Coast (1992) to speech on the inaqualities in regards to the northeast development, evaluates that the projects and politics implemented in this region in some aspects had favored the modernization, but had not contributed for the real reduction of the poverty and the social inaquality, that is for the author, a structural question. It claims that it is necessary new paradigms of development, that search ' ' the integration of the regional spaces with the reduction of the social heterogeneidades, with the preservation of the environment and the valuation of the northeast cultural patrimony ' '. (COAST, 1992, P. 120). Of this form, to if making analysis on the question of the water in the Cear, she is necessary to question which the paradigms that help to construct to the ideal of support praised for the public power in the creation of projects and hdrica infrastructure workmanships. As Fernandes and Garci’a (2006) are necessary to have caution with the concept of sustainable development, therefore this is incorporated by modern speech, envolto of utopias, hopes, ideologies.

For the authors, one becomes necessary to only reinventar the development and progress idea, abandoning the myth of the untouchable nature and/or the nature as source of economic resources. In this context, it is considered that the water becomes a resource each time scarcer and disputed by diverse sectors of the society, and the problems with which the societies if come across, lead to a different one offer of this vital element. Many times, projects and politics are created and reveal innovative in definitive aspects, to put are not sustainable of the social point of view, for having reduced reach and if basing on the belief of that the development and the progress technician would decide problematic the partner-economic one of the region in question. In way to the progress technician materialized in the hdricas workmanships and the processes of management, it was shown that the old problems persist, as the different one offers of water in the agricultural communities and lack of basic sanitation, what it evidences that is about one question politics and not climatic, as they suggested the studies and speeches around problematic of the droughts the northeasterns.