Fill Monolithic Strip Foundation

Strip foundations, the most frequently used form the foundation for private dwellings. Apply it to be pretty lightweight structures and on soils with a high density (on the grounds of concern is the cost unnecessarily.) There are several types of tape bases: from the blocks, solid reinforced concrete, and hybrid monolithic block, or monolithic-brick, they can be recessed – 50-130cm, and melkozaglublennymi – 30-40cm. In appearance concrete strip foundation is uninterrupted feed “in consequence of that and got its name,” going around the outline of buildings including a load-bearing internal walls. Of these species, most practical and in demand is reinforced concrete, it is about him and we are told in this article. Works on the basement starts with marking and digging of the pit. Thredup addresses the importance of the matter here.

Minimum trench depth depends primarily on three reasons: the stiffness of soil freezing depth, weight and future home, most often it is about 70cm. The width of the trench under the wall thickness of the stone should be 50cm. At the bottom of the pit poured sand cushion 15cm thick and thoroughly compacted. Reinforcement of monolithic strip foundation runs as follows. Knit reinforcing frame of the rod cross section of 10-12mm on a pre-placed bricks in the following order. Contact information is here: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Bricks are laid on the bottom two with the rod distance from the wall 5-7cm, thereafter, at intervals of 40 cm tie beams and vertical supports to them (not reaching the base of the upper edge 5-7cm) long tie both of the upper rod and fasten them together transverse. To build a wooden formwork take edged inch board. Advance to cobble together the necessary size billboards bearing in mind that the upper part of the foundation should be at least 30 centimeters, then knock together at the place, a whole box.

All formwork shall be well secured. Concrete for the monolithic foundation you can cook on site, or to place an order with a mixer from the factory. The latter is much preferable to firstly the quality of the concrete above and, more importantly, so you can fill the entire basement in one day, which is essential for the entire foundation of the fortress. Concrete is poured to the point of the horizon, on the wrong side panels, pressed and shelter roofing. Taken for the construction of the walls can be 15-20 days, but in practice it is done within 2-3 days after pouring.