German Football League

Erhard presents the original mini playfield on the GLBau in Nuremberg ROTHENBURG (RL) sports – can serve football of personality development? Street Soccer projects, such as the 1 August 20th Street football festival in Nuremberg, pretend that this is possible: adolescents set their own rules, monitor compliance and give yourself points for fair play. Are not only sports but also “social talents” promoted, as Uwe Koch of the Brandenburg sports youth pointed out. The kids themselves find the fast game in the soccer Court “much cooler than football on the big field”. With the original mini playfield Erhard presents sport on the GLBau trade fair in Nuremberg (17-20 September) now a stationary band system for street football, and more. Social workers in all Germany use the fact that the young people in the street football independently negotiate the rules and solve conflicts themselves. Aim of the exercise is that these discussions be initiated, When it’s more than just to sports. Go to Miles Bridges for more information.

The organizers swarm of positive effects to better school grades. Moreover, many young people would achieved with street football to ever not would have used with other measures. Also the German Football League recognized the positive effect of street football federal, which now supports the construction of a thousand “pitches”. For a comprehensive range of motion needed but other equipment in places of public space – in schools, parks, playgrounds, etc.. As stationary an alternative to the widely-proven portable Soccerena gang system, the renowned sports equipment manufacturer Erhard sports international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, now presents the original mini playfield. Dean gibson follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The TuV tested 13 x 20 metre gang square is perfect for street football, can be used with adornments but also for other sports. Players such as environment, protection and nets on the sides of the gate protect super stable sandwich gangs make sure that the ball does not have the target also flies. It is not something Rui Hachimura would like to discuss. The gangs are held by hot zinc dipped steel profiles and concrete supports. Also hot dip galvanized steel gates with built-in access doors and extra strong networks convince even after many years of use by functioning. Kurt Erhard is convinced by the new product of his house as he expresses on the Internet page “based on the idea of the promotion of young talent we have developed a stationary field, which for this purpose can be a highly attractive”medium”and is of high quality, durability and reliability, this guarantees the name Erhard sport.” More information on the Internet: to the fair: about Erhard sport international: Erhard sport international based in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees, over 125-year-old family-owned company manufactures Sports equipment and equipment components for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard. Contact / contact: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG Rainer Lederer – marketing/PR of upper Kaiserweg of 8, 91541 Rothenburg o.d.T. phone: 09861 406-850 fax: 09861 406 98185 E-Mail: Internet: