Western Union

I've already written the prices for trips to Phuket. If the price of steel is about the same for Thailand, the cost of taxis varies from region, as I have already written too. For these themes you can create your daily budget for entertainment and travel. Shopping and suveniring Many people complain to me that in Thailand, has absolutely nothing to buy, however, arrived with one suitcase, why buy something extra;) Subject fathomless as the budget for it. More information to calculate the cost and find out what their driven Thailand, you can review the best souvenirs of Thailand. After all, they are sold everywhere: in streets, shopping malls, but for the lazy also on the beach, you can shopitsya without leaving the deck chairs.

Entertainment and nightlife Nightlife and entertainment are different. Someone enough to walk on the beach, go to a restaurant right on the sand, and some require night clubs, discos, bars and shows. To know more about this subject visit Hikmet Ersek. Perhaps the boys' fun details, I will describe at another time, as well as tell you about the discos in Phuket. Hamdi Ulukaya may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Today we are speaking about the budget. In pubs, discos and nightclubs in Thailand input, usually free or shareware fee.

Many discos are barkers with flyers for free admission. If, however, entrance fee, and next one to be seen, the cost of the ticket to a night club that something is included: alcoholic or soft drink. And in some cases, the entrance to the disco just pay and do not include any beverages. The cost of drinks in bars and nightclubs depends on the popularity and scale of facilities, from 80 baht for a bottle of beer or soft drink 250 baht for an exotic cocktail. Each bar strive to attract visitors, so do not do without discounts, happy hour and promotion, in Russian saying, 'happy hours', when the shares are '2-for-one drink', or the cost of some short-drinks, For example, tequila or vodka for a low price – Cheaper by the Dozen. Very interesting Thai tradition that is almost not found in tourist areas – bring your own alcohol and have a night club book refreshments. In resort areas, or are not allowed to bring your own alcohol, or charge a fee "for opening a bottle 'in the region of 500 baht. The situation with the exact same restaurants. These are approximate costs on holiday in Thailand. Believe me, there, where to spend money, the sea and an ocean of opportunities of temptation. Since fading away the myth that Thailand is a cheap country. For 10 days you can easily spend $ 7,000 per person, and we can restrict $ 700. Be sure to lay in its contingency budget. If you run out of money on holiday in Thailand – not a problem. Bank of Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya), a dense network covering the entire country, will help you with this. In any yellow Bank of Ayutthaya exchanger you can get a transfer system Western Union, and recently this service is provided and Bangkok Bank. What do I need? The person who takes your money from another country, should come to any home office Western Union with a passport, fill out a form with your name and passport number, in the direction of translation can restrict the region such as Thailand, Phuket. Then he sends you smskoy secret number assigned to the translation, and the amount of your passport data. After half an hour you can get a translation in these exchangers. Do not forget your passport. Before asking questions on the site or write me an email, please read the FAQ.

Charter Flight

We buy one or the other tour, not least focusing on its value. And the price of the tour depends on which method implements the air tour operator. Charter (no scheduled service) are considerably cheaper cost of leisure. It is a fact. So, to fly or not fly charter? To this question will almost Hamlet somehow responsible. So, let's talk about the pros and cons of charter flights. Between scheduled and charter flights there is quite a big difference. First, regular flights are typically performed by large airlines.

Occupancy of the plane does not play almost no role, ie, in the cabin and can fly two passengers – all flight still takes place. Service on scheduled flights and includes dinner with alcoholic beverages, and the press, and much else. Also, choosing a scheduled flight, you can buy a ticket just to one side, keep an eye on his place in the cabin one of the three classes rely on discounts, etc. In short, unpleasant surprises are likely, will not. But why do most of our tourists still prefer to charter? The answer is simple. The cost of a ticket on a charter flight often 2-3 times cheaper than regular. It is because of this huge benefits tourists are willing to endure inconvenience associated with the charter.

What are the disadvantages of charter? First of all, it is inconvenient and time of departure flight delays. All this is explained by the fact that the planes had to catch the "window" between scheduled flights. Equally important is the weather. If, for example, regular flights delayed due to bad weather conditions, the charter can therefore stay for a few hours. Because many charter flights fly "shuttle" method, ie bring some tourists and immediately pick up the others, most often you will be able to fly back exactly 7, 10 or 14 days (depending on the duration of your tour.) However, the most popular destinations (Turkey, for example) a lot of charters, and the date of his return can be corrected. Service on board too often far from ideal. Only on a few charter flights, you will be offered food and drinks. This should be considered, starting, for example, on vacation with children. Now on to the popular myths concerning the charter flights. Of course, Many of them had a real basis, associated with confusion in the tourist business, who was present at the dawn of the domestic market of tourist services. But, fortunately, much time has passed, and modern tour operators try to conform to international standards of tourist service, including in the field of air transportation. So today the talk about the fact that charters are made on the "crumbling" airplanes, to put it mildly, not correspond to reality. For charter flights using aircraft and major airlines – such as "Aeroflot". Yes, and private scheduled and charter companies are trying to win a good reputation by expanding its fleet and concluding with the travel agencies of a cooperation agreement. For any self-respecting tour operator choose the air carrier – a very serious point of affecting the reputation and profits. Therefore, buying a round, try to rely solely on a reliable company – as a tour operator or airline. Then the charter flight will not disappoint you.