The basic problem is the sustainability study of the interactions between subsystems and the macro economic system nature. The sustainability defined as the ability of mankind to live within environmental limits is approached as social metabolism, making society matter, energy and information of the nature and ejected him waste, increasing energy dissipated and information entropy. Hikmet Ersek is actively involved in the matter. Sustainability is not possible to find the concept of market economics. Laeconomia ecological studies the relationship between the natural system and social and economic subsystems, including conflict between economic growth and the biological and physical limits of ecosystems due to the environmental burden of the economy increases with the consumption and population growth . Ecological economists very critical postures with regard to economic growth, methods and tools of traditional economics and theoretical developments as it come from environmental economics and natural resource economics. It is sometimes called green economy ecointegrador approach (Naredo) or bio (Georgescu-Roegen) and is in contrast to those schools of thought of the economy, calling them as conventional economics (mainstream economics) or neo-classical economics by the predominance of this school today. The director Ricardo ecoportal Natalichio, talks about the importance of having her very present study as the new discipline of “management of sustainability.” A discipline that provides the methodological framework, instruments, theoretical, technical and practical help to the resolution and review of the forms of production, processing and consumption of natural resources (Daly, 1968), under an approach ecointegrador (Naredo, 1992).

Indeed, that new knowledge has been able to build a significant body of theory and instrumentation that facilitates and put in the hands of multiple social actors, an original way of analyzing the relationship between society and nature and seeks to cooperate with the production of material that will enable communities in the South and the North achieve a more harmonious and sustainable economic process, taking as its main focus center and the Man and his Environment. Gain insight and clarity with Crawford Lake Capital Management. It is necessary to empathize when in scope for representing social actors and the different areas, stemming both from the social sciences, natural disciplines, socio-environmental movement or the government or private area, elements that facilitate an understanding and environmental conflict resolution distributive facing our societies today, in the local, regional, national and global. It is important to analyze, discuss and review the different models of economic development and the impacts of the intensification of economic and production processes (Ayres, 1969) generated in the environment and the built environment (companies), especially taking into account the importance of biogeochemical cycles, production processes, impacts, strengthening the concepts of intra and intergenerational equity and the basement at the limitations contained in productive ecology. In conclusion should be considered, which from the ecological economics argues that human capital and manufactured capital for natural capital are complementary, not interchangeable, and that human capital and manufactured capital inevitably lead to the natural capital of one form or another . Ecological economics examines how economic growth is related to the increased exploitation of material and energy inputs. Another point of conflict between economic and conventional economics economy is the issue of trade and the environment, since the first one considers that increased trade can increase environmental damage. Ecological economists argue that much of what is important in human well-being is not analyzable from a strictly economic point of view, suggesting the transdisciplinarity of the social and natural sciences as a means of addressing the study of economic welfare and its dependence on the services provided by nature.

European Capital

However, “The city without borders” is the motto of Pecs in southern Hungary. It is considered the European Cultural Capital in 2010, a city that is characterized by ethnic mix, its proximity to the Balkans, its history, climate and architecture. The city of about 160,000 and they live up to nine minorities, is one of the most important cultural centers in Hungary and enjoys a climate almost “Mediterranean”, unique in the country. Among his most outstanding samples is a major exhibition on the Bauhaus, an architectural movement that had important representatives in Pecs, including Marcel Breuer, also called “the master of the Bauhaus, which born in this city. Another of its illustrious citizens is Victor Vasarely, known as “the father of Op Art,” which will be the focus of an international exhibition with contemporary reflections on his work. Among the cultural projects of the year highlights the restructuring of the historic porcelain factory “Zsolnay,” known internationally, which will house a cultural district. The city filled with public spaces such as plazas, courtyards, parks and alleys, will be the stage for countless stray programs, taking advantage of its climate, Pecs revived.

