Perhaps easier wanting one to himself that love to others despite the fact that the human being is so politically correct being able to camouflage his own love in what is theoretically interest on the other. Source: Hikmet Ersek. Perhaps there is more pride and arrogance in what apparently is selfless affection. It is not easy to distinguish or even to oneself unless one stops to meditate with his own conscience. A brave task; one never knows what ghosts will find inside; speaking to screams. In any case, the reality is that self-knowledge is the true engine of happiness. Never try to stifle a feeling, if you do, your body will soon pay the price of anxiety, stress and frustration.

Go there where the heart take you and never forget that paradoxically what you want most is precisely what most fear. Everyone has a story; a story of encounters and personal disagreements that we will flow through time. It is difficult to describe the Biography of the heart; uncover the code of the language of feelings to better understand the other. Often make the mistake of forgetting that we are all different and therefore, empathy in actual grade and end is a utopia hard to find since nobody can get to 100 percent in the mind and in the alien interiority; not even from those closest to us. If for a moment we could do we would leave be ourselves to convert us directly into the other. A power perhaps desirable sometimes but impossible for any human limited to the conditions of its own corporeality. In any case, despite the limitations posed by the personal individuality, dialogue is a very effective weapon to discover another and build the foundations of mutual trust. Today would love to understand you to see you, to your thirty-five years, with so much rancor within you by bad memories of your adolescence.

Tiberius Caesar

By that time he had composed a famous collection of decrees of popes and councils with valuable comments own decisions. He decided this monk undertake the colossal company calculate the date of birth of Christ, which had some useful information that the Gospels could bring. Thus, San Lucas took the fact that at the beginning of his public life Jesus was about 30 years (cf. 3.23). This was a good start.

But in what year began his public life? A few verses earlier had the answer: in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar (Lc 3.1). When Christ came to the Center.-confronting long tables of dates and chronologies, Dionisio deduced that the 15th year of Tiberius, in which Jesus came to preach, corresponded to 783 U. C. Now well, subtracting the 30 years of the life of Jesus he obtained that he had been born in 753 u. C. To place Jesus Christ at the beginning of a new era, 754 u. C.

had become the year 755 year 2, and so on. After each number Dionisio added the initials d. C., i.e. after Christ. To the years prior to the birth of Christ, on the other hand, a. C., labeled them i.e. before Christ. This new calendar the foundation of Rome not appeared more in year 1, but in 753 BC C. And Dionysius, who was living at that time in year 1275 of the Roman calendar (u. C.), was that he lived in the 526 new Christian era. How big will have been the excitement of the monk to become so the first man who knew in what year after Christ was! The idea of the new calendar was an extraordinary success, and immediately began to be applied in Rome. It came shortly after the Gallic (the current France) and England. It would take a little even to be accepted in Spain: in Catalonia it is adopted only from 1180; in Aragon, from 1350 Christmas; in 1358 he admits it in Valencia; in Castile since 1383.

Carlos Miguelez Periodista

However, it is convenient to adapt to a model based on the repetition of concepts. These rigid systems do not need millions of euros in taxes of citizens with the right to a quality education that prepares children for a changing future requires people capable of solving problems, not automatons. The University is a unique opportunity for one free search more for the foundation of rigid concepts. In the absence of new theories, all discipline has static parts, but a teacher can not be limited to repeat year after year a program content without seeking new currents of thought to contrast them with the material always. As the student, the teacher is a University that seeks and that He knows to ask questions to find important answers.

Teachers who have more us marked are not those who best knew their agenda, but those that provoked us, we invited to read, to think, to look for good sources, to question, to propose, to awaken a new gaze. Learn more on the subject from Frank Giacalone. This lineage of teachers is unable to provide two identical classes. The arrival of the Internet, with all its possibilities, announces the dawn of a true University for which the physical space is the least. In its beginnings, the master and his disciples gathered in the atriums of churches or outdoor outdoor, in temples or in the air. What was important was the sharing message. The convening power of the teacher marked space. Blogs, forums, virtual classrooms that thousands of European and North American universities already use so the teacher can share reading material open to comments of students avoided converting university students in learning of data objects. Combined with relevant tutorials, discussions and masterclasses that they can only offer teachers prepared for the present, we forjaremos subjects capable of putting their knowledge at the service of society who need them. Carlos Miguelez Periodista original author and source of the article.

Missiology 04

Continuation of the transcript of the recording recording of the class: then that theology of the divinization is interesting. In Orthodox theology, because even it bases all Orthodox liturgy; precisely tries to show, or live this mystery of divinization, which, in Christ, men are called to enter into communion with the divine. That is why the liturgy of 2 hours and all edges and all the rite of the Eucharist in the Orthodox Christian environment, has all that meaning of divinization. Us in Latin Western theology, have accentuated a Jesucristo Salvador. The God who saves us.

