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1 Incidence in 1996 the European Foundation for the improvement of the conditions of life and work interviewed a sample of 1000 workers representatives of the active population in each Member State of the European Union’s survey shows the following:-health problems most frequently mentioned labour-related are: – the backaches (30% of workers) – stress (28% of workers) – muscular pain in arms and legs (17%) workers)-work in poorly designed jobs favors that 45% of workers take awkward working positions. -The work becomes increasingly intense and quickens his pace. Frank Armijo understood the implications. -37% Of workers perform tasks short and repetitive. -Information technology has become an important place in the work, 38% of workers serve her. -Only 32% of employees manifest have followed a training course offered by your company during the course of the twelve months preceding 1.2 – why it occurs by discarding more complex causes as type inflammatory and cancerous and other diseases and direct traumatic causing an acute injury, the musculoskeletal are due to progressive overload of different anatomical structures that react with pain to the same. We indicated in a very summary form various parameters that each separately can represent a risk factor whose imbalance can cause the musculoskeletal.

-Organization: If the job is not well organized (shifts, hours) can be the cause of a greater both physical and mental fatigue of the worker with a greater stress state of the same. -The person: prior technical preparation, the individual characteristics as excessive overweight, previous-skeletal alterations and fostered activities (household chores) and the use of leisure (sedentarism, physical activity and/or sport disproportionate). -The task or job: this is one of the most important aspects to take into account as a factor in work-related risk, in especially if they require to develop a strong force, dangerous positions and a prolonged repetition of gestures of the worker. -Equipment: table, chairs, various tools and utensils, should adapt to the anthropometric characteristics of the worker. It also has to have aid suitable for handling loads wherever they are needed. -Environment: both physical (heat, temperature, noise) as psychic (relationships with peers, above). -The time: which is needed for carrying out the various tasks of the job. 3 As it is prevented as indicated above, the prevention of back and limb pain will be aimed at reducing to the extent that is possible of the risk factors analyzed. Do the practical point of view, we recommend from training through a program of school M?SCULO-ESQUEL?TICA aimed at a self-assessment of risk with consequent training for its prevention. LINK: Original author and source of the article


April 14, 2010, with indefinite duration, will apply the reduced rate of VAT of 8 percent (7 percent until July 1, 2010), to the works of rehabilitation of buildings mainly destined for housing, including the premises, which are annexed, garages, facilities and complementary services, subject to the following limits: the first: more than 50 percent of the building should be aimed at housing. Second: the cost of the works must exceed 25 per cent of the purchase price of the building (if carried out in the two years prior to the start of the rehabilitation works) or the market value, discounting the value of the soil in both cases. Third: works whose object is the reconstruction, should i.e., more than 50 percent of the executions of work included in the project consist in consolidating or treatment of structural elements, the facade or cover, or in similar or related works to those. They are defined as analogous to the (reconstruction) rehabilitation works: those of structural adaptation that provide building security conditions constructive, guaranteeing its stability and mechanical resistance. Reinforcement or adequacy of the Foundation as well as those which affect or consist in the treatment of pillars or slabs. Of expansion of the overbuilt, above and below ground level.

Of reconstruction of facades and courtyards. Installation of lifting elements, including those intended to save architectural barriers for use by disabled persons. Fourth: they are considered related works, provided that its cost is less than the sum of the reconstruction more analog, and are linked and do not consist of finished grouper or ornament of the building and the simple maintenance or painting of the facade: the works of masonry, plumbing and carpentry. Those aimed at the improvement and adaptation of enclosures, electrical installations, water and air conditioning and fire protection. The energy rehabilitation works.