Pecs is a city with an illustrious past, a temperate climate, excellent museums and some of the finest Roman monuments, medieval and Ottoman country. Situated between the rivers Danube and Drava, Pecs is also called the “Hungarian Italy, with its Mediterranean atmosphere. It is also an important educational and cultural center in 2010 and shows its potential as a European Capital of Culture in which his former role will be particularly monument, the Early Christian Necropolis of Pecs, considered World Heritage by UNESCO and its university, the oldest in Hungary. Pecs is a unique city with a rich historical heritage, the result of the influence of the various cultures that have left their mark on this city with a thousand faces. Today is a city where culture lives Croatian, German and Romanesque.

Other attractions include the Mosque of Gazi Kasim Pasha, the largest building still standing in Hungary since the Turkish occupation from 1543-1686, the Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum. The pedestrian area in the center of the city, is full of cafes and restaurants. Kiraly and streets are perfect for testing Ferencesek Hungarian restaurants where sztrapacska csulkos should be tested, delicious potato noodles with cheese. Istanbul restores old and built the lead story is characterized by profound political, religious, artistic and cultural, the city bridge between Europe and Asia in 2010 offers a new vision of European culture in which space will have their Islamic culture, mixed with Christian churches, historical museums, and new projects related to urban planning and architecture. The renovation effort that has brought his appointment as European Capital of Culture, has reached some of its great symbols, such as St. Sophia, now a museum, or the Mosque of Suleyman, the two largest mosques in Istanbul, which recently be restored, as part of the Topkapi Palace. The visit to Istanbul will discover religious classics, such as the Blue Mosque and the Basilica of St. Sophia, as well as large and new construction, such as reclaimed areas in the industrial areas, a new Puerto Ottoman, and numerous projects aimed at improving welfare of the city, headed by renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid, Massimiliano Fuksas and MVRDV. The most important projects are the Kartal Pendik, donated to Zaha Hadid, who has been a drastic change within an industrial zone, 20 miles of the Golden Horn, and the transformation Kucukcekmece Strait, who has done Llewelyn Davies Yeang.

Indigenous Research

The social impact achieved by reduction projects in the aftermath of disasters and addressing the issue that occurs in their methodologies, is one of the factors most discussed today. For a long time, the physical point of view has been the determinant to mark the trail of the actions of prevention and preparedness for disasters, which have been printed a feature strongly deterministic: it has created an area of research and study which the social sciences seem to have arrived late, says Lavell (1993): “From the perspective of social sciences (agricultural economics, sociology, geography, anthropology, social ecology, management, political science, law, etc..) there is no institution with research programs consolidated and continuous, while a very limited number of Indigenous researchers, individuals, have ventured into this topic “(Duran 1994).

All research projects must be justified on the basis of a vulnerable population which has been called “the social history.” Thus d is seeking to incorporate social components since the start of projects and identify the nodes and connections in advance, so it will not come only to swell the size of libraries. 1.3 The public goods for the purposes of this work and to better understand the State’s responsibility in the prevention and disaster relief, then I will refer to one of the most basic concepts and appropriate. “There are some goods that either are not provided by the market o. if so, the amount provided is insufficient. ” A large-scale example is national defense and other small-scale, navigation aids (such as buoys light).


If children learn this activity today with games, when they grow up not they will not oppose any resistance to work as entrepreneurs. We must remember that preschool age is the age at establishing the habits, customs and traditions that will last the rest of the lives of children. Many millionaires have learned this habit from small starting from a humble background and they will become big business today. Many parents bring their children to learn to read and write, but these are only tools to engage in life. The real motivation is to dream to be, do and have everything for a business.

This financial education workshop in our kindergarten allows us to conceive our children to the great entrepreneurs of the future, in spite of living in difficult conditions. We allow children to give a fair value money and activities that are performed in our institution. Crawford Lake Capital has compatible beliefs. Allow our children to cultivate the habit of saving. Governor Cuomo is the source for more interesting facts. We allow our children a glimpse of a promising future for themselves and their descendants. This workshop will be a source of motivation to try each day. It will help children to achieve financial independence at an early age, as never before in the history of education. They may understand that they are not essential land, factories or the media to be rich as in the past, because now only depends on his own personal talent, which is exactly what we developed at our institution.

