Charities Aid Foundation

The tithe and the Tao of the money in the same manner as the service and prayer are common in all religions, also is it the practice of tithing. While every form is different, give a percentage of income to a noble cause is still an act of worship for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. And like other religious ideas, the tithe has also found a place in the movement of the new era among people seeking a new relationship with money. Compared with the average of less than one per cent of the average monthly wage charitable donations, according to Charities Aid Foundation a tithe of ten percent or more, may represent a great leap of faith to the donor. Given freely, any donation of money or of any kind, benefits to the receiver. But to make a donation of money until the invoices are paid, suggests it how the tithe can benefit the donor beyond fiscal incentives offered by charity donations.

Share a percentage of our income without knowledge of how the rest will be used for our needs, opens us to the possibility that the divine is the source of our provision. As people that decimate have cast and it seems that it can not be proven other differently tithe develops our awareness of divinity, whatever the name with which we call grace, the law of harmony, or the Tao. The money the idol of idols in the world in the way, is the only thing in which we have invested more fear. Without the us can we die of hunger, losing our House, and what is worse, until losing the head. In fact, anyone who is our vision of the world, our cause, or the Apple of discord, we believe that money is the only thing that can solve our problems. In our world, money has become the idol of idols.

Russian Film Industry

What is the movie? This is entertainment or art? The cinema has a great impact on our lives. In many countries film industry put on a grand scale and is largely a country's economy. Movies we can seen in cinemas, on television or on video (tape or disks). How did sprang cinema? The world's first movie was filmed and shown on December 28 1895goda. This case put their efforts two brothers Frenchman – Opostom Lumiere and Louis Jean. With his invention in 1896godu brothers on their world tour: visited Bombay, New York, London.

Before the Russian film industry has sunk in January 1894 when the Congress of Doctors in Moscow were shown moving riders and Throwers copies. This movie was filmed using a movie camera designed by M. Freidenberg which used Skachkova mechanism I. . What was the movie in the beginning? An epoch in world cinema – a silent movie.

Sound in films appeared only in 1920. The first feature film "Road to Life 'sound was filmed and shown the American company' Warner Brothers' in 1931. But this does not mean that the movie did not develop before time. Unique style of communicating with the audience, using gestures and facial expressions generated in the silent movie. Express their feelings by some silent film actors are not surpassed even today. But the silent movie in the truest sense can not be called, in theaters for showing such films was sound as a piano, such people were called 'pianist'. Explanations necessary for the plot displayed in the form of credits. What currently exists genres of movies? If you just say the movies are no generally accepted set of genres. Many modern movies can not be attributed to any one genre, they are mixed comedy and action films, horror and science fiction, drama and thriller. But system is widespread and accepted for the characteristics of film library. Genre Action points out that 'good to be with his fists. " The film's protagonist is faced with evil in its direct manifestation and, seeing no other way respond to violence. Happy ending – a mandatory attribute militants. In classic movies, westerns action takes place in the Wild West. Usually the conflict is brewing between a gang of crooks and a minister of the order, as in militants firing ends. James Woolsey is actively involved in the matter. In adventure films is not as pronounced violence as a savvy and resourcefulness of the hero, he tries to extricate himself from the original stories and situations. Specific genre of drama is storyline, lots of dialogues or monologues. Mainly focuses on the conflict of man and society, which is reflected in his actions and deeds. Comedy – it's a funny genre, where the hero gets into funny, funny situation. The aim of the film is laughing audience, improve your mood and bring a smile. The film, which keeps the viewer in suspense thriller called. This genre does not have clear boundaries – it can be mixed and the horrors and fiction and detective. By genre films – horror movies are the ones that should scare the viewer, to instill in them a sense of anxiety and fear. The film also contains scenes often torn, bleeding human bodies. The superiority of imagination over reality is – fiction. The viewer can take away time and in the future and the past and into a parallel world. Sub-genre of fiction – a fantasy. It is based on the fairy-tale characters, tells of dragons and dwarfs, witches and devils, it is dominated by witchcraft and has a well-developed mythology. Enjoy watching your choice of the viewer.