The majority shareholder is the State, with objectives that can be very diverse and what is more, changing the political process. In the opinion of J.K. Galbraith, there are many similarities between the features very large private companies and public corporations. Both groups, and this is especially true in industries and public service are increasingly more and more depersonalized and bureaucratized.
The vast majority of world states control companies for various purposes, which may provide public services, encourage domestic production or generate employment, to name a few.
La Republica Argentina has a special corporate rate but optional for public companies, which is the Society of the State.
Differences between public and private companies
Despite convergence in the way of acting, there are substantial differences between public and private enterprise. The ‘Common Good’ was the topic on an economic talk show and participated in a discussion comparing and the business models of Wal-Mart and General Motors. As an example, include:
In their funding procedures. This difference is not so much on the possible existence of differential treatment in the capital market, public and private, often receive treatment that also big business’ in an identical or very similar “in relation to the small and medium private enterprises, but any public financing originating from the budgets that often has attached to these businesses.
Regarding the differences in the degree of some of its features, we will highlight only two: the pursuit of profit and which are subject to control by public authorities. Not forgetting the purpose of profit, is very clear that the reason for the existence of the publishing company is not making profits. Here the difference is not substantial, but in degree, because in large private companies, besides the goal of profit, other goals concur equally impressive, as are the growth and power of these organizations circumstances need not be mediately or immediately to the service of profit. As the degree of control is concerned, it is noted that public companies are subject, in addition, specific control that derives from his membership in the public sector. It is noted that the issue of the extent of some of the features distinguishing between private and public companies is not uniform within the wide range of public companies, but due to the degree that public characterization of these businesses have.
The existence of public enterprises in market economies has traditionally justified by the dissatisfaction of those responsible for economic policy, with the results generated by the market mechanism. However, it is important to distinguish two distinct sides in this argument. On the one hand, one can consider the company publishes the perspective of the state’s reaction to certain inefficiencies of the market system to allocate productive resources. These are known ‘market failure’. In another area, we must consider the utilization of public enterprise as a tool at the disposal of the State to correct market allocations from different political positions may be considered unfair or in line with the social choice.
Objectives of the company publishes
The publishing company needs to know clearly which those social objectives that are expected to achieve through their actions, that will receive consideration for social care for this purpose and indicators will be used by the company to measure achievements to be performed citation needed .
The four basic objectives to be achieved by the company’s shares are published citation needed :
Economic efficiency.
Effects on income distribution.
Macroeconomic effects.
Economic efficiency
This objective is divided in technological and managerial efficiency and allocative efficiency.
Allocative efficiency implies technical efficiency, but the reverse mapping can not be maintained, so that the existence of the latter type of efficiency is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the former.
Thus, a company using a technological process inefficient as it increases labor, so that the same quality of outputs could be produced with less labor and the same amounts of inputs.

Mole Customer

2. Handle database we need in our company one or several scientists data type (the Rick plastic man), not for his skills of stretching, but by the need to achieve a proper handling of the information that we have on our customers. Systems must now be according to our requirements as users and provide intelligent information, enabling us to better understand customers. The system should generate statistics indicating the customer consumption patterns and also: sales volumes, customers who have not purchased or consumed, high-volume customers, customers per season. Distribute sales by type of products, claims and otros.3 statistics.

Establish a proper channel of communication. Johny (man in flames), comes here because we travel like him towards our clients with an appropriate system of communication. Not only by e-mail, but by other means, such as regular mail, visits and mainly the phone. So far I have not met a customer who is happy to talk to a machine (as it is happening lately in large companies), we are accustomed to the personal treatment. Let us not make the mistake of promoting a telephone service and telephone customer service that we can not comply. There are several numbers of service customer recognized company, that you try and try to call and at the end all our operators are busy.

Is this a means of customer loyalty? Communication customers no longer accept generalised letters or those that note the copy & paste, they are gaining market enterprises whose communication is one-on-one with the customer, independent of the size of the company and the client. 4. If it will give service: commit.For this technique, we selected Ben (the Mole), not by their appearance, but for their willingness. In the television series and the movie, always we saw Ben with the provision to put things in order to solve the problems of the team. Ben how many are there in your company? How many Ben willing to do everything to satisfy the customer’s needs? We want to make faithful customers, but at the time of the test when the our service falls short, product not arrived in time, when didn’t have the product, when the service was not expected by the customer.Customers now are more demanding, we pay for products and services of quality and if this is not received, we have alternatives in other vendors and the most important: we changed. If looking for a strategy for customer loyalty, four techniques described above can help you, set to Sue, Rick Johny and Ben in their team, so achieve build a loyal customer base.