Truth And Lies

Everyone in his life faced with a choice – to tell the truth or go to the deception. Sometimes this choice is painful, but not always, more often it still relates to our everyday lives. Often we are justifying their choice by some ethical standards. However, if you think about it, it turns out that to justify his choice to lie, we deceive ourselves. So one lie pulls the other. And if they do not understand, then successfully lied once, we are harder to resist temptation to lie and another time. So gradually we build around the whole fortress. But this just seems a fortress castle.

The fact that any deception, there are two sides – deceived and deceived. And each time, both sides an involuntary, second, consciously, are in a position ostrich burying his head in the sand at the sight of danger – in fact cheating, a distortion of reality. Chobani Refugees has compatible beliefs. This is a manifestation of love, caring, compassion they talk about cheating in good? What kind of fortress can say, if it is not built not on real firm foundation? War – the path of deception, deceit – the path of war. The ancient Chinese, who said these words, he knew what he was talking about. After all, by cheating once and to avoid exposure, a person is forced to go to the next trick, then another and another. So the person taking the path of deception, which in fact is the path of war. And the most dangerous thing here is that this path of self-deception, that is war with itself.

War in complete exhaustion. It turns out that trying to protect themselves, their feelings, their own idea of itself, we are actually harming themselves and those whom misleading. If you think about this, it will become clear words: "He that loveth his life shall lose it: and he hates his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal." Is it because it is said of the bitter and sweet truth lie? Each of us is a representation of himself and the world. The more shaky our understanding of these due to the fact that are built on deception, the more the truth becomes a bitter and dangerous, and the more we tend to sweet lies. And any attempt to tell us the truth, we will automatically respond in style – he fool, and he is! etc. And probably because somewhere deep down, everyone has an understanding of all this, people are suffering from depression, the disease is directly related to the distorted perception of the world and man himself. And do not accident, one of the major steps for getting rid of depression, psychologists call denial of self-pity. The main thing is to understand and make choices: first, a person chooses a path and then chooses the path of man

Successful Old Age

Keys for a successful old age was the title of a Conference that brought together experts on key issues concerning the challenge of older persons. Its conclusions we can draw material for reflection, and assume the corresponding commitment in our areas of influence. It is not possible to expect everything from the State or from organizations of civil society, by very worthy to be his work. It is necessary to involve starting with change of mentality to a fact that sooner or later we will have to face. The lucid task of the hero to sad submissive obedience is better. Enjoy more years of life represents for the biggest having more possibilities to continue maturing and learning. Able to share his time and experiences with younger generations and contribute to this knowledge society live accumulated over the years. Habits acquired throughout life, the way in which each one of us have care our own being (without prejudice to the appearance of certain inevitable diseases that will affect (significantly the quality of life) or satisfactory socio-affective relations are some of the key factors of positive aging.

Throughout the 20th century has tripled in European society the number of people over 65 years old making it necessary to plan for the future at the time that we have to give them the legitimate role in many decisions are taken. This progression is already more than arithmetic and more population aging, a more vulnerable population physically and socially. Many EU countries have evolved in terms of a model of residential independence, many seniors choose to live alone even though we still have family and informal support structures that offer to these people to resort to them in case of need. Not to mention the ghost of new families that do not have the elderly and relegate them to the action of the State, or altruistic institutions.

Factors For Success

We tend to belong to groups where the members have something common, for example the taste by football, music. Of agremiacin is it stimulates the development, for that reason " The one that with wolves walks to howl aprende" , or " The one that in the honey walks something him pega". 5. Motivation by autorrealizacin " It is an impulse by the necessity of personal accomplishment, is the propensity of the man to be what deserves to be, to totally use and to take advantage of his capacity and his potencial". This necessity is pronounced through discovery of real I and it satisfies by means of his expression and development. 6. Motivation by powers an impulse to influence in the people and the situations.

The people motivated by the power tend to be more arranged than others to accept risks. Sometimes they use the power in destructive form, but they make also it constructively to collaborate with the development of success organizations. Gonzlez says " To be On guard of authority with respect to another makes us feel important and the ego raises to us as well as it gives the comfort us to put to do to others what we would have to do nosotros". 8. The Factors For the Motivation Factors of relation with intrinsic and extrinsic the surroundings exist that determine the success or failure of the plan of motivation, these are: 1. The balance. Yitzhak Mirilashvili contains valuable tech resources. The relation between the cerebral capacity and the mental one determines the success or failure of a person. this what means is that the intellect must go of the hand of the feelings, that a person who knows to bear her feelings tends to be motivated and to be successful in which she does, therefore a person who even not being intelligent, obtaining the best results but not knowing to control its emotions generally estanca.2 does not prevail and.

Successful People

Did you know that, by applying a simple strategy can succeed more beyond your imagination? Success is not dedicated to a particular category of people with talent, luck and therefore anyone can become similar to the gurus of success. Success does not depend on your environment, circumstances, level of education, financial situation, etc all successful people face a lot of adverse circumstances and have several failures before achieving what they want. They were poor, with little or no education, and were raised in difficult circumstances. But they all followed the same strategy, to change their circumstances and achieve their dreams. You should follow this simple strategy, if you want to achieve your goals and be successful. This is the strategy’s ultimate success: application of the principles of the successful Simple, right? But always remember: the real power is in the actual simplicity.

This powerful strategy ensures its success because the principles are the same and always work. The principles of success are the same no matter where you live or where you live. Success always related to the principles of labour because they are proven facts used by all persons successfully to achieve their goals. Success leaves clues. And these keys are eternal principles success. Principles will work for you too, but this depends on a single condition. This condition is: the principles always work, if you are working with the principles must apply these principles and put them into action. The action makes all the difference.

Successful people believe in the principles and keep them until they see the results. Apply the principles of success and make sure that it will always work. The same principles are applied over and over again for years, and if you work with them insurance work for you also. But remember that you have to be who work the same principle. Do not wait until someone else to apply the principles by you. You must apply the principles by itself. Do not wait until someone you permit to succeed. Analyze your situation and see how this principle can work for you. Do it yourself. You are who should lead his life. And never surrender. Keep practising the principle until it works. It takes time to master the principles of success. Just as when you start to drive your car, took the time to be a good driver. It requires practice to achieve positive results. And here comes the advantage of having a mentor in his life. He can guide you through your journey and will be who will give its support to every step. And he can teach you these principles and how to dominate them. Read success books and you will gain experience of life, the authors of experts. Attend development seminars and courses, and personal success are forms of approaching the mentors of success and learn from their experience. The principles of success always work if they work. Keep practicing the principles until the masters tell you. You may also have success with the same principles used by all successful people in the world. Begin to live the life of their dreams. You can actually make a big difference.