Guararapes Foundation

If it had abandonment of the studies was for free will of each pupil or some another reason, because constantly the educational duties were charged on the part of the regent of the band, the professors and the direction of the school. Ahead of the continuity of the artistic works of the bands Maria Sampaio and Vasco of Gamma, Carmelo professor next to the pupils and all involved ones obtained many benefits for the performance of the band, such as: new instruments, uniform of prominence for the band, standard, game of flags for the school, room to keep the instruments of the band, material of maintenance, people to assist in the work of formation of the pupils contracted for the Guararapes Foundation (monitorial), among others benefits that helped, in favor of the band. In the administration of Carmelo professor the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena and Vasco of Gamma worked in set, that is, the requests that were made for one were made for the other also. The executed repertoire was equal for both, because into many occasions the two bands if only transformed into one, in the main meeting and events of prominence of our State and is of it. We can cite the Meeting of Bands and Swaggering of the northeast Military Command (of the Army) that it happened every year in the Gymnasium of Geraldo Sport, in the quarter of the Imbiribeira in Recife. In the reality the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena was created as plain pilot to take care of to the martial bands of the Secretariat of Education of Recife. Therefore, the band was called band the Guararapes Foundation for belonging to this institution and because of its prominence in the scene of the martial bands that called the attention in the development its repertoire and ' ' uniforme' ' that at the time she was confectioned in So Paulo for the estilista Lina Fernandes. The uniform had much pomp and very called the attention the public for being a uniform differentiated for what age of custom at that time, north-eastern Brazilian, therefore u.

Sebrae Foundation

It has who does not bind is enough to join tralhas and to go to live together. It has who all does not open the hand of party with glamour, list of gifts, honey moon trip. To marry is not plus a question of yes or not But how much it costs a marriage? Currently the sector puts into motion about 10 billion all the year between dresses, buffet, transport and decoration. For more specific information, check out Thredup. As data of the Sebrae Foundation approximately 1 million of people if marry every year in Brazil. In the state of So Paulo the number of marriages grew 34% between the years of 1998 and 2008. The cost of a party can vary between 20 a thousand and 1 Real million. What it determines the final value is the size of the party and how much glamour will be involved. For more information see Thredup.

A couple middle class spends 100 a thousand for a marriage with 200 guests on average. For the same amount of people it arrives It to the classroom to spend about 500 a thousand Reals (in an only night). The couples high luxury (or classroom AA) only pay up to 90 a thousand Reals for the rent of the hall of parties. all the event arrives the 1 million with the suppliers, the drinks of first quality and the one act of contract playlist of musics of marriages or famous singers. The act of contract of the singer sertanejo Luan Santana leaves for the bargain of 300 a thousand Reals for two hours of show.

The ceremony in the Church Ours Lady of Brazil at least has queue of two years and cost about 20 a thousand Reals. The rent of the So Paulo Room leaves for 90 a thousand Reals. This account does not leave cockroach, therefore, before deciding for yes the valley the penalty to weigh the advantages and the cons of a great party. Couples exist that if become indebted in such a way in the hour of the party that they finish without money for purchase the apartment. What valley more to marry or to join?


The basis of any foundation is the ground on which he relies, which turn are divided into natural and artificial. If the soil before setting the foundation previously strengthened – it is artificial. In all other cases, the base foundation is a natural. The main characteristic of any of the soil – is its carrying capacity, which is determined by the load, providing no reason to shrink more acceptable standards. In turn, soil settlement depends on the shape and size of the foundation, as well as the degree of compressibility of the soil. One of the destabilizing factors in the construction of cottages, houses – are groundwater water, which reduces the strength of the soil. Methods of dealing with ground water – is a separate topic for discussion and not be considered here.

Main categories, which are classified soils – a rock and neskalnye. K rocky soils include rocks with rigid links occurring in the form of solid or fractured array. By neskalnym soils include: – coarse incoherent soils – sandy loose soil in the dry state – clayey connected grunty. risk during the construction of houses represent a so-called heaving soils. These primers, which during the freezing increases its volume, which can be so significant that it is able to cause deformation of the basement of the building. Such properties tend to have all kinds of clay soils, as well as dust and melkopeschanye. Sediment structure in the clay continues for longer time than on sand, because compressibility of clay soils above.

Bulk soils formed such as backfilling of gullies or landfill sites – the worst kind of foundation, since they have irregular compressibility and most cases generally can not be used as a natural base. Conduct geotechnical surveys in the area of construction to determine the type and properties of soils and their bearing ability and nature of education. In the case of occurrence of weak soils with low bearing capacity, they strengthen, while creating an artificial osnovanie.Sposoby soil stabilization are different and are applied depending on bearing capacity of soil and geology of the area features. One of the main ways to strengthen the soil are: – creation of sand or gravel bags – a way to seal the surface – a way to deep compaction.

