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Perhaps in the 70s and 80s of the century passed the concept of CRM was not well-known. However, the base in order to establish relationships profitable and durable with customers were already implemented by some pioneers in this field. One of them was Jan Carlzon, Executive Director of the airline SAS (Scandinavian Aislines System). Carlzon was applied with great success many strategies of centralization on the client and their concepts were example for many other companies around the world. You may find that Pacific Gas & Electric can contribute to your knowledge. One of the fundamental concepts of Carlzon was the so-called moment of truth, which corresponds to all those interactions that a potential or current customer has with a company. No matter the channel, the place, the way, is the one who allows that the customer has an experience of relationship or interaction with the company and evaluate how he felt that experience a moment of truth. For example, see a commercial on television is a moment of truth for customer, potential or actual, because in this way it is interacting with the company.

Based on this concept and the excellent results obtained during several years by SAS, Carlzon decides to write a book called the moment of truth. We highly recommend it, however it was written makes several years, his teachings and concepts are as effective as never before. If you want to learn more about the concepts of Jan Carlzon, recommend that you read the book the moment of truth or see this entrevistarealizada by Bob Thompson to Jan Carlzon about his vision of centralization on the client. Our company relies heavily on the points of contact with the customer, which are nothing more than the moments of truth which speaks Carlzon. We help our clients to develop a map of evolution of the relationship with its different customer segments and apply a detailed methodology to analyze the current state of their points of interaction. Then share with our community of readers a conceptual map in which some dimensions of analysis of a point of contact are exposed with the client. (use the + to expand each of the concepts and elevators to move inside) conceptual map.

You can use the mouse to navigate in the map window). We hope that this information will prove helpful to you. If you or your organization are interested in learning about our methodology in greater detail, we recommend that you attend one of our seminars culture customer or are invited to contact us.