Finding Humility

Whether you are dealing with customers, suppliers, the public or its employees in a way that is direct and straightforward. Not being honest can kill morale and set a weak standard for employees that you lead. If you are dishonest, their employees also feel more comfortable being dishonest. This can lead to problems with customers and between employees. Humility: Everyone has an ego and the most successful people have healthy egos – but usually also offset by a healthy dose of humility. Being able to let others get the credit and give credit when due is crucial to have happy and loyal employees. Read additional details here: Jon Venverloh, Dallas TX. Nobody likes a cocky or boastful, not even the most disinterested empelaron. Being humble also creates an example for their employees.

Employees are not children, but most employees will replicate the style of your manager over time. If you are always focused on “spread the wealth” so to speak, you will see that most employees begin to imitate the property of their character. Integrity: Integrity and honesty are related, but are very different. Integrity is committed to products and / or services quality and loyalty to the company, their work and their employees. Integrity is also committed to serve your employees and customers the best of their abilities, all the time and doing it in an open manner. For managers who lack integrity often have problems with employees who also lack integrity. Unethical managers usually attract unethical employees and destroy the spirit of good employees.