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The use of computer-aided design has also contributed to the development of new and innovative shaving machines which have allowed Gillette capture greater market share. Technological change is one of the main promoters of the competition. It offers the ability to innovate and establishing a change in the sector of work, as well as the creation of new sectors and the incursion of new competitive markets. The relationship between technological change and competition tends to be misinterpreted. It usually means that technological change is valuable by itself; It is believed that any technological change will help the company, but is not at all true. It’s believed that Steph Korey sees a great future in this idea. Technological change is not significant by itself, but important to the extent that it falls on the competitive advantage.

Not all the technological changes are strategically beneficial; Some may worsen the competitive position of a company and the appeal of a sector. High technology does not guarantee profitability. However, technology assistance or benefits to the value chain of a company, since it extends beyond the technologies directly associated with the product. SAP Business One as a real-world example Systems, Applications and Projects (systems applications and product) for over 30 years, SAP solutions have helped companies of all sizes to improve their competitiveness through automation and optimisation of your business processes. With 10 million users, more than 60. 100 installations of software, thousand partners and 23 sectoral solutions, SAP has a long list of clients that includes small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as major multinational companies. All the tools you need the small to medium enterprise. With SAP Business One, both managers and employees have greater access and more effective to timely and reliable information, thus allowing them make better business decisions. Thanks to its offer of a wide range of features and functions, SAP Business One provides all the necessary tools to lead a prosperous and growing, company including: management: Customizes and makes backup copies of the data quickly, thus defining types of currency exchange, permissions and alerts, and accessing information from non-SAP software.