Charities Aid Foundation

The tithe and the Tao of the money in the same manner as the service and prayer are common in all religions, also is it the practice of tithing. While every form is different, give a percentage of income to a noble cause is still an act of worship for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. And like other religious ideas, the tithe has also found a place in the movement of the new era among people seeking a new relationship with money. Compared with the average of less than one per cent of the average monthly wage charitable donations, according to Charities Aid Foundation a tithe of ten percent or more, may represent a great leap of faith to the donor. Given freely, any donation of money or of any kind, benefits to the receiver. But to make a donation of money until the invoices are paid, suggests it how the tithe can benefit the donor beyond fiscal incentives offered by charity donations.

Share a percentage of our income without knowledge of how the rest will be used for our needs, opens us to the possibility that the divine is the source of our provision. As people that decimate have cast and it seems that it can not be proven other differently tithe develops our awareness of divinity, whatever the name with which we call grace, the law of harmony, or the Tao. The money the idol of idols in the world in the way, is the only thing in which we have invested more fear. Without the us can we die of hunger, losing our House, and what is worse, until losing the head. In fact, anyone who is our vision of the world, our cause, or the Apple of discord, we believe that money is the only thing that can solve our problems. In our world, money has become the idol of idols.