Air Compressors

To ensure that the company uses compressed air compressors. There are many types of compressors. The choice of species depends on the scope and objectives. Currently, the most frequently apply screw compressors. Their compact size, durability, and lack of noise at work have made it a priority compared with other types of compressors. The problem of the screw compressor is to provide a concise air-processing equipment. Screw compressors have many advantages over other types of compressors such as reciprocating compressors, turbo compressors and scroll compressors. It is worth mentioning such qualitative characteristics of screw compressors, as light weight, lower oil consumption, low noise properties at work, less vibration and pulsation.

For the screw compressor is not necessary to build additional foundations and insulating the room. Screw compressors can be installed directly in the production room. This saves both space and funds of the enterprise on which it is used. There is several types of screw compressors with different configuration. The choice of species depends on the purpose and scope of the screw compressor. The variety of types and models of screw compressors makes it possible to choose for each space its own screw compressor, which will be most suitable for the characteristics of the room.

Just allocate a screw compressor with a direct and belt drive. Rotary screw compressors with direct drive presented in two positions: horizontal and vertical. Work the screw compressor is possible at high shaft speeds. In this design the screw compressor provides a large flow of air, despite its small size. For proper selection of screw compressor should refer to specialists. They will pick you need a model, it is appropriate for your environment. Likewise, they will help with installation selected screw compressor. The company "Lamella" has all kinds of screw compressors. The company's specialists will help you select the optimum compressor configuration. Screw compressors have long proven themselves in work. Their quality and durability have led to the use of screw compressors for industrial purposes.