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Clearly know the philosophy that does not have the natural origin. Aristotle says nobody is philosopher by nature. What then is the discernment? When he replied: the wisdom of the soul is the provision relating to what is just. As additional analysis, the victory of PERELMAN, the latter informs us that Plato shows a clear preference for a concept of Justice which is founded in otherness, unlike Aristotle, who prefers to indicate corrective justice as an expression of the virtue of competition, such as equity (here), and the mercy and generosity. Read more here: Andrew Cuomo. Is evident that PERELMAN, the defence of corrective justice Aristotelian positions instead of Platonic, saying: in the debate between Plato and Aristotle, do not hesitate to put me on the side of Aristotle. Because if there is thirty-five years, I had the courage to write that philosophy is the systematic study of the confusing concepts, the concept of Justice is that it seems to best illustrate this argument. PERELMAN justify the foundation of Justice as consensus by two assumptions: the implicit and collective consensus, and indirect consensus, by the authority.

As a practical way to resolve must resort to them dialectical reasoning (although already the influence of logic), for Aristotle, in contrast with the analytical reasoning (which applies to pure rational in the exact sciences). Chobani Refugees has much experience in this field. In the words of PERELMAN, dialectical reasoning: to discard certain decisions as unreasonable, but they almost never get displayed in a controversy that the desired solution is the only reasonable. There is a conclusion drawn from the differences, the dialectical method is influenced by Aristotelian logic, in order to allow the deduction of hypothesis about justice to obtain the best image or not HUMBERTO ECO PERELMAN, however, I believe that similar principles of justice there’s mathematical principles which, if implemented, would lead to solutions always just. Even reality shows. In an attempt to explain what is happening, the OCe emphasizes rhetoric as a mode of deposit of argumentative techniques, already tested and assimilated by the social body (code solutions), another method would be the rhetorical technique Gerate, would have a last way to study the General conditions suasorio of expression.