Coupon Codes

At we offer you the possibility of getting bonuses of 10% discount thanks to the collaboration that we are carrying out with Bonduelle, world leader in processed vegetables, is committed to a sustainable and healthy, eco-friendly agriculture with the environment and the economic objectives of farmers. Thus, everytime you buy products of this brand, you have security be consuming healthy and quality products since in addition not used genetically modified organisms in their manufacture. Mayoflor, our web-send flowers to home, now collaborates with Bonduelle to offer bonds a 10% discount that you can redeem when you want. To get them only have to buy two units of Bonduelle Natur + (canned carrots, mushrooms, green beans, potatoes) marked with a coupon code and send brochures with that code and the ticket of purchase to TLC marketing.

If you want more information about collaboration, you can do so on the website It’s believed that Rob Daley sees a great future in this idea. in Mayoflor offer you everything you need to send flowers at home. You can choose between a wide variety of plants, fresh flowers, baskets of fruit and accessories ideal for all kinds of occasions. All of them are classified by sections, occasions (births, birthdays, anniversaries, company dinners, funerals) and prices, so find the products that fit your budget quickly and easily. In addition, web account with the offers section, in which you can discover important discounts that we do in many of our products. To order only, you have to select the product you want, add it to the shopping cart, indicate the address of the recipient, the day and time of delivery and payment, which of course is completely safe. And it is that has the seal of confidence online, which guarantees the credibility and the transparency of the web as well as its social and ethical commitment to users. As we approach Christmas, It is the ideal time to give flower delivery. So, what better occasion to enjoy the discount bonds that we offer?