The British Museum

For example, one of the undisputed gems of the collection of the British Museum the famous Parthenon marbles, otherwise known as Elgin marbles, marble frieze of the Parthenon tape and so on, these Masterpieces are not a simple story, they tried to steal and destroy, but has survived some of these masterpieces of ancient Greece. Great Greek sculptors, creating the masterpieces, have used marble because of its durability and comfort processing. And to this day, marble sculptures of Aphrodite and Apollo, pleasing to the eye connoisseurs of culture. And how rich history all the same ancient Rome: Near Arch of Septimius Severus, archaeologists have found something like a cave, closed black marble, and inside it – the foundations of some pedestals and columns. For example, an area of Victor Emmanuel in the ancient wall of a building constructed a highly original memorial. On a marble slab, which is guarded by two puzatenkih monster, which then smashed kabbalistic signs. An ancient legend says that one who will solve them, will get a very simple formula for making gold in unlimited amounts. Many people in past centuries tried to decipher a mysterious inscription, but to no avail.

Granite – a natural raw material, which is why it is so often used nowadays, because now it has become fashionable to use all natural, natural raw materials, natural fabrics and the like. Wabash National Corporation may find this interesting as well. The interior of the granite used for the walls, stairs, as practiced in the interior of granite products, fireplaces, granite countertops, columns, and so. Finish and granite products Granite creates interior in the style of antiquity, which, depending on the ideas may become warm and cozy, maybe a cold and mysterious. People are accustomed to historical articles from granite to the extent that they do not notice them, because they surround us on all sides. He is under our feet when we walk with the children, with friends or delirium in pensive solitude on numerous bridges and embankments of our people, beautiful architecture, the Russian cities. A because, for example, granite is made Alexander Column on Palace Square in St. Petersburg.

A pillar made from a single piece of granite, and yet its height is 25.6 meters in diameter, 3, 66 meters. This Mahina weighs about 600 tons. Alexandria post anything not fixed and it costs only because of its severity and the unwavering power of the granite base. Established a colony of 30 August 1832. In 2002 it celebrated 170 years. I think it will live up to its Bicentennial in 2032. So long longevity, it is obliged to his Majesty the granite on which we pay so little attention, and which is so much beneath our feet, but which serves as a decoration during the whole of our lives, from the granite finish building the hospital, before reminiscent sadness granite monument in the cemetery. Imagination and ideas of modern designers and architects have practically no boundaries, they invent and create a variety of original patterns and on the granite slabs, "open" this natural material for an increasing number of products and finishing areas, creating an unparalleled interiors in homes, restaurants and so on. Sturdy granite and marble – Raw Materials perfectly well past the test of time.

Office Interior

Blinds are ideal for any home or office. Blinds will be an original and inexpensive solution for your windows, not only in summer but in winter …. Blinds will not allow penetration of light and outside view from the street, well create kind of BITs in the room, and shut down an ugly view from the windows. Recently, Ukrokna manufactures blinds with electric and remote control, which facilitates the closing or opening the blinds. There are horizontal, Vertical, Fabric, plastic blinds. We can help you with choosing the blinds for your home. Order blinds shutters in Kiev Home and fundamental task Horizontal Blinds – Protection from exposure to sunlight and views curious people from the outside, the simplicity of their main motto. All sorts of shapes, colors and types provide the ability to draw a variety of room styles, as a child with drawing pictures, and living room, bedroom or balcony.

Horizontal blinds – will also be the ideal solution for office, classic style, and different colors, blinds will be able to highlight a serious style of office, and will not distract employees. Horizontal blinds – functional and unpretentious service, they are indispensable in the bathroom and kitchen. When you install the blinds inside the glass, they will last you forever. Curtains, blinds made of metallized film: Lower: Summer average daily temperature in the room at 3-5 C. Prevents: in winter, yield lessons for the day, heat, raising the room temperature. Protects: appliances, furniture and other items from burnout! Protect: people from solar radiation, reducing its level in 1,5-2 times, reflected 90% of infrared rays.

Cork Floors

Floors made of cork and have attractive appearance. The original picture tube emphasizes the natural beauty of the material. Discreet, neutral tones as well as possible meet modern design requirements. All outdoor products made of natural cork is a multilayered structure, the foundation of which is densified (sintered) tube. The face of the may be caused by a decorative veneer of cork.

