Business Cards

Our age – this time a general unification – the standard attempt to subject all! Impression that soon already and the man who, as we know sounds good, will no longer be perceived as and become "homo standartus – person standard. However, all fortunately not so much simple! Law of Requisite Variety states that only the system is stable, which has a certain internal variability, which makes this system degrade. Given that the whole humanity still evolving and probably will have to develop further – it can be concluded that to 'homo standartus "we're all the same we reach – the person as an individual maintained. Moreover, observing the current trends in art and culture, it seems quite clear that on the contrary all the more valuable it becomes manual labor, personal approach to products, reflecting the skills and character Individual Master. Moreover, note that the trend there is also a high-tech industries – for example in the automotive industry – we often hear: "Hand upholstery, handmade " – as a sign not so much quality, rather exclusive, and accordingly – style, which can give only the warmth of human hands.

Element of this style is representational and status information – that in its totality can be name in one word – image. Of course, nowadays part of the image of man is and his house and car, and, sorry, even the circle of relatives, friends and even health. All this is so. But consider the image in a narrower sense.