Zao Shodo Stories

Enterprises in the construction industry are usually several kinds of activity: manufacture and sale of products, providing services to third parties, construction and installation works. In addition, enterprises rather complicated calculation of wages, as it relates to the distribution of costs for various construction projects and nomenclature. Many problems have caused the definition of production costs, tax calculation and closing of the year. Recently Tulip Retail sought to clarify these questions. Record-keeping in such conditions is very difficult by hand, so many businesses use the construction industry automation systems business. Choosing Software product in the April 2003 guidance of house-building plant JSC “Shodo” (Serpukhov), headed by CEO Farid Salakhutdinova Akramovich (subordinates call him only as “ideas generator”), adopted decision to implement a new information system.

The main criterion for choosing the system, along with direct automated accounting is the ability to implement a flexible reporting system that allows analysis of all aspects of the enterprise. Learn more on the subject from James Woolsey. First, it was necessary to automate the basic operation of the production and accounting. This account of: – operations at the bank and cash * – basic and intangible assets – inventory – work in progress – settlements with advance holders – with mutual organizations – sales – manufacturing construction products – and payment of wages. Following the joint meetings of the IT professionals and management had decided to implement a software “1C: Production + Services + Accounts “and” 1C: Salary and Personnel..

Script Protection

Unfortunately, the development of e-business, like any other major commercial areas, can not avoid playing against the rules, as well as unfair competition. In a sense, ddos attack can be attributed to this. This term means 'Denial of Service', in this situation to maintain the web-resource. In fact, such an attack overloads a server in connection with the system hangs. With this method, you can eliminate the competition.

You can effortlessly calculate how much it sells a large Web resource will result in an easy hour. The amount will be quite large. At the moment demanded a favor protection of ddos. Strong protection is based on the principle of separation hazards. On their negative characteristics, as well as the consequences ddos attack can be divided into several types: – block the channel by using large packets with a non-existent addresses. There is a certain kind of clogging the channel, not allows registered users to log into web-resource. The best way to protect against ddos attacks, in this case is to have a sufficiently wide channel with good capacities – lower performance by the attack on the most 'sick' band – breaking attack aimed at the weakness of the software.

In this case it is necessary to systematically monitor the slightest changes in system configuration. That guard against this attack, we must apply a certain protection against ddos script attacks, which is only suitable for the attack, also helps to transfer files over ssh. To date, ddos attacks become a tool scam commissioned by eliminating competing sites. Security web site has a complex multi-level system consisting of a huge amount of detail. There are currently protected from attack by hosting, in addition Some ISPs give an initial level of protection. Of course, the detail of the mechanism of security is the firewall. With these funds, and external attacks, you can win valuable time and minimize losses, or completely avoid damage if dos attack was low. They also need to add new equipment and updated software.

Build A Career With Ease !

The legendary character is incredibly popular computer game – good-natured and bold Mario – is again ready to captivate you into a world full of adventure and danger. And the most skillful and successful players to award prizes and gifts. This charming character is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most recognizable video game character. According to research conducted in 1990, Mario was voted most popular video game character among children, and even walked on popularity of Mickey Mouse. Since birth in 1981 in a game for consoles developed by Nintendo, Mario immediately won the love of both gamers and those who had been indifferent to video games, and gained many fans.

Since the release of the first game with his participation, Mario managed to appear in more than 200 PC games of different genres – from sports and puzzle games to role-playing and fighting games. For nearly 30 years of its existence A series of games involving Mario has become a real bestseller has sold over 285 million copies of the game. Mario grew up, and computer games have evolved all the faster. Age of gaming consoles is gone, and Mario was able to perfectly fit into the game by using modern technology. Now so popular flash animation done that, "a charming man in the prime years of" more vigorous, swift and agile. And we suggest you see this! For the first time brought before us in the form of a clever carpenter, Mario changed his line and retrained in the builder. Change the profession he had due to the fact that the creators of a large database of manufacturers and suppliers of construction equipment, materials and equipment, decided to entertain their clients and help them recover what carefree time, when computer games brought so much joy and pleasure.

It was decided to place online game developer in subjects with the beloved Mario. The rules have remained unchanged, and added a coloring game entourage construction: and obstacles, which overcomes the main character, and background, and look Mario (the new version of the game, he was named Career) – all couched in the same style. By the way, the new name for the character was chosen by chance. For now serious business people aimed at building a successful career (such as the majority of site visitors and customers) can not only find a reference and information online catalog to find the necessary information and business partner, but also make a pleasant respite. Career help relax and rejuvenate, and, of course, just lift your spirits – and so will prepare you for the new labor exploits. To add participants to the game courage and passion, the organizers set up prizes for the most clever and lucky players careerists. The main prize of September – a laptop, and another 9 lucky winners will be presented with the remarkable construction tools. Build a Career effortlessly! Use the guide to success!