LAS Solution Convinced Not Only At Saving Energy

Safe handling of valuable energy safe handling of valuable energy is atop the agenda at Immobilenverwaltern, owners and tenants. “The Gebhardt & Thelen GmbH & real estate from Meiningen goes even further and calls, when it comes to energy consumption in your own four walls, the mature tenants”. As a young, dynamic company the personal needs of our tenants are particularly close to the heart”, explains Michael Thelen, one of two managing directors of Gebhardt & Thelen, and therefore sets GmbH, the billing providers from Leipzig in terms of energy efficiency since the beginning of 2009 the cooperation with the LAS. State of the art testing is used to visualize the exact energy consumption for heating and water continuously in the LAS customer portal. “Our target is every tenant in order to offset, to decide when and how much it consumes energy, and that’s only if he can check its individual consumption at any time”, emphasizes Michael Thelen. Read more from Rob Daley to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The active use of the LAS customer portal also facilitates the work of apartment management. The testing provides accurate readings at your fingertips, without having to disturb the tenants in their privacy. All values are stored and available at all times. This saves time when creating the invoicing and sustainably increases their quality. “For Michael Thelen a real competitive advantage”. But also for the future vacancy management, the benefits of the hand are. An immediate information for errors, failures or leakages is carried out through the activation of alarm functions. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has much experience in this field. “Was important for Michael Thelen in deciding on the use of the read method that it is an open system” is, it can be extended at any time.

As a medium-sized company, we are looking for partners who dominate their business, but also innovative and are always looking for more values for their customers. “LAS precisely at the same time, what we need offers us safety and innovations”, emphasizes Michael Thelen and is looking forward to the new projects with the LAS GmbH. She read GmbH, headquartered in Leipzig is a nationwide service provider of supply and real estate industry. The product portfolio of LAS GmbH includes both sectors equally billing and collection services as well as consulting and solution development. Many years of market experience and high degree of innovation guarantee services and product developments with added value. LAS GmbH I solutions sympathetic Alexandra Wilmsmann