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The present study also the concept carried through questionings involving support, where it was asked for the inhabitants if they already had heard to speak of this. 30% affirmed that already it heard to speak, whereas most, 70% it never heard to speak before in the term. So that it has a sustainable tourism in Pipe, it is necessary to integrate all the involved actors in the scene, that is, the participation of the local commerce in the creation of services destined to the tourists, as well as the creation of courses of professional qualification for the population and seminaries of awareness on support (Teixeira, 2007). Get all the facts and insights with Chobani refugees, another great source of information. Profile of the boatmen who operate the boats that make the strolls for the comment of the dolphins the question of the escolaridade were searched with the boatmen in order to construct a panorama of the professional formation of them. The results had been: 33,3% possess the first incomplete degree, 55,6% possess the first complete degree and only 11,1% possess as the complete degree. The boatmen of the Beach of the Pipe participate of the tourist activity without knowing accurately what in fact he is happening in the place.

A mismanaged tourism and that it grows to each day without planning that according to Ansarah (2001), has as goal to keep the easinesses and services so that one community satisfies its necessities. The information is a basic tool for the taking of decisions and facilitates investments in the area (Bissoli, 2002). The tourism of comment of dolphins is one of the attractive ones of the beach of the Pipe, then questionings to the boatmen had been carried through if this activity was its main source of income. All had answered that yes. Ahead of this result it was possible to notice that the tourism of comment of dolphins is a good alternative of income source since all the questioned boatmen only exert this function to support themselves.

Federative Republic

Ahead of the perspective to explore the increasing interest for the cultural tourism, it is standed out what it told to Barretto author (2006, P. 22) ' ' the search for the current culture and the passed one. … To the great ones made of history is attended a search without precedents for on historical places currently social politics and more ampla' '. Ademais, can be registered the recital of the cultural tourism in two primordial topics. In first place to emphasize the existence of people motivated in living deeply other cultures. E, in according to paper of the tourist activity in being based itself as instrument of valuation for the cultural analogy. Therefore, the tourism is understood cultural as one ' ' related tourist activity to the experience of the set of significant elements of the historic site and cultural and the cultural events, valuing and promoting the corporeal properties and incorporeal of cultura' '.

(MINISTRY OF the TOURISM, 2006, P. 28). 3 ANALYSIS ON CULTURAL PATRIMONY the cultural patrimony is everything what it constitutes an appropriate good of the man, with its particular only characteristics e. The fact is that the cultural patrimony is not restricted to attractive the tourist one, in the measure where it involves the cultural identity sublimando the memory of the communities. In this direction, the memory is preponderant, as promotional source of the proper culture of the visited localities instigating varied manifestations. But, over all for the disposal to stir up the valuation of the authenticity of the peoples, in order being cultuada, being spread and being perpetuated. Article 216 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil establishes that: the goods of material nature constitute Brazilian cultural patrimony, taken individually or in set, carriers of reference to the identity, the action, the memory of the different groups formadores of the Brazilian society ….

Federative Republic

‘ ‘ Sustentvel’ development; ‘. 5 – Identity and Citizenship in the sector Education the formation of the human being starts in the family. There, it has beginning a process of humanizao and release, moral and ethical values; it is a way that it searchs to make of the child a civilized being. well early to the school participates of this process, therefore the formal and informal education, social movements and public entities, approach aspects such as the education of the children, young and adults for a new culture of the human rights and the peace, beyond the reflection and practical systematization of the educative one in human rights. Soon, According to Demon (2006) ‘ ‘ The education, while intentional activity consists of the act to produce, directly and intentionally, in each singular individual, the humanity that is produced historical and collectively for the set of homens’ ‘. FINAL CONSIDERAES the concepts of Citizenship, Human Identity and Rights go if becoming indissociveis.

One perceives that the Human concepts of Citizenship and Rights are sufficiently flexible throughout the times. that Human Citizenship and Rights are not only right, conquered gradually. To each day they are necessary constant efforts of the individuals to assure them. It fits, therefore, to the State, in the search of the welfare state and the Democratic State of Right, to guarantee the minimum of conditions to the exercise of the Citizenship and the Human Rights.