Car Wash Without Water

Chemists from several countries have developed a unique composition of chemical products for the care of car paint coating (LPC), which allow the body to clean without water. Dirt is removed from the body of the car after drawing on its surface through a special autochemistry spray (trigger). After a brief exposure of the drug dirt is removed by erasing cloth (cloth), and the remaining funds clean cloth to shine. At the same time on the lpc microfilm created, the body takes a spectacular view mirror. This is very unusual for many of how to handle the body recommended for use as a clean, and in not heavily contaminated vehicles. The technology ensures that the body does not receive mikrotsarapin.

Application of microfilm at the lcp protects the body from hostile influences, he creates and gives effect view mirror. To drugs for cleaning without water is of a group of cosmetic shampoos, polishes. Shampoo-for dry polishing car washing can remove dirt ordinary cloth and not to scratch paint on the back of the car. Sounds as fiction, but it's a fact! Many countries are having problems with the water is already widely used this method of car care products. In Russia, until now, is still a lot of doubters motorists as like dry machining of a car.

It is doubtful whether the lack of impact of abrasive particles of dirt on the lpc machine. However, evidence shows a very surprising results. Surface-active agent (surfactant-s) included in the means soften the dirt, reduce its adhesion (adhesion) and envelop the abrasive elements of the silicone oil, available in shampoo to wash without water. The thickness of the rag softens the pressure of small abrasive dirt particles treated with silicone oil. Ongoing trials confirm the safety of lcp from damage. Leave no visible traces of eye and experiments on dry cleaning for heavily-contaminated vehicles. However, the developers of the drug is not recommended to clean a large layer of mud in this way. Increased labor and material consumption. According to the developers, shampoos, polishes, dry cleaning – a great way to constant maintenance of the car in perfect form between "water" sinks. The use of shampoos, polishes dry cleaning cars, along with periodic washing of non-contact active foams, will contain car in the constant state of cleanliness. Consumption of shampoo, polishes for cleaning without water is very economical! Depending on the degree of contamination of the machine may be 200-250 on average passenger car. In the case of pure body, ie as a means of polishing rate is reduced to 70-100, and not a single gram of water! Given the very high prices are not on the Russian shampoos, polishes, dry cleaning is quite cost-effective and very convenient for personal the use of each motorist. More details about the car wash without water and simultaneously polish you can find on our sites. Brand Sitranol St. Petersburg chemical company ltd. Sitra-T offers a line of shampoos for cleaning and polishing without water. The company offers both winter and summer shampoo for dry cleaning. Pricing Policy autoshampoo Russian enterprise "Sitra-T is completely accessible to motorists. We invite you to visit our sites.