Original Sector

In short, they are sensations that hardly can be explained but I am going to try trasladaros some of those tremors. You will see, I very very very analyze the writing and fodder that or has a foolish conception than it is east type of work of procedure analysis or is a suit to size for determining and preconceiving consultant profile, specialized vertical and deeply in the sector of the re-engineering and, simultaneously, in the sector of specific activity of the company at issue. I ask myself again: what means or what it is the re-engineering of processes? On the other hand, it is as if it was requested what is going away to do and how it is going away to do (and even the results that is going away to obtain). No, you watch, I am going to him to say what is what it is due to do but how is my to know how to do, my competitive difference and I do not want there to enter. The profile of the work party is defined, in agreement, but limiting of a form this professional silhouette emigrates, that is what it confuses to me excessively. Add to your understanding with Andrew Cuomo.

More ahead, one clarifies in the criteria objectives that will be appraised a high percentage of the total score the experience in the sector in specific. Frankly, these poles are excessive and totally absolutist, even excluding. Other aspects of the licitation exist that generate doubts to me more than reasonable about professional kindness in the conception of project, but that I am not going to insert not to extend this article. I will review my thoughts as far as the re-engineering of processes, the continuous improvement, the financial re-engineering, etc. is not going to be that it finds me noticeably out of phase. In short, I will collaborate in the writing of the supply, will propose that is said what is what it is going away to do and we are excessively rcanos in saying how. I will transfer the result to you of the licitation and if they grant it to us or if they do not grant it to us and why, at least that we learn all of this experience.