Administrative Subjects

SUPERIOR EDUCATION IN the IBIAPABA the fight for the implantation of Superior Ensino in the Region of the Ibiapaba started for return of 1985 with the creation of the Fatec – College of Christian Theology, offering free courses of Theology and Philosophy in the City of Is Benedict. They were difficult times, therefore Brazil still assayed the first steps of the Process of Democratization. Although the regimen in validity the IES – Institutions of Superior Education generally were born free, from the organization of intellectuals who had as objective common the educational formation of the people. The institutions appeared very and with work its bases fincavam until conquering its autonomy next to the MEC – Ministry of the Education. Many of these institutions had after conquered its recognition long years of Academic Action.

The Fatec was born in this context until it came the New LDB in the year of 1996, fruit of the Process of Democratization of the Country. The New LDB made possible great conquests in the Educational Sector, however the Bureaucratization of the social actions and politics if it fortified in the same ratio. The IES alone could initiate its activities by means of Authorization of the Public Power. Ahead of the new picture, in the year of 1999 the Fatec is extinct and is born the Facib – College of the Ibiapaba, aiming at the framing to the new rules that had started to normatizar Superior Ensino in Brazil. The visit of then the Minister of the Education, Pablo Renato de Sousa Is Benedict was the Basic Rock for the materialization of this old dream that Was protocolled under n 23000,005792/200-12 in day 20 of June of 2000 to the 17:07: 03 hs in the MEC – Ministry of Education – Executive Secretariat – Undersecretary’s office of Administrative Subjects, later published in I GIVE – Federal official gazette of day 27 of November of 2000 – Section to it 2 – Page 07 – Would carry 3.482.