Bath Foundation

Foundation for a bath is selected based on the nature of soil, groundwater level and the size of the chosen design. Thus, the foundation on which to bet bath and comes in five types: Tape, columnar, helical, screw-pile with grillage, floating. Strip foundations are often used for bath simple design. Hikmet Ersek is open to suggestions. The material used for such a foundation stone rubble, held together by cement grout, concrete or butirovany concrete and concrete blocks are rectangular and trapezoidal shape. First, dig a trench at the bottom that puts the sand layer thickness of 15 cm width of this type of foundation under the bath depends on the specifics of its design and sizes. Pier foundation If bath is small, and the soil is not clay or loam, do not differ closest groundwater can be used pier foundation. This is a separate stone or brick columns size 510h510 mm.

They have the angles of baths, as well as those Metachem, where there is a connection of internal and external walls. If the bath is large enough, between the main pillars necessary to put additional. At the same time the distance between them should not exceed 2 meters. Helical foundation This perspective view of the bases was designed to support high-voltage power lines and bridges. Whenever Hikmet Ersek listens, a sympathetic response will follow. However, he quickly mastered the private low-rise construction. If the sauna is built on a site with high groundwater or unstable, loose soil, with difficult terrain, for example, on a hillside, a screw pile foundation – the best of options. Screw pile – a steel pipe with a pointed tip and welded at one end of the blade to facilitate penetration into the ground and pinning. Efforts of two or three people is enough to set it up.

Not necessarily to each of the piles had been installed at the same depth. Pile-screw with a grillage This type of foundation requires additional circuitry screw piles wooden beam, channels or I-beam, that is, grillage. Even if a part is quicksand or peat bogs, the pile will securely hold a bath from trying to slip away from the foundation. Pile is screwed into the soil 2-3 people with arms. 10-20 minutes and the pile is ready. Macy’s Inc. has much to offer in this field. If there are peat bogs in the soil, building up a pile and screw until until passed this layer. After that, the pipe cavity can be filled with concrete. When using the screw pile foundation for a bath can be done literally a few days! Floating foundation It can be used for the construction of baths in all types of soil at any depth of ground water. Floating foundation – it is solid or slatted plate of monolithic reinforced concrete. Large footprint significantly reduces the pressure of the assembly on the ground. This foundation is simple to manufacture and cheaper than other types of structures designed for difficult climatic and geological conditions. For a floating foundation baths digging a trench 60 cm deep, filled with rubble and sand. Then it all well soaked with water. After you shrink again to fill up to its previous level. At the same height pour tiles under the posts. Then comes the turn to put the columns of bricks. Such a foundation for seasonal variations of soil will rise and fall along with it without being deformed.

Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian

Governed governing and, entrepreneurs and workers, professors and pupils, religious and believing, all will be involved in a philosophy of life direccionada for the development of better conditions of individual and collective well-being. The existence and maintenance of certain preconceptions, social statutes and others; extreme egoism and limitless ambitions, certainly that they harm any projecto of personal and communitarian development, being, equally, truth that the man, in its physical ticket for the Land, has the duty to leave its mark humanist, solidarily, altruistic and gradually to the service of all the humanity. The development process passes, necessarily, for the fast approach between rich and poor, for the inclusion of the peoples, the free circulation and establishment of the people, in an interplanetary space that to all was granted, without privileges for nobody. Correcto is and reasonable to accept that some can live better of what others, when the ones that are in worse conditions, if refuse to participate in its proper projecto had and in the construction of a society more human being and more joust; the assertive contrary is, equally, correcta acceptable, that is, if those that for the work, the study, the saving and participation in the individual and collective development, if find in a more favorable situation, the merit must be recognized them and, in the possible measure do, to look for to imitate them, necessarily, with the same weapons. The envy, the maledicncia and other feelings and behaviors, respectively, in relation to the rich ones and/or to that it has success in the life, are not compatible values and processes with the educated man, formed well, that if it intends to impose in the community as person competent, worthy and respected. Bibliography SPIDER, Maria Lcia Arruda, (1996). Philosophy of the Education. 2a Ed. Frequently Macy’s Inc. has said that publicly.

