Relevant Notes

Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario in the life of this extraordinary () there are many events that all recalled, considered and delve a little into what was its transit through this dimension. For all those who were identified with his poetry, we have selected some notes that we consider very significant in his life, so we have respected its content and source of those who in some way resenado them have. Since then, there will be many, but this time we we specify in the following quote trying to prove to the authorities his extraordinary talent for poetry, with the intention of obtaining a scholarship to study in Europe, lee, in Managua, the poem the book before the President conservador Joaquin Zavala. Unfortunately, the authorities receive evil liberalism which reveals the poem; with regard to which, Ruben recalled in his autobiography how the President of Congress reacted to hear him: my son, if you write now against the religion of your parents and your homeland, what will be if you’re going to? Is Europe learn worse things?. And delayed the long-awaited trip ( in el Salvador, meets Francisco Gavidia, the most prominent poet of that country.

Event that will reveal fundamental in the life of Darius, and in the Spanish language, as it is next to the Salvadoran poet that the Nicaraguan begins to discover the rhythmic possibilities of French Alexandrian. Ruben will then take advantage of the finding and will be applied to the task of introducing in the Castilian poetry, which become a foundation stone of his poetic revolution ( in May 1884 was sentenced for vagrancy the penalty of eight days of public work, although he managed to evade the enforcement of the sentence. Then he continued experimenting with new poetic forms, and even came to have a book ready for printing, which was to be entitled Epistles and poems.

Mat Transform

The first step is to clean the skin. We must always work on a clean complexion. You can use your usual product to the face, either using soaps or using creams. If you are using a cream or makeup remover cleansing product is super important to then use a tonic. I have oily skin, so I use a specific SOAP and apply it with a brush in the face. You can also use a scouring pad, although it is not imperative. These products help to activate the circulation, but be very careful if you have sensitive or dry skin.

Since in this case wouldn’t be recommended more than 1 or 2 times per week. The best are the marine natural pads and very soft bristle brush them. Before applying the Fund of makeup we need to apply a day cream which go our chord your skin. Many women jump this step is and it is a very common mistake. I use a special cream for oily skin and I also apply a day anti-wrinkle eye contour. The next step is to apply the make-up base.

The purpose of the Foundation is to obtain a natural looking covering all imperfections. First thing would be to choose the correct base according to your tone and skin type. In the market there are bases of all kinds and textures. It is important to choose a good quality, because the facial skin is very delicate. To do this, you have to let yourself be advised by experts of the brands. General features two large groups, for skins there is grease oil free and for skins dry. Loreal has released the line Mat Transform textured mus. It is very light and cover pores and wrinkles. The price is quite affordable, about 16 euros. Either the sponge or with your index finger, gives a few touches of makeup in the strategic areas of the face, i.e., in the forehead, nose, cheeks, Chin, neck and neckline.

Mexico Dialogue

The holistic education proposes education for global citizenship and planetary, i.e. education for interdependence consciousness. Possess an awareness of the action that trespasses the town to be inserted in the universal context; possessing a new and deeper awareness of the responsibility that any individual action might impact the whole of other human beings. In the book dialogues holistas highlights the need to establish dialogue as a necessary and very useful tool to achieve consensus and resolve conflicts, ability of utmost importance for the holistic education. To this purpose Gerzon argues that what is needed is dialogue, not the conversation, since one can penetrate more deeply in persons handling frames, traditions and different purposes; being able to achieve generate common meanings, have a shared vision and a common goal. The capacity for dialogue would be one of the central themes of a policy holistic-oriented towards the search for integrity and not fragmented communities. In Mexico needs a policy that don’t confront people but a holistic dialogue-based politics, the democratic relationship and valuing diversity. With regard to spirituality is an individual, natural and direct experience of the sacred, of the transcendent, the ultimate foundation that is the essence of everything that exists.

Spirituality is cross-cultural and can not be affected by the ideas of fashion or social or economic needs. Its cosmic context is transhistorical placing beyond time and space. In the book of dialogues holistas Ramon Gallegos adds that compassion since spirituality is a great interest in helping others; Gallegos mentioned that having compassion is love, genuine interest, and not too bad. He adds that the perennial philosophy is the vision that explores the nature of spirituality and is where are the responses of the great questions of life. It is the original source of the transcendental wisdom, it is the space where they come together all the religions to discuss, meet and recognize what they have in common.

