Chinese Sage

Therefore, can not forget this warning of Confucius (551-479 B.c.): pay kindness with kindness, however evil with justice. It is worth noting that the old Chinese Sage spoke not of revenge but of Justice * 9. Respectable women and men seek knowledge through physical laws or moral laws and spiritual. We must not be afraid to uncover them, and Yes always remember this teaching of Jesus: you will know the truth (of God), and the truth (of God) will make you free (Gospel according to John, 8: 32). Expanding the circle of compassion back to Einstein, he said: the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystery. And more: the human experience itself, his thoughts as something separated from the rest of the universe that surrounds him is being a kind of optical illusion of his conscience, moulded by the culture. And that illusion is a type of prison, restricting us to our personal desires, concepts and affection by people closest. Our main task is the rid us of those shackles, widening our circle of compassion, so that it encompasses all living beings and all nature in its splendour.

It may be that nobody will achieve that goal fully, however fight for their realization is longer, if only, part of our liberation and the foundation of our internal security. Malua physician, writer and playwright Pedro Bloch, generous heart, always extolled the notable example of solidarity that was the life of his friend Noel Nutels (1913-1973), which, coming from far away, became guardian of Brazilian tribes angel. In this meeting of the knowledge that we are making in the ParlMundi, indigenous peoples deserve our tribute expressed in this brief exchange between the two illustrious disciples of Hippocrates (460-377 B.c.), about a Shaman in the Amazon, of name Malua, Dr. Bloch registered in an article in the magazine Manchete, on July 8, 2000: Noel (smiling): he is our colleague.