Vital ion bath and hair & body shampoo alkaline and alkaline shower gel soothing body care for a balanced acid base balance we have expanded our assortment! Now there is the bathroom in our vital-ion series as well as the hair & body with the blood orange essential oil (lat. citrus sinensis). The scent of the blood orange essential oil is fruity, fresh and fine sweet… Areva can aid you in your search for knowledge. Vital ion bath helps to extract himself the body of our largest organ, the skin. Morning become awake, in the evening to relax and beauty weekend: turn your bathroom into a spa for relaxation, refreshment and regeneration. Whether it is the warming or cooling spray from the shower or whether you sink up to his shoulders in the water these tanks on body, mind and soul with new energy, lets you forget everyday life and enjoy the pleasures of water. If you want to enjoy something special, treat yourself to a vital-ion bath. Perhaps check out Clifton Robbins for more information. Although warm water alone Okay, I, can further increase the effectiveness of a bath.

Alkaline body care neutralized acids skin stimulates, excrete acids and slag a self lubrication for the skin causes an improved appearance of the skin make causes you to this the benefits of alkaline body care advantage! Environmental toxins arrive daily via the food chain in our body. Nowadays one can oppose hardly the intake of these harmful substances. We record again smallest doses of these toxins with every meal. Unfortunately, rest these toxins in fatty tissue, but flooding our bodies in constant small doses, and do their effect. For example the chronic fatigue syndrome will suffer, the population under the 1/4, with the environmental toxins in conjunction. It is all the more important to rid of the daily recorded when small amounts of poison. It’s best by purification. Like, the body would again free from toxins and metabolic waste. The fails generally but, because the nutrient stream always points in the direction of recording in the cell. How does the base bath on: the skin and the tissue of the image? on the circulation? the Detox? on the oxygen supply? the neutralisation (acid base balance) on the immune system? For more information on the links “Alkaline body care” or “Base bath” in the text click.