Carlos Miguelez Periodista

However, it is convenient to adapt to a model based on the repetition of concepts. These rigid systems do not need millions of euros in taxes of citizens with the right to a quality education that prepares children for a changing future requires people capable of solving problems, not automatons. The University is a unique opportunity for one free search more for the foundation of rigid concepts. In the absence of new theories, all discipline has static parts, but a teacher can not be limited to repeat year after year a program content without seeking new currents of thought to contrast them with the material always. As the student, the teacher is a University that seeks and that He knows to ask questions to find important answers.

Teachers who have more us marked are not those who best knew their agenda, but those that provoked us, we invited to read, to think, to look for good sources, to question, to propose, to awaken a new gaze. Learn more on the subject from Frank Giacalone. This lineage of teachers is unable to provide two identical classes. The arrival of the Internet, with all its possibilities, announces the dawn of a true University for which the physical space is the least. In its beginnings, the master and his disciples gathered in the atriums of churches or outdoor outdoor, in temples or in the air. What was important was the sharing message. The convening power of the teacher marked space. Blogs, forums, virtual classrooms that thousands of European and North American universities already use so the teacher can share reading material open to comments of students avoided converting university students in learning of data objects. Combined with relevant tutorials, discussions and masterclasses that they can only offer teachers prepared for the present, we forjaremos subjects capable of putting their knowledge at the service of society who need them. Carlos Miguelez Periodista original author and source of the article.