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Usually after such a title should be long and complicated instructions on how to using php or perl or whatever it tricky programming language navayal its form to send emails from the site. But not this time – as described in Article go on a special script that keeps the entire process of creating such a form to a few simple .Itak, script generator feedback forms (websmith) is designed precisely to create forms to send messages from the site. For the fact that it worked, you will need hosting that supports php and MySQL and the script itself (which, incidentally, is free). With the script you can create any number of forms for your site, pointing out each form a number of parameters – For example, to send messages with a theme, and add in the form of any number of components – a single-line text and type. And what about the other types used in the form – such as ‘ticks’, radio buttons, dropdown lists? – you ask.

About how to get them – you can learn a little lower, but even with these two types of fields you can make a very good formu. – a short guide to creating a form in the generator feedback forms svyazi.Shag 1. Create project – in this case you can ask it its name, to determine where to send letters to the site, with a theme and from whom. Small remarks – some servers require that would e-mail sender matches the server where the letter goes – otherwise there is a risk that the letter would be treated as spam and wind up in matching, filters. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tao Li Teng Yue Partners. For example, if the site where your form is called – even in the ‘From’ is to put e-mail this site – for example. Official site: Tyler Haney. However, it is not always critical – probuyte.Shag 2. The project for the form is created, you can now go on to create the form fields – for that go to link ‘Bean’ for the right project.

And then – click on ‘Add Component’ and creating it – a particular name, must be filled and the type of polya.Shag 3. After all components are added – go to the link ‘Get the html form code’ and copy with the page that the resulting code. Paste it into any page of your site. Please note that the main thing here is not to change a few key moments of the form, and it does not change the names of fields, not to put them out of the tag form, not to change the attributes of this tag. And then everything will work as expected. If you need to change location of fields, their design – you can safely do it, do not forget about the item vyshe.A now about what this script is not enough – it’s extra fields – ‘ticks’, radio buttons, dropdown lists, the ability to send files, protect against spam robots. All this is in full version of the script – which you can get on my main site ready scripts for php. Download the latest version of the same free version you can on the site, posvyaeschennom Script generator forms a feedback section on ‘Download the script.