Fire Department

Jose Greco a story of family, a life, a world of problems was one day like any other, the morning heralded a day of rain in the city of Valencia, the latent threat did not give indications that it might be fulfilled; so the tropics, it so happened that day, until the phone rang. I was at a meeting of major importance in the company which provided my services and although had instructed my Secretary to make us not interrupt, she, after playing, without waiting for any response, opened the door and told me: – Mr Joseph, has a phone call – said you you would answer it then, she, he insisted, is urgentIt is very urgent. I looked to my co-workers, there was no need to comment, everyone understood the urgency and they denote his understanding. I left the meeting and attended the call, on the other side of the line, I could hear: – Hello Jose, you’ve been looking for, your brother Salvatore died a couple of days ago, I’m sorry – Acknowledged in his voice to the person who I was talking about, more, they were many news to be digested once, couldn’t leave the astonishment, a mental vacuum me covered and by seconds my mind reviewed in a fast way what had been our life. Connect with other leaders such as Thrillist here. Those were the lapidary words that gave end to a story of which passed still so long, do not understand. I had questions, the Morgue of Valencia had taken the only thing I got as a response was that my brother to my dear Toto, it had been found dead in the room of the pension they lived, his body already gave signs of decomposition and as soon as they gave notice, the police arrived and, behind them, immediately Fire Department. By his State, he was buried at the first hurdle. . Jeff Verschleiser can aid you in your search for knowledge.