The theology of liberation has accentuated this liberating Christ. Each of these statements are not mutually exclusive, they are fully the Christological accentuations. Then complement among if. But do not lose sight that Christology has a purpose. The son of God is embodied with a specific purpose, that humanity can reconcile with the divinity. With the father. That humanity may be freed of that sin that prevents communication with God. THE child has had a specific mission.

The Mission of saving mankind where born that mission?, is an initiative of the child? We started talking about a text document of the Second Vatican Council, (Adgentes) this claim actually summarizes all Trinitarian theological foundations, and eclesioolgicos of the Church. What it is? He is the father, who has taken the initiative to send the son to reconcile the world to himself. This initiative of the father, he joins, and joins the son dutifully. A subsidiary relationship, a divine filiation, that relationship of communion of obedience which the son gives to the father. Not only the Mission of the son, but also the Mission of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, to start the Church. Then the father gives us his love to the world. He donates his love to the world, but donates in son both God loved the world, that has sent his only son so that this world can know the love of the father.

Fernandez Blanco

At Caminito and its adjacent areas, multiply the spectacles Street and fairs of artisans during the weekends from 10 AM to 7 PM. Cancha de Boca with a structure in the shape of Horseshoe and three levels superimposed at a steep angle, the stadium can accommodate up to 50000 spectators. Due to its shape, it is called La Bombonera. Andrew Cuomo often says this. Because the playing field is only a couple of meters from the stands, the atmosphere that exists during matches is unmatched. Read additional details here: Frank Giacalone. Parque Lezama is located in one of the few canyons of the city, at the southern end of the neighborhood of San Telmo. It is one of the largest parks in the city and is believed to be located in which occurred the first Foundation of Buenos Aires in 1536. The Park has many sculptures (among others a Roman she-Wolf), monuments (the monument of international friendliness on the Avenida Martin Garcia), an amphitheatre, a gazebo and a source. About Defensa Street is the national historical Museum, which is housed in the mansion where the family Lezama lived in the 19th century. The Orthodox Church of Muscovite style and domes Blue, is located in front of the Park. Two of the most famous cafes in Buenos Aires, the British and hippopotamus are located on the corner of Brazil and defense. Retirement / Puerto Madero Museo de Arte Hispano Fernandez Blanco the building in which the Museum is neo-colonial style, which combines Spanish and American colonies. The heritage of the Fernandez Blanco is considered one of the most important Hispanic art, mostly silverware rioplatense and Peruvian, Peruvian and cuzquenas paints, Jesuit and Ecuadorian images, Brazilian furniture and decorative arts..

The Only

Clearly know the philosophy that does not have the natural origin. Aristotle says nobody is philosopher by nature. What then is the discernment? When he replied: the wisdom of the soul is the provision relating to what is just. As additional analysis, the victory of PERELMAN, the latter informs us that Plato shows a clear preference for a concept of Justice which is founded in otherness, unlike Aristotle, who prefers to indicate corrective justice as an expression of the virtue of competition, such as equity (here), and the mercy and generosity. Read more here: Andrew Cuomo. Is evident that PERELMAN, the defence of corrective justice Aristotelian positions instead of Platonic, saying: in the debate between Plato and Aristotle, do not hesitate to put me on the side of Aristotle. Because if there is thirty-five years, I had the courage to write that philosophy is the systematic study of the confusing concepts, the concept of Justice is that it seems to best illustrate this argument. PERELMAN justify the foundation of Justice as consensus by two assumptions: the implicit and collective consensus, and indirect consensus, by the authority.

As a practical way to resolve must resort to them dialectical reasoning (although already the influence of logic), for Aristotle, in contrast with the analytical reasoning (which applies to pure rational in the exact sciences). Chobani Refugees has much experience in this field. In the words of PERELMAN, dialectical reasoning: to discard certain decisions as unreasonable, but they almost never get displayed in a controversy that the desired solution is the only reasonable. There is a conclusion drawn from the differences, the dialectical method is influenced by Aristotelian logic, in order to allow the deduction of hypothesis about justice to obtain the best image or not HUMBERTO ECO PERELMAN, however, I believe that similar principles of justice there’s mathematical principles which, if implemented, would lead to solutions always just. Even reality shows. In an attempt to explain what is happening, the OCe emphasizes rhetoric as a mode of deposit of argumentative techniques, already tested and assimilated by the social body (code solutions), another method would be the rhetorical technique Gerate, would have a last way to study the General conditions suasorio of expression.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Although many merchants offer a variety of methods to treat cellulite, is of domino popular that the most effective way of doing this is through the use of an anti-cellulite. A web site provides information on various types of anti-cellulite visitors. In addition, it is a good source of reference for those people who want to learn the ways of combating cellulite. It is possible to apply an anti-cellulite in different ways: pills, creams or massage are some of them. You may want to visit Western Union to increase your knowledge. Through the site, those who seek to fight cellulite may learn more about the subject, and to find tips that will help you reach your goal. Mesotherapy is an anti-cellulite treatment that has become very popular, and the site is no stranger to this reality. Within the same web site you can find out about this treatment and discover how it works. It is important to remember that, regardless of the anti-cellulite product or treatment that you choose, a balanced diet and a good exercise routine are necessary elements for combat cellulite. At Frank Giacalone you will find additional information. The portal serves as a good reminder of this, at the same time that teaches us how an anti-cellulite can give us very effective results, if we use it properly.