To increase the strength properties of the coating, veneer additionally covered with a protective lacquer layer. Most often, floor coverings made of natural cork are of two types, characterized by the degree of protection and laying method: 'adhesive' coverage and 'floating' floors. 'Adhesive' coatings are designed to bond the whole area of the tiles to the ground. Typically, these coatings are available in the form of tiles 600h300 sizes, 450×450 mm with different texture and design that provides unlimited possibilities for interior designers realize their ideas. The upper layer of tiles, which is applied on the basis of compressed cork thin layer decorative cork tiles are not covered with protective varnish after installation to cover the 2.3 layers of special lacquer. Such coatings can be used for any premises including bathrooms, kitchens, hallways. 'Floating' Floor made in the form of panels measuring 900 x 300 and have an extra layer of HDF, in contrast to the coatings that are intended to be glued.

By the basis of the HDF from the back side is glued agglomerated cork backing. These panels are not glued to the base, installation is similar to laying a laminate. The procedure of placing 'floating' floors is significant is simple, as opposed to laying adhesive means. 'Floating' floors are laid on any smooth base. On concrete (cement) we need to create a moisture barrier with plastic film. For extra insulation and sound-absorbing layer as a 'floating' floors can be laid roll or tube sheet with a thickness of 2 mm. Or, if the base is lined with plywood laid directly on the ground. If the humidity is high floor (or is laying on the 1 st floor), you need two layers polyethylene film (second layer laid perpendicular to the first). When installing the roll tube (substrate) must retreat 10 mm from the wall and from the neighboring roll. Mounting plate is carried out in an arbitrary direction. Immediately after laying on the floor you can walk. 'Floating' floors are widely used in the operation of residential, except for areas with high humidity (saunas, bath, kitchen). Cork flooring. Cork flooring is made of "Glue" cork floors. Have different sizes and colors. Cork flooring can be laid as a classic herringbone pattern and manner simulating tile. At the request of any drawings executed on the sketches of the client.

Wallpaper For Painting

Wallpaper for painting – Wallpaper group c deep embossed patterns and the lack of multi-colored pattern. They also called structural or textural. Rob Daley is often quoted as being for or against this. They are practical and affordable, which is why more and more of their popularity. There are three types of wallpapers: wallpaper paper, non-woven wallpaper, glass fiber. In principle, this is completely different wallpapers, as used in the manufacture of a variety of materials. In this regard, they have different advantages and disadvantages. But their common feature – the wallpaper can be painted or repainted many times.

Initially, wallpaper for painting white, but there are colored, mostly pastel colors: pale green wallpaper, yellow wallpaper, cream, blue or pink. Background color can be obtained after staining of an unusual hue. However, such papers under painting can be used without further processing. Paper wallpaper for painting fine suitable for any surface, even if not specifically aligned. They are usually dual layer and impregnated with a special water-repellent composition, and even after repeated staining retain their water resistance. Interesting their kind are the so-called coarse-fibered wallpaper.

Relief of their surface is not achieved the traditional stamping, and the method of space between the smooth layers of foundation and cover the wood chips. Dimensions sawdust define small or large surface structure. Non-woven wallpaper based on the same dual-layer, but the layer of polyvinyl they have applied to the non-woven base – nonwoven fabric made from cellulose and synthetic fibers. On interlining through a stencil with a pattern sprayed in the form of various reliefs foamed vinyl. Wrong side of wallpaper in this case remains smooth. They have excellent masking properties: smooth out bumps and without trace conceal cracks in the walls. Their special feature is simply gluing, because glue is applied only to a wall that allows you to adjust the band to each other with great accuracy. Basis of glass fiber filament yarn, made from silica sand, soda, dolomite and lime. There are single and dual layer (on a paper substrate). After sticking to their must-latex paint, vodoimulsionnymi or acrylic paints. These wallpapers can be painted without any loss of relief of up to 12 times. Most often this type of wallpaper under the paint used for interior walls and ceilings in offices, public and residential buildings.

Bathrooms Furniture

For a spacious bathroom actual coverage of natural marble and high-quality art tile or wood treated with special water-resistant varnish. Decor of walls, ceiling and floor tiles, properly selected color and material, quality sanitary ware bathroom interior make the perfect place health holidays. Become popular interiors of bathrooms in the spirit of the psychological concept of open society – open plan, the presence of interconnected, flowing into each other's spaces, the visual openness of the rooms, which can achieved through the use of glass partitions. Bathroom furniture if the color and lighting for the bathroom are selected, you must think about furniture placement and the best options. Modern furniture Bathrooms different one important characteristic: it consists of separate elements, easy stacking in a variety of options, depending on the size of the bathroom and desires of the owners. So out of each set of furniture, produced by modern factories can choose individual modules liked and convert them to his own interior. Bathroom furniture comes in the classic version, and in modern style, and in a variety of versions of contemporary styles. Classic style – it is always a popular combination of pure white and gold: white porcelain sinks, subtle 'golden' feet sink and curved scrollwork framing the mirror.

