Office Interior

Blinds are ideal for any home or office. Blinds will be an original and inexpensive solution for your windows, not only in summer but in winter …. Blinds will not allow penetration of light and outside view from the street, well create kind of BITs in the room, and shut down an ugly view from the windows. Recently, Ukrokna manufactures blinds with electric and remote control, which facilitates the closing or opening the blinds. There are horizontal, Vertical, Fabric, plastic blinds. We can help you with choosing the blinds for your home. Order blinds shutters in Kiev Home and fundamental task Horizontal Blinds – Protection from exposure to sunlight and views curious people from the outside, the simplicity of their main motto. All sorts of shapes, colors and types provide the ability to draw a variety of room styles, as a child with drawing pictures, and living room, bedroom or balcony.

Horizontal blinds – will also be the ideal solution for office, classic style, and different colors, blinds will be able to highlight a serious style of office, and will not distract employees. Horizontal blinds – functional and unpretentious service, they are indispensable in the bathroom and kitchen. When you install the blinds inside the glass, they will last you forever. Curtains, blinds made of metallized film: Lower: Summer average daily temperature in the room at 3-5 C. Prevents: in winter, yield lessons for the day, heat, raising the room temperature. Protects: appliances, furniture and other items from burnout! Protect: people from solar radiation, reducing its level in 1,5-2 times, reflected 90% of infrared rays.