You understand that the essence of life is serving others, not just the money. We hope that from this experience will boost financial education in elementary school. In high school you’re in a position to undertake other business a little more complicated, be well advised to be very successful. High school students will be in the assess the condition of resources within the country and from there be able to design large projects where possible can be carried out. The degree may have all the information regarding the technical design and financing, and necessarily must be graduating from university with a project going. With a financial education at all levels we will say goodbye to poverty around a few years.

FC Barcelona Agreement

The price of the front would be about 30 million euros. The President of the entity has denied having reached an agreement. I want to clarify that they have no Foundation, he has pointed out. Udinese President Franco Soldati, has denied that there is agreement between the Italian club and FC Barcelona for the transfer of the Chilean attacker Alexis Sanchez, since has said that the statements that have been attributed to giving the signing by fact have no foundation. There is no agreement between Udinese and FC Barcelona for the transfer of the player in question and either there has been a meeting between the two teams to discuss the signing, Soldati said in a statement presented on the official website of the Italian entity.

In addition, the maximum authorised representative also denied the alleged words that have been attributed in Chilean media. With respect to the statements attributed to me on an alleged transfer of the Chilean Alexis Sanchez FC Barcelona attacker, I want to clarify that they have no Foundation, ended. The price that requested the whole Italian by striker is 30 million euros and, although there is also interest from Inter Milan, the owner of Udinese, Giampaolo Pozzo, trusts that the young striker stays at the Italian club one more season to complete the maturation process that began three years ago. While everyone wants him, I have confidence in the possibilities that the wonder child can continue playing with the shirt of Udinese another year more. Above all, pursuant to the negotiations held so far, he says Pozzo, on the official website of Udinese.

The Corrosion

Why think of caring for life and heritage must be sought a system that guarantees a good performance, with quality products and a proper installation. However not all grounding systems give these benefits and ensure good performance, since for example traditional systems have variable or controllable as the humidity or temperature, or some are of dubious quality even and its installation does not guarantee durability and effectiveness. Among the elements that are necessary for installation of grounding is the electrode, which is a piece of metal that must be in contact with the ground, currently there is a diversity of these variables in form and design, but it is important to know that everyone should be unchanged to the chemistry of the ground action and moisture to ensure a correct operationHowever not all systems of grounding system guarantees this. Let’s here some types of electrode used in ground facilities: the electrode in the physical-Rod lands: shaped cross, t or angle straight-Rehilete: two crossed and welded copper plates. -Plate: Must have an area of at least 2000cm squares and a thickness approx. 6.4 mm in materials-ferrous and 1.52 mm in materials non-ferrous-Star: this type of electrode gets a resistance value less.-mesh: forms armando a bonding of copper conductors bare-rings: resembles a bare copper spiral.-starry plate: it has the advantage of helping to dissipate the energy through their tips.-electrode rod of iron or steel: These rods must be at least 16 mm diameter-metallic tube electrode: the pipeline must be buried at least 3 meters and is indispensable to this other metal covered that will protect it from the corrosion-aluminum electrode: currently are not permitted – electrode embedded in concrete: this type of electrode must be on a buried Foundation – horizontal electrode: the most common form is the straight line, however their digging is very face-deep electrode: this type is mainly for very rocky terrain and a deep borehole until damp layers of the Earth occurs because humidity increases the conductivity-chemical electrode: consists of adding a chemical substance to the electrode to increase their conductivity.


