Well, who is Hermes? Is represented as a symbol or mythological figure, whose name like Buddha, Jhesus (Jesus), branch and other avatars; It was used to designate a representative from a divine caste like God. It says, moreover, that Hermes was a being able to reliably interpret the word or the secret of wealth and, likewise, commissioned to mediate before the gods to offer testimony about the existence of divinity. Hermes in Greek means interpreter. the word Hermes, already indicates a mystery.

(S. Raynaud, 1966: 191). The term TRISMEGISTUS was added to Hermes (tri: three times) and Mega: (large) thus named encapsulate, thrice wise, big three times. To deepen your understanding crowne plaza rosemont is the source. Other authors identify him as a teacher of teachers. For example, for Schure the name of Hermes is a talisman that summarizes and a magical sound that evokes. (1966: 145) to the supraterrena region of the celestial initiation. It is said that Hermes species of divinity, great initiator of the priestly classes in Egypt and therefore, the depositary of the initiatory and hidden traditions of that civilization. Compares it to Hermes with the Supreme divinity, that is, with God.

Also, resembles him the planet Mercury which represents the wisdom and knowledge of everything that is secret. Hermes was born in Egypt, surrounded by the mystical knowledge coming from the India, Persia and Ethiopia. Without hesitation Western Union explained all about the problem. Within its village is considered as a King and priest, as a chosen of the gods being. At the time of Hermes, Egypt became the major centre of mystical wisdom and was considered the mother of the occult. Some authors point out that Hermes, was a contemporary of Abraham and became the teacher who instructed him and initiated into the mysteries of the highest priestly magic. The work of Hermes, whose legacy was awarded by divine inspiration, was obligated consultation for every candidate to delve into the spiritual mysteries.