All of this would have gone paintings from the life of the aristocrats of past centuries. But the foundation of contemporary models in the classical style is made of polyurethane – a practical material, which by all its characteristics superior to ordinary plastic, while he was unusually humidity resistant – furniture made of polyurethane will never spoil the mood of the swollen water bubbles. The elegance of this furniture stressed glass doors, accessories, handmade and elegant halogen lamps. Furniture collections in the Art Nouveau enjoy plenty of mirrors, lamps and inherent in that style, elegance forms. Color of the furniture, you can choose according to your taste: this is a stylistic range of white and pastel (Vanilla, rose, emerald, blue), matt and glossy variants. In the classic style of furniture, usually used MDF and polyurethane, and finishing – the lining of the wood.

Civil Engineering

Today, no one in the steam room is not clean (in the first place it unhygienic), so expect a place in the washer, and recreation area. If we drown in a bath black then disinfection occurs due to the physical properties of combustion products – formaldehyde formation most powerful antiseptic but this advantage is very much mark. Calculate the approximate size bath, can be at minimum acceptable standards. Normally, each person must take at least 1 square meter sauna outside canopies and at least by 1,3-1,5 square meters dressing room. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. If the bath is combined with other structures, its minimum dimensions shall be 10 square meters, and the ratio of the size of the premises under the steam room, relaxation room and car wash near to the ratio 1: 1,5: 2. For Civil Engineering suburban version of baths for a family of three or four best in terms of dimensions taken to calculate 3 * 5 or 3 * 6 square meters The economic benefit of such a development due to the same opportunity to create very convenient layout of the premises for economical use of lumber with a standard length – 6 m. The next step: we denote the height of the regiments. Height is defined as follows: the upper canopy is located on the upper level stone oven, but not less than 1,1 m from the ceiling to provide a soaring convenience of using a broom, in our experience, we know that, often laying stones at the height of the furnace is 1 m from the floor, thus taking into account the location of the canopy 1.1 m from ceiling height of sauna is the most common approaches to a height of 2.1 m and remind you that in the steam room temperature gradually rises every 30 cm in height at 10 C. In a question-answer forum Mikhael Mirilashvili was the first to reply.

Favorable Decision

Only those foreigners have problems associated with the Union the country has collapsed – fools and roads. Naturally the problem of fools is not much that can make a simple man in the street, meeting with a ridiculous situation in his life, here to take care of the roads we certainly have the opportunity. Everyone attending the summer my favorite small cottages, which lead to large and small roads. Then there is the main road to the dacha houses, and roads near her house. We strive to decorate them with greenery and boulders, bridge tile, align and obihazhivaem. Still, in winter the risk of crash and hurt his foot on the carpet at home is as significant as the chance fall into the ditch at the entrance to their summer cottage. Snow and ice alter the cozy straight path, transforming them into sloppy and dangerous paths that can only get the natives to the decorated skiing, when thinking about this risuyuschiesya our imagination.

The yield of this problem is nowhere else like beneath our feet. However, many of us sitting at home and, sadly looking at an expensive body and soul warm floor Thermo, can not even imagine how easy it is to improve their lives. After plates that comprise Devi underfloor heating and floor Thermo is so multi-functional, that they may set and in the open air. This technology will make the temperature enough to namorozhenny ice and snow melt throughout the winter, do not linger on the roads. You might think that the heat path would be completely unprofitable. However, you do not need to spend money on something that incorporate modern technology underfloor Devi and floor Thermo full-length tracks from the highway to your house. You just need to lay out their paths on the site that costs quite a bit of heating components. And your neighbors, noticing how cleverly you step on your nemokrym neobledenelym paths, too, wish to put under their tracks underfloor heating and floor Thermo Devi, never to worry about that on country lanes with snow and ice. Think about why you would not to build this wonderful facility as heating for the tracks to create a comfort on the road? We use them in the cottage, all rooms with equally pleasing effect. We are able to apply this modern technology to protect the roof from ice, so why not allow us to create a comfortable opportunity to travel to the cottage and up the buildings? Need to be concerned about their own roads, let the neighbors know that at least some problem we know how to deal with at the proper level.