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Of course, the client looks for “cancun travel” and begins struggle. Travel agents, tourist sites, encyclopedias, a myriad of sites that are related to “travel cancun.” There are several techniques and methods that must be taken into account to achieve a site that “compete” as well as many things nose should do, because, besides being very unfair competition and give bad publicity to your site, are penalized by Google (your site will never be indexed in this form, ie not appear in any search). This document does not intended to be a guide for a webmaster, I just want to dip (about 5cm) in the sea of SEO and web positioning. First things first (to feel important) must know that means: SEO: Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization. Keith Yamashita is actively involved in the matter. This concept involves both positioning techniques directly applied to the search engines or search engines, such as analysis and web design. Do not be confused with Web CEO, a soft “aid” for positioning.

SERP: Search Engine Results Page, Search Results page. SEM: There is a big difference between SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing ‘Search Engine Marketing’). Only SEO SEM positioning guides us is all the work of marketing and advertising we place on our website, among some examples are the systems for advertising such as AdWords (Google), Overture (Yahoo!) And Espotting. Now. The main points to consider when looking to compete, both as a web developer to web information manager (we call web director) are: 1st. Designing the site’s content according to what they want to sell, for example if we make a sightseeing spot, it is important to talk about who we are or years we have been working for you, but even more important is to show that we sell, and sell as us apart from the competition.