Civil Code

The Court may decide on liquidation of the company in case of approval for establishment of the enterprise gross violations of law that can not be remedied. The company may be liquidated at the suit of the tax authorities. Repeated or gross violations of tax laws – the most common reason for filing claims by tax authorities on the Elimination of the enterprise. In this case, the tax authorities in the state courts of arbitration proceedings on the basis of specific tax legislation and Article 62 paragraph 2 of the Civil Code. A large number of claims for liquidation of the enterprise tax authorities impose in connection with the fact that these organizations do not result in its founding documents in compliance with the requirements of the Civil Code. 5. Voluntary liquidation.

Voluntary liquidation of companies is the most correct and safe form of winding-up enterprise. Despite the fact that the voluntary liquidation takes a lot of time and requires some effort, You can entrust this work to professionals who know the procedure for performing all necessary actions to eliminate. But in the end for the voluntary liquidation account of the legal entity is excluded from the register, bin and tin Company canceled, the organization is defunct. Procedures for voluntary liquidation following: 5.1. The adoption of the general meeting of the society the decision to liquidate the company (usually the cause Elimination of point to achieve a society of their statutory purposes) and the appointment of a liquidation commission. Adoption of the liquidation commission and approval of the project timing and order of liquidation of legal entity.

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