Project Expert

To do this, consider how much we will have money in the bank after a year under twenty percent, so we get to the bank through the year, six hundred thousand rubles. A second project brings us through the year six hundred and fifty thousand rubles, but we can not consider the benefits in the future – this is not correct, we need to bring value of the property six hundred and fifty thousand rubles today, for this we introduce the discount rate, which is equal to the rate we have an alternative project twenty percent per annum. So, we have six hundred fifty thousand present by a discount rate today, and get five hundred and forty-one thousand, that is, to us a year to get six hundred and fifty thousand rubles, we need to put the bank under the twenty percent per annum five hundred and forty-one thousand rubles. We have two of the project is the first bank and a second property, and money to invest five hundred thousand, that's the difference between five hundred and forty one thousand, and the fact that we invest – this is Net Present Value NPV. NPV of the project must be greater than zero, then the project is deemed promising. So we figured out with NPV. Now, as the net present value for any project with a lot of money flows. Take our favorite Excel, making it a table horizontally, we will have during the project, and on vertical our payments.

Here in the photo is clearly visible problem, we buy a car, train workers, enter the cost of the car and obtain income, interest rates, twelve thousand rubles. Enter all the streams in our table, we believe in the seventh column the amount of our payments go to the SUM formula and select the cell for example, B2: B6 and obtain the sum of flows for each of our year, now we need prodiskontirovat our cash flows by the discount rate twelve percent, again go into the formulas, financial, and find the NPV (net present value), choose a discount rate twelve percent of the net and choose the payment this year and get a discounted payment. To calculate the net present value of the project to all prossumirovat discounted payments of our project, receive one thousand eight hundred sixty-six rubles, which is a positive NPV of the project should join. So figured out the net present value, we now understand its significance, and the calculation of our business plan we have Bole free to operate it. Next, we will count one by one the other financial items in Excel, then put it all into one and create your first business plan in Excel, with charts and descriptions in accordance with UNIDO UN system, and after graduating from the switch to Excel, Project Expert, and then we'll see.


Civic culture can be understood as a set of behaviors, attitudes, values and perceptions that lead to the citizen to respect norms in the society voluntarily and spontaneously, which will lead to create the foundations of peaceful coexistence. To make harmonious relationships necessary recognize standards, share them and respect them. But a requirement is important: these rules must be known, accepted and implemented by all individuals. Otherwise it would be u symbol more or at least a dead letter code, but not an element guaranteeing peaceful coexistence. In our view a good Decalogue of civic culture may be the following: voluntarily obey the rules of society. Note that we place emphasis on the fact that the attention to the standards should be voluntary. That way society saves effort and the citizen avoids conflicts. Consider the right to life as the ultimate expression of coexistence.

There is a more important right that this and the authorities and citizens should be make every effort to ensure it. Life is not just the heart beat and oxygen reaches the lungs. The person has the right to a dignified life which implies access to power, study, medical care, recreation and all the elements that allow a full enjoyment of its existence. Conceiving the community as a civilized and plural scenario. The community is the context in which we live and share and must be a space of all and for all. Contribute actively to the preservation and enhancement of the resources of the society. Resources must be obtained, enjoyed and cared for. No one can seize them or through violence or artifice or corrupt actions.

What is all is all. Point. Act according to the principles of ethics and morality. And you have to keep those principles in all times and circumstances. The criterion of situational ethics is unacceptable. Feel the pride of belonging to the city.

Success in Life

Success can be achieved by people of any level of formal instruction. It is discovering that we want life, ask ourselves the goals which will allow us to reach it, and run them. It is important to remember that success in any way is a goal, we could perhaps say that success is what we get when we reach the goals we have set. That is why when we say that we want to be successful It is important to be clear in what we want to be successful. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy purpose for obtaining happiness definitely. Reaches success is the award, kept on foot to reach the objectives. Does not depend on the intelligence, it is a question of attitude faced defeat and to adversity, not lose sight of his dream, his goal, lifted, prepare to seek success. Be determined as requirements for the achievement of the success the following six important requirements for success in life.

1. Self-esteem: whoever wants to succeed has to learn to value it and recognize its attitudes and defects. 2. The communication: essential for success, must be excellent communicators, provided we know this should be effective. 3. Objectives: knowing what we want in life. 4. Positive attitude and optimism: only with optimism does not come to any part, but it is that pessimism will prove a major obstacle.