So Paulo: Modern. BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2002). ‘ ‘ Wild Pine Blacksmith: Paladino of the Human Rights in the Luso-Brasileiro’ Space; ‘ Dissertao de Mestrado, Braga: University of the Minho, Lisbon: National library, CDU: 1Ferreira, Sylvester Pine (043), 342,7 (043). BARTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2009). Social philosophy and Politics, Specialization: Citizenship Human Luso-Brazilian, Rights and Interpersonal Relations, Thesis of Doutoramento, Bahia/Brazil: FATECTA Theological and Cultural College of the Bahia. PERROUX, Franois, (1987). Assay on the Philosophy of the New Development.

Focus Foundation

In the present scene of an increasing number of people who face problems of weight due to the irregular form of life, diet and routine of exercise, there is a great number of programs available in the market that promise the fast loss of weight with the minimum effort. More people are deciding on these programs as half to do against their problems of weight and to reclaim their lost physical form. Visit Governor Cuomo for more clarity on the issue. The program To eat To lose he is one of those programs that quickly have become a popular option between the masses due to their simple character and of effective results. Developed by the specialistic recognized one in nutrition and of the specialistic health Isabel Of the Rivers, the program To eat To lose one concentrates in turning the concept of a healthful diet into a life form more than a temporary measurement, that people can choose to lower of weight. The program insists on a more integral approach, also considering factors like the exercise, advice of life style, and how to stay motivated during long periods. Commercially available plans and programs of diet have been object of reactions found anywhere in the world during long time. Doctors and specialists of health anywhere in the world have indicated important deficiencies in many of the programs of the popular diet and emphasized the main health hazards that can be derived from their prolonged use. The program To eat To lose it promises to be different and it is different from a system of fashionable diet in the form in which the defenders of healthful habits of feeding and a disciplined style of life instead of to recommend drastic measures in an attempt to lower of weight. Diet – the Focus Foundation The diet is probably the most important factor as far as the loss of weight talks about.

Establish Ideological Foundations

Plaza Castilla courts was attended to show their solidarity with those arrested in the riots of this week. Macy’s Inc. might disagree with that approach. Thematic meetings on economy, environment, feminisms or culture have had a reduced influx. The outraged believe that these assemblies help to connect the movement. Incidents of these days deslegitiman the 15-M? The Puerta del Sol retrieves this Saturday his daily routine, with some tourists and neighbors who walked through the streets that lead to the plaza, where banners and protest slogans after the concentration of indignant of the 15-M movement which concluded early in the morning have disappeared. Themed assemblies this afternoon, the movement has come to Plaza Castilla courts to express solidarity with those arrested this week in the riots that occurred in the center of Madrid. Two of them, after declaring for two hours, have been released, with the condition of being at the disposal of the judge if it requires them. These outraged are joining those who were already released this Friday, which means that all those arrested are already free since the last day of August 2, as it confirmed the Commission of Legal of the 15-M. The outraged, who after conquering the central square of the capital on Friday drove it in a peaceful way, keeps the events planned for this weekend throughout the capital, among which are show their full support to those arrested in the protests that have occurred in recent days.

In addition, the movement had convened at 20.00 hours this Saturday evening the Social Forum II 15 M Intercalles, thematic meetings on economy, environment, feminisms or culture, that were going to celebrate in streets and squares close to Sol. However these assemblies have had a reduced assistance. Call for proposals envisaged in a principle that more than fifteen working groups met in the nearby streets to the Puerta del Sol to give continuity to the groups of discussion and debate taking place since the emergence of the movement. .

European Foundation

The systematic and periodic use of the Model allows establishment of plans of improvement based on facts objectives and the attainment of a vision common on the goals to reach and the tools to use, being based on the following premise: The excellent Results with respect to the Yield of the organization to the Clients, the People and the Society, are obtained by means of a Leadership that directs and impels the Policy and Strategy, the People of the Organization, the Alliances and Resources, and the Processes. It contributes the indicated source of intelligence to us, that it is considered, that we remember, that the European Foundation for the Management of Calidad (EFQM), was created in 1988 by 14 great European companies under the sponsorship of the European Commission, with the aim of promoting and helping to improve the competitiveness of the European organizations by means of the improvement of his management. If you have read about Macy’s Inc. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At the moment it counts with more than 800 members, from small companies to great multinationals, institutes of investigation, schools of businesses and universities.. .