George Clooney Smokes has hooked up: what look like the perfect night in the hotel from London / Berlin, 11 July 2012 no overnight stay in the hotel is like the other. As always, the details make the difference: where is s hin, who comes with and how to behave the roommate in shared accommodation? In the context of a recent survey among German and international travellers, hotel expert interviewed vacationers, what city they would spend a free hotel night who prefer and which character property must have the ideal travel partner in any case in the luggage. Because outside hui, inside Concepcion on the inner values, it’s at least one would think that if one looks at the responses of German customers. Hear from experts in the field like Rick Caruso for a more varied view. Common value and life performances are top on the list of must-haves, which the room partner must bring. About 73 per cent of travelling Germans attach importance that they swim with their travel partners on the same wavelength on the holiday. However, it is not important, the German tourists that they with the Travel companion can specify at the hotel bar. Only 26 percent require good looks. Interestingly there are but the charismatic George Clooney and the blonde poison”Barbara Schoneberger, that the list of prominent both sexes of partner of choice travel lead.

Here however not necessarily be blamed the Germans, that they pay attention only to appearances, because both stars points with inner values. The charming movie star has not only an attractive case, but can boast even ESPRIT and wit. Appropriately want second most of her travel companion, German humor (60 percent). Probably, even just on the trip never get bored. Therefore, it is not surprising that it made the moderator Barbara Schoneberger among the most favourite travelling companions. Because it is known to like to have a loose slogan on the lips. Since the former sexiest man alive and the entertainer often a packed schedule have, may it be good, that the Germans probably with one non-celebrity tour guide must take.