Crocus Expo

New news compressor industry, according to the manufacturers' websites are not so very often. A significant event is held at the Crocus Expo (Moscow) from 26 to 29 October 9 th specialized exhibition of compressors , pneumatics and pneumatic tools. One of the firms that participated in this event was a Belarusian company Remez. Remez company is one of very famous companies, manufacturers of compressors equipment in Russia. It is located in Belarus.

Established in 1989, more information about the company has the opportunity to learn at their website This company can easily buy a compressor to the promotion of the Internet. Sellers of these products a lot. It is possible to buy a compressor and other firms, such as Atmos, Abac, Alup. Products abundance.

In an Internet there is a possibility to find out their characteristics and the way they vyglyadyat.Odin compressors from the company Remez – a elektrokompressor low-pressure series Sun It can be used to move bulk materials. He oil-free, why it is possible to use in the food industry, for example, to move the grain air. In addition, firms with screw compressors and piston compressors are manufactured. Pumping gas takes place by means of the piston. At the same screw gas is injected through a spinning two optimally matched among themselves screws. Cavity, where the rotating screws can be filled with oil, so that later gas and oil are divided by using filters. Also, the cavity can be filled and no oil. In any case, nice and high quality manufactured piston or screw compressors have a good chance to curry favor with you quite a long time. If they are correct maintenance and repair. As for the technical support of compressors is the appropriate document 'Rules design and safe operation of stationary compressor system … ' (Moscow, Metallurgy, 1975), described in any regular maintenance, including even usloviyarazmescheniya compressors.