If you're a fan of unconventional holiday and invite friends to sauna (possibly even a variation of the presence of men, if all of you have husbands or regular partners and all company is familiar, friendly and pleasant to each other). Ethical standards in this case can be safely ignored. Wrapped from the collarbone to his knees in the bed sheets ladies and bare-chested men resemble assembly patricians, than sex orgy on the beach, people go to each other in a naked form, but this is not a soul in our protest. In the steam room to walk in groups of interest. Western Union oftentimes addresses this issue. The only problem – the pool. Here it anywhere do not get to, but many of my friends married couples, lovers and sauna baths, take place Swimwear, so as not to embarrass those present, though, as they say, there are "nudiruyuschie" estestvolyuby.

Even once I had a kazusny time, which put me into a blind alley. My ex-friend, a great lover couple, attracted to his passion for his entire company. The husband of one of the "club members" was a sailor and, in principle, rarely seen. See more detailed opinions by reading what Yitzhak Mirilashvili offers on the topic.. Once he took with him, he was ecstatic. It took about 3 years and we met by chance on my work. I did not recognize him, and when he said apologetically, that I do not remember him, he was wide open, joyful eyes said very loudly: "Light, as well as, well, remember we're in bath go. " The staff were perplexed, and I was in a terrible embarrassment.

Game Console

Table height – 72.8 cm (At this height provides a smooth transition from table tops with MDF (collection PRESIDENT) Game Console with glass tops). As the pillars of the metal frame used round steel legs 76mm in diameter. The front panels on metal tables, metal perforated sheets. Cover – silver enamel. The top shelf cupboards are made from MDF 25 mm thick and covered with foil for work surfaces on the technology "Postforming." The remaining elements are made of chipboard – bearing elements with thickness 25mm, other – 18 mm. Drawers are mounted on roller guides. All mobile cabinets are locked drawers with central lock. Cabinets are mounted on roller bearings.

Cabinets, shelves and wardrobes have a height of 79.2 cm (low), 146.4 cm (average) and 213.6 cm (High). Width – 45.2 cm (narrow) and 90.4 cm (wide). Cabinets fitted with metal legs height 12cm., Legs are square section. Legs adjustable racks – for installation, taking into account irregularities of the floor. Cabinet doors from chipboard or glass.

Glass doors are made of frosted or tinted glass (color – bronze) in the special profile of silver. Songs collected in a single cabinet bottom and are covered with decorative panels top one top, made from MDF 25 mm thick and covered with foil for work surfaces on the technology "Postforming." On each side of the composition of cabinets locked decorative side panels. The collection is provided minibar – a case with built-in fridge (used only for cooling). On the composition of low cabinet width 135.6 cm can be mounted shelving with glass shelves. Glass mat, the thickness of 8mm. Your work optimally planned space, office equipment is the most convenient, everything is at hand – a mirror, reflecting all the traits of modern business. Office furniture in the future – a wide range of artificial leather and hardwood, elastic strap. Great design is based on a combination of classic and hard rock, elastic remnem.Velikolepny design based on a combination of classic and comfortable. The presence of contemporary furniture and discreet.