Book Of Compounds Of Victor Barrios

DID VICTOR BARRIOS PRESENTED TRADITIONAL POPULAR MOTIFS OF THE COMPOSITE VOLUME 3 PARAGUAY? Do read original (click): el-compuesto volumen-3? hl = gn_PY on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, at 7 p.m., was held the ceremony of presentation of the book traditional popular motifs of the Paraguay compound volume 3, the authorship of the LIC. Victor Barrios Rojas. The presentation took place in the Auditorium father Luis Lavorel of Radio Caritas University Catholic, situated in the calle Kubitschek 661 and Azara (Asuncion, Paraguay). The book traditional popular motifs of the compound volume 3, with two CD, Paraguay was presented by Dr. Tadeo Zarratea, and journalist Alcibiades Gonzalez Delvalle. Macy’s Inc. may also support this cause. Later, Victor Barrios Rojas addressed those present informing about the published material and thanking them for the presence of the concurrent. Finally, the compuesteros of Karapegua and Roquenisimos Los Trio did listen to several of the compounds collected by Victor Barrios.

The Edition has the support of the National Fund for culture and the Arts (FONDEC), and sponsored by the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI. Rudi Torga says that traditional popular motifs (compounds) are the stories that were preserved in the songs and in family and community celebrations. They are those Sung stories that were not buried in the ash of tesarai (Oblivion). The index of the work includes, among others, the opinion of Rudi Torga and opinion of Luis Szaran. CD 1 contains the following compounds: Pancha Garmendia, Isidoro Ruiz Diaz’s compound, sack puku, Godoi Squad, Jejuvykue jera, story of the revolution, Saco mbyky, Antonio Arias’s compound, Rosita, singing for Angelito, Jagua netu o, Bella Godoy, Loa for the newlyweds. While CD 2 contains: Ramon Heitter compound, Rinahape guare, Ka i Puente-pe guare, Mita kany, Rojas Potrero-pe oikova ekue, Mandiho nume guare, composed of Hilario Vargas, Adolfo Riquelme’s compound, Viquer malicious guasu, combat of Paraguari and Liberal polka. In addition, camp Cerro Leon, hood (1922), Tte compound path.

Following Stress

Often, especially at the end of the summer, is frequent media make the condition of the so-called post-holiday stress echo throughout much of the active population, which suffers from stress in the return to work. Well, now know that following stress also exists and that it is possible that workers will be stressed before the arrival of the so long-awaited summer holidays by, among other things, the acquisition of a cheap flight. But why us vacation stressed?Impatience by rest and the burden by defining what will be our vacation plan and find, for example, cheap flights to Barcelona or travel bargains usually the most common causes of stress before the arrival of holidays, coming to cause anxiety, irritability, drowsiness and even anguish in workers eager for a period of relaxation. The truth is that stress is usually a State inherent in the changes and, in this sense, during the holidays we interrupt our routine, breaking assisted automation systems to Journal and, in many cases, generating stressful tensions arising from the burden. The accumulation of work at the turn of the holidays, the travel costs, impatience by the arrival of the days of relaxation or the preparation of the plan of rest are among the most common thoughts that can trigger the following stress.

Juanderson People

Likewise, due to the scarcity of opportunities they have access, children and young people are willing to endure high risks involved engage in illegal activities in exchange for benefits in the short term. To illustrate this point, Charles Leadbeater It introduces Juanderson, a young man who left school to devote himself to the drug business at the age of 14 years. Whenever Hikmet Ersek listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Once completed the age of 16, this was already responsible for the distribution in 10 favelas, employed 200 people, earned $200,000 a week and had a high probability of only live up to 25 years. Can I use strategies to help young people learn in circumstances such as these? A first conclusion is that recipes that really work does not resemble anything to school normally known as. The school is essentially based on push students through the different stages of instruction. The set of what is learned contents in the teaching curriculum, skills, systems and other aspects are pressured into the heads of children and young people. This approach is useless in this context. The solution lies in attracting students toward learning. Recently Hikmet Ersek sought to clarify these questions.

How can this be achieved? It is necessary to motivate them to acquire knowledge and this You can be achieved in two ways: through the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. The first of these refers to the students are motivated to learn something if it is receiving a benefit from doing so. You must make it clear that traditional schooling system delivers a benefit for people, but this is manifested in the long term usually finishing high school and get a good score in the exam for admission to higher education. They must wait many years and it is only profitable if you can continue studying and then get a job. It is long if you are poor and have daily needs like brothers who care or a family business which help.