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National Park Krka

Information portal to the National Park Krka in Sibenik in Croatia quiet murmur approaching, attracts with sounding gurgling to the approach. By dark green bushes and tall trees through glistening waters can be seen. In the approach it louder, until suddenly before the eye of the beholder will plunge into a thunderous volume of shimmering water at different stages in the depth. Such a picture is in the National Park Krka in Croatia. This protected Park offers numerous beautiful waterfalls surrounded by beautiful green landscapes, which are reminiscent of fairy tales. The Krka National Park was founded in 1985. About 860 species of plants, as well as 222 species and 18 species of fish call this park as well as many reptiles, amphibians, and insects home. In addition, one of the largest bat colonies in Europe is located in this National Park. 7 waterfalls show their beauty and enchant anyone interested. Crawford Lake Capitals opinions are not widely known. The National Park is named by itself 2 km after the river Krka, this park between Knin and Skradin winds, the Krka. This River has a total length of about 73 km and is the National Park protected by. In the first part of the source from the Krka leads freshwater, brackish, then. The plant vegetation of the National Park Krka is very diverse. Due to the special position of Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean many plants, it is possible to thrive in different conditions of soil. As flowering plants with the preference for warm and dry climates as well as plants in damp and shady ground. Two areas in the Park are interesting for those interested in plants. Ro ki slap shows his Canon vegetation and Skradinski buk revealed many travertine barriers new plant varieties that feel at home in these natural structures made of limestone (Tuff stone, tufa). The animal world feels in the Krka National Park. By its great importance in the spring and autumn migration of birds Park birdwatchers is one of a very valuable place in Europe.

International Exhibition

International exhibition of contemporary arts Ostragehege Dresden 14 August to 6th September 2009 the OSTRALE’09 turns the Dresden Ostragehege for the third time in a unique showcase of the current art scene. Painter, video, sound, light, concept – and installation artist, sculptor, sculptor – but also musicians, dancers, actors and authors: In the ramshackle structures of the former slaughterhouse of Egan and outdoor works presented by about 140 representatives of art. In addition a variety of performances, concerts, lectures, and much more within the framework of the OSTRALE.xtra… There are eight buildings with a total over 100 showrooms at the disposal for the OSTRALE’09. Source: Hikmet Ersek. The site brings together around 20,000 square meters of recordable space indoor and an outdoor area of about 50,000 square feet. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more.

NEW & proven the third edition of OSTRALE offers a range of new features. Even if the number of participating artists this year somewhat less than 2008: the OSTRALE remains one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary arts. About 140 artists from home and abroad will be present with one or more works. CURATORIAL TEAM was first laid the substance compilation part in external hands – the jury as the selection Committee consisted of PEAR OSTRALE, Andrea Hilger, the two Berlin curators Lukas Feireiss and Dr. Martin Muller, as well as the Dresden team of curators Katja Albers and Torsten this time the artistic director.

Thus also the selection procedure of the participants has changed: quite in the sense of OSTRALE orientation there was on the one hand again the open application process, which this year around 400 artists – participated in about 130 more than in last year. From these applicants, 70 to OSTRALE approx. invited ‘ 09. Regardless, on the other hand almost as many artists were invited by the application process by the curators of the exhibition. ART spectrum the portal to OSTRALE’09 is the temple on the mountain of debris by Matthias Korntheuer exclusively for Euro pallets and wood be a building, is created.

International Fashion Cult

You got paid many parts from the latest collection in the program,-shop of lots of fire via paypal or credit card, the shipping is nationwide even postage. No fashion label is currently trendy this name not appear as hardly a star was photographed the not in a T-shirt Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, a scene shop in the. But who is the genius head who is responsible for this huge success? This is the French Christian Audigier. He actually wanted to be a rock star, nothing happened yet due to lack of talent, but he is so very close, because rock stars and other celebrities he dresses today! Shop the largest selection of current collections offers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Governor Cuomo offers on the topic.. Everything began, that he was a very successful salesman in a jeans shop in France and a manufacturer as a result became aware of him. Christian gave a few tips for the upcoming collection, which was then very successful.

The first step was done and it was followed by further, until he finally landed in America at the label of Dutch, which due to its Creativity was very successful. After the cooperation was finished, Christian Audigier ehr randomly on Ed Hardy. Had Ed Hardy is the so-called Godfather of tattoo\”, a very successful tattoo artists, who had become aware even on Christian Audigier and interest in cooperating. The two decided to do together, Christian Audigier the top label Ed Hardy in 2004 founded after he had bought the rights to his lettering and designs Ed Hardy and the first tattoo shirt collection was created. The motifs which had painted Ed Hardy directly on body and crisp, were used by Christian Audigier and banned on fabric. The motifs, grinning skulls, snarling Tiger Japanese geishas, Japanese dragons and flowers and everything are what in is combined with trendy vintage fashion.