Successful Old Age

Keys for a successful old age was the title of a Conference that brought together experts on key issues concerning the challenge of older persons. Its conclusions we can draw material for reflection, and assume the corresponding commitment in our areas of influence. It is not possible to expect everything from the State or from organizations of civil society, by very worthy to be his work. It is necessary to involve starting with change of mentality to a fact that sooner or later we will have to face. The lucid task of the hero to sad submissive obedience is better. Enjoy more years of life represents for the biggest having more possibilities to continue maturing and learning. Able to share his time and experiences with younger generations and contribute to this knowledge society live accumulated over the years. Habits acquired throughout life, the way in which each one of us have care our own being (without prejudice to the appearance of certain inevitable diseases that will affect (significantly the quality of life) or satisfactory socio-affective relations are some of the key factors of positive aging.

Throughout the 20th century has tripled in European society the number of people over 65 years old making it necessary to plan for the future at the time that we have to give them the legitimate role in many decisions are taken. This progression is already more than arithmetic and more population aging, a more vulnerable population physically and socially. Many EU countries have evolved in terms of a model of residential independence, many seniors choose to live alone even though we still have family and informal support structures that offer to these people to resort to them in case of need. Not to mention the ghost of new families that do not have the elderly and relegate them to the action of the State, or altruistic institutions.