Federative Republic

‘ ‘ Sustentvel’ development; ‘. 5 – Identity and Citizenship in the sector Education the formation of the human being starts in the family. There, it has beginning a process of humanizao and release, moral and ethical values; it is a way that it searchs to make of the child a civilized being. well early to the school participates of this process, therefore the formal and informal education, social movements and public entities, approach aspects such as the education of the children, young and adults for a new culture of the human rights and the peace, beyond the reflection and practical systematization of the educative one in human rights. Soon, According to Demon (2006) ‘ ‘ The education, while intentional activity consists of the act to produce, directly and intentionally, in each singular individual, the humanity that is produced historical and collectively for the set of homens’ ‘. FINAL CONSIDERAES the concepts of Citizenship, Human Identity and Rights go if becoming indissociveis.

One perceives that the Human concepts of Citizenship and Rights are sufficiently flexible throughout the times. that Human Citizenship and Rights are not only right, conquered gradually. To each day they are necessary constant efforts of the individuals to assure them. It fits, therefore, to the State, in the search of the welfare state and the Democratic State of Right, to guarantee the minimum of conditions to the exercise of the Citizenship and the Human Rights.

Public Net

Many ideas come frequent being argued on as we can fight with this exaggerated water wastefulness. Ones of the found alternatives, was the responsible consumption and forms of exploitation of this I eliminate precious for the world. An alternative that comes very being used nowadays, is the pluvial water captation, in cities as So Paulo and Curitiba, had been created laws for the pluvial water captation. In So Paulo the state law N. 2526 of 2 of January of 2007 says in its article 1: ‘ ‘ The implantation of system for the captation and retention of pluvial waters, collected for roofs is obligator, coverings, terraces and floors discovered, in lots, built or not, that has waterproofed area superior 500m (five hundred square meters). The Served Waters will be directed, through proper plumbing, the destined reservoir to supply the discharges of sanitary vases e, only after such use, will be unloaded in the public net of esgotos.’ ‘ So that a system of pluvial water captation is implanted, is needed that the residence or company around, is installed gutters in the roof so that the water either caught, after the installations of these gutters, a plumbing has that to be made for it directs the collected water ties a reservoir, but before it is stored, it anger to pass for a filter, where first bigger leves and some dirts will be taken off, after the water to be filtered it is stored in the reservoir and which this water will be to be used for some end, a bomb will be responsible for the water sending for a hose until it arrives its final destination as she shows figure 1.

The Public

The process of implantation of model humanizado in the public sector, requires the development of multiple abilities of the profile of the bureaucracy, that characterizes the main part of an institution that gives services. Profile this that is dynamic in the transformation of the server in an agent of changes to extend the art to take care of people, in a mobilization to compose the force for the quality of the public services. This reposicionamento is reflected in new forms to think and to act in search of the development of a new relation of work. This will have to be based on the confidence, the respect and the sharing of the decisions, constructed in the time and the space, in order all to work engaged and satisfied (BLACKSMITH, 2001, p.155). Some aspects are considered basic for a good environment of work and must be fomented by the management of people and developed by all in the institution, as Sovienski can be cited such aspects as being: To admit a social philosophy of humanistic inspiration ‘ ‘ the human being is the citizen, bedding and end of the life social’ ‘ ; To recognize the human potential as the more important strategical resource for the development and institucional success; To involve and to compromise all the servers in the work of improvement of the public service, with emphasis in the participation of the same ones in the management process; To recognize that it is necessary to enable and to professionalize the server so that develops and uses its full potential in coherent and convergent way with the strategical objectives of the institution; To keep all the efforts to create and to keep a organizacional culture that leads to the excellency of the performance to the o individual and institucional growth; To recognize the elements of the society: the citizens, considered individually or in its associative entities, and the institutions of public law and private as natural customers of the institution; To center the focus of the activities of the institutions in the customer, being known them, becoming related with them, measuring the level to them of satisfaction and induced to the social control.