Dollar Value

The data from the United Kingdom were negative, as disclosed problems in the banking industry during the weekend. The Euro found support in the 1.4300 area; lows in the 1.4302 area, and the pair recorded a decrease of 50% after the latest upgrade. Several traders noted that the banking problems along the U.S. rescue plan, spread to Europe and the European currency was under pressure. The USD / JPY remained stable despite the news of the bailout, the area recorded highs of 106.94. The pair are fighting for an improvement, and not following the upward trend of other pairs.

The USD / Swiss Franc saw heavy buying, and was around 1.1000, which surprised; recorded highs in the 1.1089 area in Europe. The Swissy is trading technically, and also showed a shift of 50%, which suggested that the fence is in the 1.1050 area. The loonie also recovered recording technique in resistance of 1.0453, before falling slightly, the 1.0440/50 area highlighted by sales. In my opinion, the American bailout plan is supporting the level of support the USD, and is awaiting a vote by U.S. lawmakers, once the euphoria is over, and when they are the real costs of the plan will be created certainly pressure on the greenback. Despite the rise of the dollar in the short term we will see pressure on the U.S. currency in my opinion. It is estimated that the dollar will fall in the middle of the week.