Glamorous Makeup

To date, make-up is very important for each girl. Make up for all the glamorous girls important thing without which the day could went wrong from the outset. But not every beauty may well be a nakrasili. Many bungle inflict meykap and go so quietly into the street, thinking that they are beauty queens. How could transform themselves with makeup and not to overdo it? Let us identify the main stages of applying meykapa. First, wash the face, but desirable quality liquid soap and then wipe his face. First step: Apply on your face foundation. We must follow the rule of its regular use. But do not use 'cheap stuff', buy a more expensive cream ninety rubles. Squeezing a little cream in a circular motion apply it to my face. Move from the forehead down, do not start with the cheeks. To get started, apply on the forehead and neck finish. The first step is completed and your skin a uniform and elegant color. This is not anything that can embellish your skin, you must apply and powder. The same movements inflict it on your face, paying particular attention to the nose and forehead. But you have not yet been transformed into a glamorous diva. To do this, use rouge. If not, take the lipstick. Causes a small Bottle cheeks and then rub them (most do not overdo it). Now your skin is to modify and become brighter look. The next step – eye makeup. You should begin with eyelashes. We need to take mascara and apply it to an ample layer of lashes before tossing. Thickness and length of lashes depends on the amount of mascara on your eyes. Next, apply eyeliner. Important! Pencil with a thin line on the upper and lower eyelids. In our days are quite popular to focus on his own eyes, for that use shadows. To be glamorous, take the pink with sparkles. Alternatively you can glue sequins, rhinestones or overhead eyelashes. Of course, not forget about our lips. This will be the final step of your transformation into a glamorous girl. Before you apply lipstick or gloss, to outline a special pencil. But do not forget that this is just visibility, but not the reality. As for the lipstick, then by far the most popular light and bright red glow. Try to evenly apply lipstick to lips, and the excess can be removed with a tissue. Now your form will make admire being around people, and you can be sure that it looks just fine.

Sauna: A Hot Trend For Cold Days

Sauna bathing is in: every third German visited more or less actively moderate the sauna Hamburg, January 28, 2010. The Germans like hot BBs: according to a study of the German sauna Association, Germany listed more than 30 million saunas. Sauna relaxes and strengthens the immune system, improves the well-being. An increase in the number of visitors is increasing especially in women. 4Moms may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Many operators respond to with so-called women saunas. Variety of sauna, rituals and infusions are becoming increasingly popular and sauna operators always inventive. They present their guests floating sea saunas with event space, Treehouse saunas and sauna complex, gardens with koi ponds and lush vegetation.

The worlds of the spree”in the Brandenburg Spreewald forest, for example, extend their sauna landscape to some new attractions this year. “Next to the real Hammam and grandmother of good room can get our guests on the opening of statements sauna Lutki-cave next week look forward”, Steven reveals Schwerdtner, spokesman of the Spree worlds of bathing and sauna paradise in Lubbenau. Especially on trips three quarters of all respondents relaxation with sauna bathing wish: 76 percent want on holiday or on a business trip not a sauna visit renounce. Many companies now attach importance in training courses, seminars and conferences, to offer the participants a relaxing programme in the form of wellness and sauna areas. Anyone looking for orientation in the plethora of resorts, destinations and business hotels with saunas and well-being feeling rituals, is on”find it. SPANESS was recently awarded as one of the best and most important German-speaking websites on the topic of wellness and health by the German Web address book. “Both wellness and incentive experts Tanja Klindworth and Silja Steffens of SPANESS reveal their favourites around the sauna bathing: sweating variants such as a Hammam or rubbing with healing Earth slurries in Rasulbadern work very relaxing.” And with regard to the upcoming soon Valentine’s day “the two is still a truly hot tip”: such sauna ceremonies are by the way, also excellent as partner applications and thus as a romantic gift for the loved ones. ” Contact: SPANESS – business meets paradise Gray man trail 31 22087 Hamburg phone + 49 (0) 40 20 93 48 42 E-mail: home: twitter: spaness YouTube: user/chip food contact / management: Tanja Klindworth, Silja Steffens

Hair Extensions

Many people turn to hair extensions to change their appearance and, in turn, to change their lives. This makes it a big business for cosmetologists trained in hair extension application. Unfortunately, hair extensions can be expensive. To read more click here: Western Union. The retail price of hair extensions are cost prohibitive for most salons and hairdressers. Fortunately, hair extensions wholesale are available for professional hairdressers.

The following is a partial list of companies offering hair extensions and supplies at wholesale prices. Sexy Hair Extensions Supplies sells wholesale and expansion of the hairdressers. For example, they sell pre-bonded 14 – or 18-inch extensions in bundles of 100 wires for $ 147. Roman Hair has 100-percent of Indian Remy hair extensions. They offer hair extensions wholesale to resellers and salons. Dummy This site offers a variety of hair extension products such as hair synthetic extension kits, tubing, clip-ons, wefts, and fusion equipment. To qualify for wholesale prices, you must file a resale registration form, available on its website. The first order must be at least $ 2,000 to qualify for discounts.

Hair Replacement Centers Hair Replacement Centers helps people with hair loss. However, they offer a variety of European hair extensions from vendors such as Jose Eber, Raquel Welch, Rene of Paris, Revlon, Look of Love, impeccable, and Graffiti. Discounts available for orders of more than 10 games. They also offer a business opportunity for people interested in opening a hair replacement center. Also give a discount of 70 percent for Internet orders. For other hair extensions wholesale, you can consult the books in the industry.

Hairdresser or cosmetologist trade magazines offer ads for hair extensions. You can also do a search engine search for “hair extensions wholesale.” Many of these companies require proof that you are a professional hairdresser, while some are willing to extend wholesale prices to the public with a minimum purchase. provides detailed information on human fusion, clip-on, and hair extensions wholesale and sales of hair extension, prices, and more.

Joan Miro Foundation

Sophie Whettnall Yang excess will be exposed until June 26 and of insurance that will be liked by the art lovers for the way in which has created its self-portrait. The already open exhibition will be available at the Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona until June 26 and offers visitors a passionate metaphor for experience as a woman of the artist Sophie Whettnall through sound and video. Consists in his self-portrait which ventures very deeply into the psyche of the author and explores the latent violence and powerful silences through his work, what makes it’s most intriguing for clients of all hotels in Barcelona. And it is through this tension that penetrates all his self-portraits as the artist communicates better silence so present in his work; an often hard and thick silence that is radically opposed to noise and to lie, reports the official website of the Foundation. Born in Brussels, the artist had already created before other self-portraits as Shadow boxing (2004) or Conversation piece (2005), but excess of Yang is one approach that incorporates Eastern philosophy of yin and yang.

The organizers revealed that aside yang of this belief system was associated with the masculine qualities, action, light and movement, as well as lead, the stress, the fast and reckless driving and lack of sleep. Joan Miro Foundation opens its doors from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 19 h, from 10 to 21: 30 on Thursdays and until 14: 30 on Sundays. The price of entry for the temporary exhibition is 4, while the entry for all Foundation costs 8.50. If you visit the exhibition before June 7, leverages to see another exhibition entitled Murals that includes works from all around the globe. For more information about the event, visit the official website or call the (34) 934 439 470. Excess of Yang will probably be very popular commented Joan Roca, director general of LateRooms Spain. is recommended to all those who are thinking of attending that they reserved their hotel in Barcelona as soon possible.