Fundamental Principles

If you’ve decided that you want to seduce a specific girl, it is because you are already interested and is not just a matter of wanting to conquer it or seduce her. If you came to this page looking for tips for seduction or conquest, I recommend better that you go to my blog where several specialized in it, or at least get posts there is differentiation, is different in love or conquer, at the end of this article you provided the link to my blog if you’re interested. Leaving this course and if you are still reading it is because you are interested in the part of how to seduce a girl. In this sense there are hundreds of rules and tips circling out there, today I’ll give only 4 basic principles so you can achieve your purpose and that the fall is a natural process arising out of you. Love is natural: the first Council is focused that you don’t close to the idea of a single person and try to force love in that person; you want to fall in love and there will be some girl wishing that they fall in love with her, after being you and her together will naturally fall in love that you you with her and she in thee, if both have that Magic. Just keep your radar open to the possibilities, and meet people, among most people know is more likely to find it to her. Don’t you think expectations: If you think expectations will be easier that people you know will disappoint, because between more expectations you think more specific will be the person you are looking for and less likely to be equally appropriate for you people to pass that filter. It is not sure how much woman you appear in front can be what you want, it is more like you know what you like and how, and when you find someone who is in those parameters not put pressure to the budding relationship with sunsets expectations so high that she not be fulfilled, as well as that look needed and desperate.