UMH Foundation

By virtue of their status as member of the Foundation, the company has moved its headquarters to the scientific Park and business of the UMH aiming to enhance the synergies between the two entities through joint projects and teamwork, aspects which aim to give value to each initiative to develop. Since the Quorum Foundation promotes and supports the creation of knowledge and technology-based companies in a comprehensive way. Through the INIZIA program, developed by the same support services to entrepreneurs before the start-up of your company, are offered to support the start of your activity and your growth. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc offer similar insights. DirectiveSoft bring their experience and knowledge to this project through the creation of businesses spin-off to its around to find the first one back in its initial stage. The Science Park and business of UMH, for its part, is an organisation managed by specialized professionals, whose main objective is to increase the wealth of their community by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of companies and knowledge-generating institutions associated with or installed on the Park.

As part of the Foundation and the Business Park, the company is imbued with values that cover the first, thereby enhancing further, if possible, its commitment to innovation, development and research, aspects that are in the progress of the company and the community in general. DirectiveSoft, as a member of the Quorum Foundation, is identified with the mission that is summarized in boost, boost and produce research. From this union and interaction will seek to achieve the mutual enrichment, for which each of the parties will make its contribution towards the common objectives. . directivesoft. is Blogs related Resume Writing Career, College and Scholarship Information Peace Talks to Resume in Israel, Clinton to Meet With Netanyahu craft Consultoria in network company and the life cycle of a Ministry of health temporarily closing the UNISAL S.A company Netlinux: the company’s an entrepreneur Rocky General Daily SME