5. Dedication to work: we must understand that only with effort we will obtain what we want, a regret that many times this is not directly related to the achievement. 6 Be ambitious: everyone has the right to be ambitious, but without the desire for profit. Final considerations very well said, which we must assume individual responsibility of the conquest of our success and our mission to life becoming aware that to say: we are architects of our life, this will be so in reality depending on our faith, patience, perseverance and desire. In everyday life many people try to find quick solutions, triumphs hasty, without understanding that success is simply the result of internal growth, and that this requires time, meanwhile, spiritual Alchemy lies their solid foundations in our be integral (body, soul, mind and heart).Those who do not give up on the conquest of his Success, will gradually and imperceptibly creating habits and the temple that will enable them to sustain the success when it finally materializes in the near future.The triumph is nothing more than a process that it takes time and dedication. A process that requires changes, action and formidable skills of patience. Remember that our time is finite, successful people know this and instead become depressed by this, use it in your favor as an encouragement to pursue their goals with greater fervor, passion and dedication., and you can also start doing so from this very moment.

Trilateral Commission

Trade has historically been a link of union between peoples and can meet an extraordinary role as a factor of global integration, in the hands of the Trilateral Commission in the last Government de facto and crimp in the current democratic Government in our hectic times.By This makes fundamental clarifying all the present here, and if possible to the world press: have to be is faithful to a moral conception that sorts observe a Senger? ta in relationships between men and between peoples. We abide by all the commitments that the country has legally, and I repeat, legally incurred. No result, an external imposition, but a conscious and voluntary decision of the Argentine people. In our relations will always seek routes more expeditious and treatment more direct, which is the way how people understood when they are throwing with optimism and hopes the foundations of a new world.To pass to the analysis of the future I intend to establish as a concrete proposal and firm decision, today is born of this international venue a Research Committee of the Trilateral Commission for LVL-noamerica, so that from now on more, have clear destructive operations, eco-economic chaos, and where we wish to lead. lls%20Russian%20social%20network%20stake%20%5BGlobes%2C%20Tel%20Aviv%2C%20Israel%5D%7C%7CdocSource%7C%7CMcClatchy-Tribune%7C%7Cprovider%7C%7CACQUIREMEDIA&ticker=AFIL:IT’>Yitzchak Mirilashvili here. Then there will be a modification in the his be reached? toria of humanity.

Realise in our enemies, which are not Nations, but spurious, malicious and evil interests.We now turn to the future. A huge task awaits us. We have to fight a fight without quarter against backwardness, stagnation, despair, and hopelessness. We have to be removed until its roots ignorance, poverty, disease and fear of the future. We need to apply all our strength and all our intelligence to lift to Latin America and throw it forward. We must mobilize all energies and all resources. The target has launched a challenge and people have to accept.

Chinese Sage

Therefore, can not forget this warning of Confucius (551-479 B.c.): pay kindness with kindness, however evil with justice. It is worth noting that the old Chinese Sage spoke not of revenge but of Justice * 9. Respectable women and men seek knowledge through physical laws or moral laws and spiritual. We must not be afraid to uncover them, and Yes always remember this teaching of Jesus: you will know the truth (of God), and the truth (of God) will make you free (Gospel according to John, 8: 32). Expanding the circle of compassion back to Einstein, he said: the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystery. And more: the human experience itself, his thoughts as something separated from the rest of the universe that surrounds him is being a kind of optical illusion of his conscience, moulded by the culture. And that illusion is a type of prison, restricting us to our personal desires, concepts and affection by people closest. Our main task is the rid us of those shackles, widening our circle of compassion, so that it encompasses all living beings and all nature in its splendour.

It may be that nobody will achieve that goal fully, however fight for their realization is longer, if only, part of our liberation and the foundation of our internal security. Malua physician, writer and playwright Pedro Bloch, generous heart, always extolled the notable example of solidarity that was the life of his friend Noel Nutels (1913-1973), which, coming from far away, became guardian of Brazilian tribes angel. In this meeting of the knowledge that we are making in the ParlMundi, indigenous peoples deserve our tribute expressed in this brief exchange between the two illustrious disciples of Hippocrates (460-377 B.c.), about a Shaman in the Amazon, of name Malua, Dr. Bloch registered in an article in the magazine Manchete, on July 8, 2000: Noel (smiling): he is our colleague.